10 Drop Dead Gorgeous Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings From With Clarity

Our love affair with direct-to-consumer online jeweler With Clarity is long-term.

When it comes to engagement rings, With Clarity is kind of unstoppable: They’re experts in all things diamonds (lab created diamonds and natural earth-mined diamonds). They’re customization wizards. They’ve got a dreamy at-home try-on program.

But!! Right now we are OBSESSED with their vintage-inspired engagement rings. So, listen up all you old souls: we’re about to dig into With Clarity’s breathtaking Heritage Collection.

The Heritage Collection is all about balancing past, present, and future. With Clarity is looking to historical design to create a luxury engagement ring you’ll love now and that will stay part of your story for generations to come. So, when they were dreaming up this collection, With Clarity leaned into both old-world glamour and a modern-day classic style. What’s SO magical about this collection to us? The way it seamlessly combines timeless design elements with historical inspiration.

“Each ring from the Heritage Collections means something different to each person,” says With Clarity. “With our curated collection, there is something to appeal to everyone.”

With Clarity’s Heritage Collection is an absolute masterclass in craftsmanship. The luxury engagement rings in this collection are crafted from super high-quality materials and employ intricate, meticulous detailing. Vintage-inspired milgrain texture. Complex filigree. Two-tone metal. All of this to give the rings their unmistakable old-world yet modern charm.

An engagement ring is always going to be an object packed with meaning, and With Clarity wants that significance to be part of an engagement ring’s design. We love the way that, when creating the Heritage Collection, With Clarity focused on incorporating meaningful + symbolic elements that connect the past with the present and future.

Born in NYC, With Clarity tapped into its roots by naming its Heritage Collection rings after iconic New York City parks, museums, and landmarks. We are so excited to show you TEN of the Heritage Collection’s timeless yet contemporary engagement rings. Keep in mind: all of these gorgeous designs can be customized! Dreaming of a different cut or metal?? Very doable.

OK. Let’s get into some sparkle!

1. The Chrysler Ring

With diamonds lining the underside of The Chrysler Ring’s milgrain diamond band, this one is a glittery dream. And the shimmer doesn’t stop: there are even diamonds worked into the center stone’s basket setting.

2. The Central Park Ring

The Central Park Ring is the height of Victorian-Edwardian elegance. We’re obsessed with the flower petal prong setting for the center stone and that scalloped band!

3. The MacDougal Ring

The vintage romance and glamour of The MacDougal Ring is undeniable. This is the sparkly three-stone engagement ring with a historically crafted feel you’ve been dreaming of.

4. The Frick Ring

The Frick Ring was inspired by ornate Georgian era design. Beneath the center stone and its halo is an intricate flower-shaped milgrain basket setting. LOVING all the curvy, sculptural details.

5. The Morgan Ring

The show-stopping detail of The Morgan Ring? Its swirly, ornamental bridge. The sideview of this ring and its sparkly accent stones is breathtaking. The definition of old-world charm.

6. The Liberty Ring

The Liberty Ring is full of delightful secrets. Its classic top-view silhouette is just the beginning. That center stone rests on a sparkly hidden halo. And we can’t get over the fact that the diamond band sits atop a whimsical, romantic scrolling milgrain inner shank!

7. The Waldorf Ring

The Waldorf Ring IS geometric art deco charm. That glittering, textured diamond band is supported by accent stones arranged in a subtly textured vintage chevron pattern. This one might just be the Great Gatsby inspired engagement ring of your dreams.

8. The Mulberry Ring

Speaking of art deco, The Mulberry Ring’s baguette-cut side stones and super symmetrical layout have us dreaming of the roaring 20’s. And yes, that center stone is hiding a sparkly diamond halo.

9. The Beekman Ring

This is another one for the baguette-cut diamond lovers out there. We love the way The Beekman Ring pairs its round center stone with those geometric side stones. This ring is everything we adore about the intersection of vintage and modern.

10. The Gramercy Ring

The Gramercy Ring is nonstop sparkle. Beneath the showcased center stone and diamond band is a delicate diamond swirl detail that every classic bride is gonna LOVE.

Wanna know a delicious detail about the Heritage Collection that we simply can’t get over?? These rings are all crafted from environmentally conscious (and budget-friendly!) lab grown diamonds!!

And if you need a refresher on why With Clarity LOVES a lab grown diamond moment, check out With Clarity’s breakdown of lab grown diamond engagement rings.

The Heritage Collection truly is With Clarity’s love letter to unique, vintage luxury engagement rings. On behalf of all the contemporary engagement-ring-wearers who feel like they belong in a bygone era, we are so thrilled the Heritage Collection exists. Happy ring shopping!

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