Links + Loves: The Trader Joe’s Holiday Drink We LOVE + $3 Seasonal Supplies

Welcome to another edition of Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in…

It’s that time of year that we all wish we were on a plane to Austria (credit for THAT inspo goes to @lumadeline) but alas. Most of our editors seem to be dealing with the travel loss in the form of holiday baking—how ’bout you?

In GWS news, did we just anticipate Taylor Swift dropping a surprise new album when we shared this wedding inspired by her this week?! Elsewhere, you guys were pumped to see this basketball court transform into a wedding venue, and did you see our guide to NYE at home? Promise it’s not as lame as it sounds.

Lots of good stuff going on at GWS and here are a few things our editors are loving lately:


From Jen:
If you follow along on IG Stories, you might have seen our big family news – we rescued a puppy! My girls are OVERJOYED! To learn more about puppy training, we bought Masterclass for the puppy training videos and just had to share that right now, it’s buy one year membership, get a year free! Such a great gift idea :)

I bought this sweater for Black Friday and it’s my new fave – soft, cozy and warm for chilly winter days. Plus it’s on sale right now for 60%(!!) off.

Who else loves driving around looking at Christmas lights? If that’s you and you have young kids, this Holiday Scavenger Hunt Studio DIY put together looks so fun!
From Britt:

I grabbed 2 of these $3 holiday tins for all the baking and they are soooo cute. Especially when filled with treats.

Also, I accidentally ruined my saucepan this week (don’t ask) and just had this one delivered — it’s $15 and has over 100 5-star reviews.

If you’re looking for another kid gift idea, may I recommend these cute machine-washable dolls? My son (now 3, still plays with it) has this one and I ordered one of these sweet playdate dolls for my daughter (14 months).

From Katie:

These jeans…flared and funky. I’m waiting to live out my cowgirl dreams in the desert but for now maybe just the grocery store or walk around my block will do.

Season 2 of His Dark Materials started a few weeks ago and I love it! Fantasy genre + kid-friendly. You can watch it on HBO Max!

I found this cranberry ginger sparkling beverage at Trader Joe’s and I’m obsessed. Add some vodka + lime juice for an easy, holiday-themed Moscow mule! (PS: Jen + Britt also HIGHLY endorse this.)

From Danielle:

A few of my family + friends are really into astrology, and I’m getting a few of these embroidered hoop art pieces for Christmas.

One of my favorite comedians, Jenny Slate, came out with a book called ‘Little Weirds.’ It’s on my list of reads during the holidays!

I’m taking a page out of Half Baked Harvest’s book, and DIYing cookie boxes to gift my family. I’ll be piling cookies into these kraft paper boxes, tying them up with this fun velvet ribbon, and using these cute gift tags to finish things off!

It’s poinsettia season! These babies can live long lives even after the holidays are over…just be sure to not overwater! Poinsettias don’t need much water. You can check by gently lifting it up: if it’s light, then it’s time for some water! You can also water them by soaking from below, which saturates the soil more :)

From Jessi:

For a fun holiday DIY, grab this macrame snowflake kit and make some adorable ornaments!

This is so extra but I don’t care! I’ve always dreamed of having one of those elaborate fur-trimmed, retro robes that I see in the old movies. I finally found one that’s 100% worth the money! (A great gift for the vintage lover on your list!)

The number one thing on my husband’s Christmas list this new was a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. I got him these and after trying them on myself, I can say they are 100% worth the hype.

Happy weekend from GWS!