How to Celebrate a Festive + Cozy New Year’s Eve at Home

new years eve photobooth

Don’t say it…don’t say it…WHO’S READY FOR 2021?! A fresh start is just in view and even though we’ve got a way to go before we’re in the clear pandemic-ly speaking, we’re still gonna celebrate. Honestly, a New Year’s Eve at home is kind of the BEST. Comfort, food, drinks, games, and you’re oh-so-close to your bed when it’s time to crash. But we’re trading in our sweats for something a little more sparkly — still comfortable, we’re not crazy — and pouring something a little more festive.

{photo: @Megs_legs of Style’d Avenue}

Below we’ve got our favorite cozy-festive wear, the most delicious cocktails + cheese boards, the best board games, and some DIY photobooth inspo for ya. Droppin in 3…2…1…

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve at Home

sequin fringe skirt
Sequined Fringe Midi Skirt $198

Cozy sequins and shimmery loungewear is the perfect look to ring in 2021! A little bit festive but still totally comfortable.

black sparkle sweater
Sequin Double V Sweater $69.50

silver sequin sweatshirt
Sequined Sweatshirt $118

cheers sequin sweatshirt

Cheers Graphic Cotton Blend Sweatshirt $59

pink sequin skirt
Sequin Midi Skirt $98

sequin tracksuit champagne
Marietta Sequined Hoodie $98 and Joggers $108 (also comes in black)

pink sequin tee
Pink Sequined Tee $98

sequin duster
Sequined Duster Jacket $148 (comes in 5 colors)

sequin headband
Sequined Knotted Headband $24

black sequin tracksuit
Sequin Hoodie & Joggers Set $45

sequin leopard sweatshirt
Sequined Leopard Sweatshirt $78

What to Serve

Holiday CocktailsWe’ve got a whole menu of festive holiday cocktails to lift the spirits!

blood orange champagne mule from half baked harvest
Blood Orange Champagne Mule from Half Baked Harvest

pomegranate champagne mule from half baked harvest
Pomegranate Champagne Mule from Half Baked Harvest

spiced cranberry punch from half baked harvest
Spiced Cranberry Punch from Half Baked Harvest

how to build a cheeseboardA Cozy Kitchen has a great winter cheeseboard how-to, and here’s another how-to from us to get the wheels spinning!

Best Board Games to Play at Home

best board games of the yearBoard games like Who in the Room Game are our most favorite ways to pass the time until midnight! Here are a few more favorite games for couples, small groups, and families!

best board games of the yearThe Chameleon Board Game $20
best board games of the yearGame of Phones $20

best board games of the yearHues & Cues Game $25

best board games of the yearI Should Have Known That Party Trivia Card Game $20

Put Up a Photo Backdrop

new years eve at home
photo: @Megs_legs of Style’d Avenue

Creating a quick DIY photo backdrop is our final tip to secure optimal fun at home this New Year’s Eve! Lovely Indeed has an idea you can build in about 5 minutes. And here’s a selection of supplies to create a photo-worthy wall! All you need is a little shimmer, a few stars, and a phone. IG-worthy, here you come.