Sip & See Baby Shower


hello baby shower

Since our sweet Sienna was born 5 weeks early, we didn’t have a chance to throw a baby shower before her arrival. So, I thought it made perfect sense for us to throw a Sip & See – or a Hello Baby Shower, as I am calling ours. :)

Have you lovelies heard of a Sip & See?

A Sip & See is a baby shower held after the baby arrives! I love this idea, especially for a busy couple like us.  Before Sienna arrived we were so busy preparing to become parents + working on GWS that we just didn’t have any weekends free for a proper baby shower! As a bonus, since Mom is no longer pregnant at a Sip & See, she can have a cocktail with her friends if she wants! :)

So, we decided a Hello Baby! shower would be the perfect way to introduce our little lady to family + friends. The other thing I love about this type of shower? It is pretty much just an open house – no lame baby shower games (although there are some that I do love!) or set times  – just a time for others to come meet our little lady…

hello baby shower

hello baby shower

hanging flower bottles

Since the shower will be more of an open house, I wanted to create a fun Bubbly Bar where guests could make their own mimosas. I love a mimosa and with spring here, wanted to do something with lots of bright colors. I love how the Bubbly Bar came together and we’ll be sharing a DIY on how to create this fun colorful bar on Monday also – perfect for a bridal shower or wedding too! :)


hello baby shower

Instead of paper cups and plates, which just create more trash (yes, we are keeping all our trash to one bag!), we rented gorgeous vintage plates + coupes from Casa de Perrin. I found the wooden letters from Michael’s and painted them in bright colors to match our palette.

hello baby shower


I love animals, so we incorporated some cute gold animals into the Bubbly Bar to keep it fun!

cake stand

vintage plates

animal blanket

Hello sweet Sienna! She loves her pink animal parade blanket from Serena & Lily – and staring at her elephant friend!

elephant toy

baby blocks sienna

Hopefully our sip & see shower will inspire you to throw your own non-traditional baby shower!