Self-Care + Wellness When Wedding Planning Covid Style From The Experts

How is wedding planning going? Unfortunately, we didn’t leave the pandemic behind like we did with 2020. There are still many challenges while working through your checklist. Wedding planning Covid style isn’t ideal, it’s very much a relativity for you 2021/2022 couples! Rest easy, because our friends at Be Inspired PR sent over some very helpful tips from the pros on how to take care of you! Your pre-wedding wellness checklist starts right here.

photo above by RachelLizPhotography from this Tiny House Engagement Session

Wellness + Wedding Planning Covid Style

Practice gratitude regularly. “At the heart of a wedding celebration is gratitude for the people you love the most, and you can view it as a time to practice this beautiful skill. Pause + Purpose is a gathering platform that helps bring people together in a positive way. It allows groups to participate in meditations and meaningful discussions with their loved ones in person or via video chat–deepening bonds, and strengthening community. Getting to celebrate love with your dearest friends & family is a beautiful thing in and of itself, and that should be your #1 driving force as you plan your wedding!” – Emily Tuttle, Founder of Pause + Purpose

Normalize weekly check-ins with your partner. “Wedding planning (Covid times especially) can be stressful, and it’s easy to forget that your relationship is the most important thing about being engaged. If you schedule weekly check-ins with your fiancé to share your feelings and discuss how to support one another, you can shift the focus back to your relationship and use your engagement to strengthen your bond and enter marriage as a strong, communicative, aligned unit. Use this time for ‘constructive’ conflict and open dialogue to resolve arguments, heal hurt feelings, and clarify the miscommunications that can lead to emotional unrest and tension in your relationship.” – Elizabeth Wellington, MA, LPC & Founder, Kinship Collaborative

photo by Haley Rynn Ringo Photography from this Southwestern-Boho Wedding

Clarify your priorities and values. I’ll be honest – things WILL go wrong. From pandemics to bridesmaid drama, your wedding journey will be interrupted by factors outside of your control. If you are intentional about your priorities and values, and always re-centering yourself around those things, you will be calmer and more grounded when the inevitable mishaps happen. Ensure that your happiness and stability is not dictated by external forces outside of your control, but by those priorities and values you hold most dear: your commitment to your fiancé, honoring the most important people in your life, and not so much what the flowers turn out like or if your heel breaks during your first dance.” – Elizabeth Wellington, MA, LPC & Founder, Kinship Collaborative

Double down on self-care and find a supportive person to talk with. Engagement is a major life transition that can bring up a ton of unexpected feelings, both in you and in your loved ones. Many people are totally surprised by the onslaught of feelings that have nothing to do with the logistics of wedding planning! Invest in a nourishing self-care routine, including movement that’s NOT for weight loss. Consider finding a therapist, peer group, or spiritual community that’s not involved in your wedding. Sometimes even the most well-intentioned friends and family can be hard to talk with about wedding-related stressors.” – Elizabeth Wellington, MA, LPC & Founder, Kinship Collaborative

Communication and Self-Care

Get aligned with your family and set boundaries where appropriate. Getting engaged and married stimulates all sorts of family dynamics and conflict. Many brides-to-be try to avoid confrontation, please everyone, and carry everyone else’s feelings. This will emotionally wreck you, and take a toll on your engagement journey. Have the hard conversations, set limits with your loved ones, learn to tolerate other people’s disappointment, and prioritize your joy and relationship.” – Elizabeth Wellington, MA, LPC & Founder, Kinship Collaborative

Hire harmony helpers. Wedding planners, personal trainers and nutritionists can suggest plans that work for your lifestyle or budget during this exciting time and streamline your decision making. They’ll keep you on track or on the track of wedding wellness. Always ask certified professionals for help – they’re all around you.” – Alaine Portner, Author, Psychic Happy Medium & Mindfulness Expert, Alaine Portner

photo by Elizabeth Messina

Prioritize the basics – eating well, getting sufficient sleep, and making time for mindful ‘me-time.’ Maintain a healthy diet to manage stress and avoid overeating emotionally. Portion control and proper nutrition are headliners every day in order to achieve a healthy balance. Choose your meals ahead of time to prepare versus spontaneously eating. Purchase food services for the months leading up to your big day to support your intention of greater health. Make sure to prioritize sufficient sleep for both your mind and your body, and de-stress your mind before you go to bed together. Listen to helpful apps that provide guided meditation. It’s a process to help you unload unnecessary stress from the day within yourself versus it being expressed verbally. Schedule massages, facials, acupuncture, life coach or medium appointments, etc. in the months ahead. These are great opportunities to share with your partner, friends, or family members. These methods serve your soulful awareness of this very special time in your life that you found love!” – Alaine Portner, Author, Psychic Happy Medium & Mindfulness Expert, Alaine Portner

Get your self-care routine on point. “Get your skincare on point, try out some new products until you find exactly what you like. Use this time to find your favorite workout routines, too, so that you feel your best when your big day comes!” – Dr. Cassie Majestic, MD

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