Our Honest Quince Clothing Review – Is Quince Legit? (Tested)

collage of a Quince clothing review conducted by a woman trying on an assortment of items including a beige sweater, black silk dress, white tank top and beige silk skirt, and a gold croissant ring

Every once in a while, a new brand catches our attention online — and when we saw the chic and affordable clothing pieces on the Quince website, we knew we had to review them immediately. Timeless closet staples with hard-to-beat prices? Is it too good to be true? So to create this review, we put Quince clothing to the test to determine if it’s actually legit and good quality. We also dug into the behind-the-scene details of the Quince brand, from its sustainable practices to how it gets its prices so low.

So if you’ve had Quince on your radar and want to know just how legit the clothing brand really is, keep scrolling for our honest review — including a breakdown of some of our favorite products!

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Everything You Should Know About Quince And Their Clothing Before Buying

a woman wearing Quince clothing including a champagne silk skirt paired with an oversized black cardigan sweater, and a white tank top
silk skirt | white tank top | black cardigan

If you spend as much time online as we do, then chances are you’ve scrolled past your fair share of Quince clothing hauls and review videos by now. And you probably have a few questions. Is Quince legit? Are the clothes just as cute and good quality IRL? How are their prices so dang low?!

We had the same questions — and that’s why we wanted to create this complete Quince clothing review to find out a little bit more about this affordable luxury brand. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know before clicking *add to cart.*

woman doing a Quince clothing review trying on a beige cashmere sweater paired with dark blue jean pants
cashmere sweater in oatmeal

Quince is a sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand that makes luxury pieces at a price that won’t break the bank. They’re on a mission to give everyone a taste of the finer things in life — from luxe silk skirts to gold hoop earrings to soft linen bedding — without the usual exclusivity of luxury brands.

And with such timeless pieces (made with premium fabrics and eco-friendly materials), it’s no wonder Quince clothing is so popular right now and is getting so many positive reviews. We found their items to be good quality, super wearable, and wallet-friendly. Goodbye, microtrends; hello, wardrobe essentials that are built to last!

Trustworthiness Review – Is Quince Legit?

woman doing a Quince clothing review trying on a black silk dress with a black cardigan sweater
black cardigan | black silk midi dress | croissant ring

Yes, Quince is legit. They’ve been around since 2018 and are headquartered in San Francisco, with manufacturing operations throughout the world. While their prices may seem too good to be true (just wait until you see the $50 cashmere sweater!), we can attest that their clothing and jewelry are truly as luxe and good quality as they seem.

To write our review, we personally tried out several Quince clothing best-sellers and jewelry accessories — which we’re breaking down in more detail below — and it’s safe to say they’ve earned a permanent spot in our wardrobes!

Full Clothing Brand Review – What We Love About Quince

a woman doing a Quince clothing review trying on a beige cotton crew sweater paired with light blue loose fitting jean pants
boyfriend crew sweater in Speckled Beige

Here at GWS, we’re suckers for the quiet luxury aesthetic. You can never go wrong with elevated basics, especially when they’re comfortable, high-quality, and super budget-friendly. Which is exactly why we felt so compelled to write this Quince clothing review. They definitely understood the assignment!

Read on for our in-depth review of Quince clothing, including our thoughts on item quality, value for the price, ethics and sustainability, and Quince’s shipping and return policy.

Quality Review – Are Quince Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry Good Quality?

a person doing a try-on clothing an accessory review of Quince clothing and jewelry with a white tank top, black cardigan sweater, and a gold croissant ring
croissant ring | white tank top | black cardigan

Thoughts after our review: not only are Quince clothing, accessories, and jewelry legit, but they also look and feel WAY more expensive than they are (Good quality? Check).

As we were creating this review, we couldn’t help but notice how soft, luxurious, and wearable Quince clothing is. Every piece falls beautifully and feels amazing on our skin.

If you’re looking for quiet luxury basics that you can wear every single day (and that you can mix and match to create lots of different fashion looks without having to buy a ton of clothing items), Quince brand items are the good quality gems you’ve been looking for.

Cost Review – Why Are Quince Prices So Low?

fashion influencer testing a black cardigan sweater with light blue baggy jean pants for her Quince clothing review
black boyfriend cardigan | croissant ring

As we’ve mentioned throughout this review, Quince creates luxurious clothing and accessories at a fraction of the cost of other brands…without sacrificing quality or sustainability. But how, exactly?

They use a direct-to-consumer model, which essentially cuts out the middlemen in the supply chain (and thus a large chunk of the cost) — helping them avoid traditional expenses like warehousing, wholesaling, distribution, and storefront retail.

That means that Quince clothing products are being shipped from their ethical factories straight to your front door, which helps them keep prices low (while also reducing their carbon footprint). Wins all around!

Ethics + Sustainability Review – Is Quince Clothing Ethical and Sustainable?

fashion clothing review of a Quince speckled beige 100% organic cotton crew sweater paired with cropped white jean pants with a bell-like flare at the bottom
boyfriend crew sweater in Speckled Beige

We like to put our money where our mouth is, so sustainability was one of our top concerns when doing our Quince clothing review. And as it turns out, it’s also a top concern for the brand. Quince implements ethical and sustainable practices into everything they do — from their environmentally conscientious packaging to the factories they choose to work with.

Here’s a quick review of all the ways Quince is creating a sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand, so you can feel good about adding their products to your capsule wardrobe:

  • Manufacturing: While Quince is a US company based in San Francisco, they mostly partner with factories abroad. However, they make sure that all of their global factories are committed to responsible production, safe working conditions, and equitable wages. They also require all of their partners to adhere to US regulations regarding the use of chemicals and fair labor practices (including the elimination of slavery and human trafficking). Quince also ensures that no material or product contains material from Xinjiang region and is compliant with the Uighur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA).
  • Materials: From 100% recycled polyester to organic cotton and linen, Quince uses eco-friendly materials (and eco-friendly dyes) whenever possible. They also work with GOTS certified vendors which means that their textiles are at least 70% organic and meet global standards for ethical manufacturing and labeling.
  • Packaging: Quince is currently working toward completely eliminating their use of virgin plastics and switching to fully compostable packaging and recycled mailers by the end of 2024. As of now, they’re about 70-80% of the way there!
  • Shipping: Speaking of shipping, Quince ships their clothing and other products directly from the manufacturer to you, which keeps their carbon emissions (and their prices) low.
  • Design: Forget microtrends — one thing we noted in this review was how classic and timeless Quince clothing is. Their products are designed to be used for years, if not decades to come, rather than tossed away at the end of the season. That means less clothing in landfills AND more bang for your buck!

Our Review Of The Quince Shipping and Returns Policy

We know the stress of shopping online, so we made sure to pay attention to the shipping and returns policy for this Quince clothing review. And once again, it exceeded our expectations. Quince offers free shipping within 6-9 business days, including their made-to-order clothing items. They also accept returns within 365 days (yes, you heard that right!), offering full refunds or exchanges for unworn items in their original packaging.

NOTE: There are some exceptions to Quince’s return policy. Final sale promotions, limited edition items, and any customized products (including custom jewelry, like their zodiac necklaces) are not refundable. Some of their home items may also have a $35 restocking fee, so keep that in mind when browsing their rugs and wall art!

Let’s Go Shopping – Quince Review of Our Fave Clothing and Accessories

woman doing a Quince clothing review of the black silk dress and black cardigan sweater
black cardigan | black silk midi dress

Now for the try-on portion of our Quince clothing review! To give you a better idea of how Quince clothing looks IRL, we picked out a few of their best-sellers to review ourselves and see how legit they really are. We opted for a range of items to show you just how versatile their clothing is — plus a few jewelry pieces for a sparkly finishing touch!

And if you’re wondering how affordable Quince really is, all the clothing items in our review clocked in at under $100. Let’s get into it!

1: Quince Boyfriend Crew Sweater Clothing Review

woman doing a Quince clothing review with a speckled beige 100% organic cotton crew sweater paired with flared blue jeans and white sneakers

We’re kicking off this Quince clothing review with one of our new closet staples: this cotton boyfriend crew sweater. It’s made with 100% organic cotton (which is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning it contains no hazardous or toxic substances), and it truly feels like wearing a cloud!

We decided to opt for the speckled beige hue — it goes with everything! — but this sweater also comes in tons of different chic colors. Pair it with jeans and these suede + shearling slippers (the ultimate UGG dupe) for the coziest everyday uniform!

Our final clothing review: This Quince sweater runs oversized, so order your normal size if you like an oversized fashion statement. I’m wearing a large here, but I plan to exchange it for a medium.

Shop This Quince Cotton Crew Sweater | $49.90

2: Quince Cashmere Sweater Clothing Review

Mongolian beige cashmere crewneck sweater Quince clothing review paired with light blue jean pants

Now THIS is the Quince clothing item we were most excited to review — after all, how often do you find a 100% cashmere sweater for only $50?! While it sounds too good to be true, this sweater actually lives up to the hype. Made with sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere, it’s soft, it’s warm, and it’s seriously luxurious. It pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans or a silk skirt for a chic look!

But don’t just take our word for it! This Quince clothing item has almost 12,000 (!!) reviews with an overall rating of 4.9 stars, so you know it’s legit. Choose from 21 different color options and prepare for major compliments!

P.S. Want to stock up on your cashmere? We didn’t include them in our review, but Quince has tons of other dreamy and affordable cashmere clothing items, including a cozy beanie and a chic wrap coat. Obsessed!

Shop This Quince Cashmere Sweater | $50

Does Quince cashmere pill?

woman doing a Quince clothing review of the beige cashmere sweater paired with a champagne beige silk midi skirt and gold heels
cashmere sweater | silk midi skirt

When doing a clothing review of any cashmere or wool item, it’s important to note that pilling is normal, and that applies to Quince, too. While Quince cashmere is good quality, it’s susceptible to this totally normal and expected process.

To keep it looking its best, always hand-wash your Quince cashmere clothing in cold water instead of machine-washing it. You should also try to limit how often you wash your cashmere….since it’s so breathable, it doesn’t need to be washed after every wear.

3: Our Clothing Review of the Quince Washable Silk Skirt

fashion outfit look with a champagne silk midi skirt and white ribbed tank top for a Quince clothing review

Two words: washable. silk. If you’ve been avoiding adding silk pieces to your wardrobe because of the upkeep, then this midi skirt is your perfect match! It’s made with 100% mulberry silk, which is extra lightweight, shiny, and, yes, washable.

But what really stuck out during our review was how comfortable this Quince clothing item is. The silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are hypo-allergenic, nourishing for your skin, and naturally thermoregulating to help you maintain your body temperature.

Complete with an elastic waistband, it’s a luxurious piece that feels just as comfy as your favorite sweatpants (but WAY cuter). For our clothing review, we loved pairing it with the Quince fitted white tank top for the perfect look for a warm spring day or a t-shirt and sneakers for an easy chic casual look.

Shop This Quince Washable Silk Skirt | $59.90

4: Quince Stretch Silk Midi Dress Clothing Review

woman reviewing the Quince silk tank midi dress clothing item

Hands-down one of our favorite clothing items in this review, we CANNOT get over how flattering this Quince silk midi dress is! It features a bias cut that falls in allllll the right places, as well as a classic midi-length skirt and timeless scooped neckline (which is also super bra-friendly!).

And since it’s made with the same mulberry silk as the previous skirt, this dress is also washable, hypo-allergenic, and ultra-comfortable. It also features a spandex blend that gives it a little extra stretch — because you want a dress that moves with you, not against you, amiright?!

Our final clothing review: This Quince dress is a legit closet essential. It looks great styled with a sweater, strappy heels, or a denim jacket….there are no wrong answers here!

Shop This Quince Washable Silk Midi Dress | $79.90

5: Quince Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater

woman doing a Quince clothing review of the black oversized boyfriend cardigan sweater over the black stretchy silk dress

This is the Quince clothing item that we’ve seen ALL over our TikTok recently, so of course we had to review it ourselves! And once again, it was just as good as we hoped. With a classic button-down design and 100% organic cotton fabric, it’s the perfect cardigan to throw on top of any outfit.

Our final clothing review: We love the chunky oversized fit of this Quince cardigan — it’s trendy and timeless at the same, and seriously comfortable. But if you want something a little more fitted, you may want to size down.

Shop This Quince Organic Cotton Cardigan | $59.90

6: Quince Gold Vermeil Croissant Ring

hand doing a Quince clothing accessory review of the gold croissant ring

Now onto the bling portion of our Quince reviews! Quince has an amazing range of jewelry to pair with their clothing items, so we picked a few of our faves to add to this review. Starting with this croissant ring — it’s made with gold vermeil (aka, sterling silver layered with 18k gold), which is much higher quality than gold plating and won’t turn your finger green.

And despite that wallet-friendly price tag, it looks SO luxurious! We love styling it with these chunky gold hoop earrings for an everyday look that instantly elevates any outfit.

Shop This Gold Croissant Ring From Quince | $39.90

7: Quince Diamond Eternity Band

hand displaying a gold diamond shared prong eternity band from Quince jewelry clothing accessories review

When we saw this diamond eternity band on the Quince site, we immediately wanted to review it to see how legit it was. After all, we know a thing or two about diamond bands, and this one is SO GOOD. It features an endless row of round-cut natural diamonds (we opted for 1-carat diamonds, but you can also customize it with 0.5, 2, or 3 carats) and is made with 14K recycled gold.

Plus, the sparkle is even better IRL! For under $1000, it’s a total steal for such a dazzling diamond design. Whether you’re looking for a classic wedding band or a luxurious addition to your jewelry box, this ring is a gorgeous choice.

Shop This Quince Diamond Eternity Band | $899.90

collection of four gold diamond rings

Looking for more wedding band ideas? Check out our list of the prettiest wedding rings for every style, including our favorite diamond eternity bands!

8: Quince Diamond Tennis Bracelet

woman doing a jewelry review of the Quince gold diamond tennis bracelet

As soon as we pulled out this Quince tennis bracelet to review, we noticed how legit and expensive it looks. Despite its delicate design, the sparkle is seriously show-stopping! It features 94 dainty diamonds, which wrap around the entire bracelet for non-stop shine. Perfect for layering with other bracelets or wearing all on its own!

Our final jewelry review: The quality of this Quince bracelet is gorgeous. The clasp takes a few tries to figure out, but once you do, it’s easy to put on yourself — which is always a challenge with bracelets for me!

Shop This Quince Diamond Tennis Bracelet | $849.90

Shop Our Favorite Quince Clothing + Accessory Products

Final Thoughts: A Recap Of Our Quince Clothing Review

Is Quince a Good Clothing Brand And Would We Shop There Again?

woman wearing a white tank top paired with a champagne beige silk midi length skirt
silk skirt | white tank top

So, what’s our final review of the Quince clothing brand? Overall, we’re super impressed with the quality of the items, especially for such affordable prices. It’s a great place to find timeless pieces, like sweaters, skirts, and everyday jewelry — perfect if you’re building your ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Here’s a more in-depth recap of our Quince clothing review:


  • Quince clothing is luxurious and high-quality, while also being super budget-friendly.
  • The brand is making an effort to be sustainable, with eco-friendly materials and low carbon emissions.
  • Quince focuses on timeless pieces rather than microtrends, and all of their clothing and jewelry pieces can be worn for years to come.
  • The 365-day return policy is seriously amazing!


  • The sizing for Quince clothing is a little limited — while they offer standard sizing (XS-XL), they don’t have many plus size options, BUT they are actively working to change this and recently launched women’s extended size range (1X-3X) for some of their top-selling items last year. They are actively working on additional extended sizes for both men and women franchises this year. Love to hear that!
  • That’s about it! We truly loved the Quince clothing and jewelry pieces we tried in this review, and we can’t wait to add them to our everyday wardrobes.

Based on this clothing review, we can confirm that Quince is legit, and we’ll definitely be shopping from them again. Let us know what you think in the comments below!