The Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Booking

Photo: Bret Loie Photography | Planning & Design: Feathered Arrow Events

So you’ve found “the one” who makes your heart race, and now it’s time to find the one who’ll capture every swoon-worthy moment of your big day on film. 🎥 We totally get it – your wedding videographer is like the director of your love story, crafting those magical memories into a masterpiece you’ll treasure forever.

But with so many talented artists out there, how do you pick the perfect one who aligns with your vision? Don’t fret, because we’ve got your back! We’ve tapped into the wisdom of wedding pros who have seen it all, and they’re dishing out the essential questions that will ensure your wedding videographer isn’t just great with a camera, but also a seamless fit for your day. Get ready to navigate the world of cinematic enchantment like a pro!

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Booking

1. What will your relationship be with my photographer? 

“Ask your videographer what their relationship will be with your photographer. In an ideal world, they have worked together previously and feel comfortable in an established professional working relationship. At the very least, your videographer should have a clear strategy as to how they prefer to work with photographers regarding who will take lead in directing the images of the day.” – Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

2. Can you provide examples of your work?

“It is important to see examples of the videographer’s previous work to get a sense of their style and the quality of their videos. It’s a big red flag if a videographer is hesitant toward showing you their previous work.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

3. What is your style of videography and how does it align with our vision for our wedding video? 

“It is important to make sure that the videography company’s style aligns with your vision for your wedding video. Do you want a more traditional, documentary-style video, or are you looking for something more creative and artistic? Make sure to discuss this with the videographer to ensure that they can deliver the type of video you want.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

4. Do you offer drone coverage?

“Ask your videographer if they also use a drone and if they plan to use any mics for filming. It helps to know this information while building the wedding day timeline. Plus, I always like to introduce both teams via email prior to discuss timeline and make sure everyone is on the same page. It really helps build a team dynamic and makes sure there are no surprises on the day of the wedding.” – Kari Dirksen-Smith, Feathered Arrow Events

5. How many videographers will be shooting on the wedding day?

“For medium to larger weddings, you will want to have at least two dedicated videographers capturing various angles and moments throughout the day.” – Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

photo by Megan Gulotta

6. How do you handle audio during the ceremony and reception? 

“Good audio is essential for a high-quality wedding video. Ask the videographer about their approach to capturing audio during the ceremony and reception. Do they use lapel microphones or other professional audio equipment? Do they have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties?” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

7. How does the music selection process work? 

“The music included in a beautifully edited wedding film is vital to the emotional storytelling of this medium. Does your videographer allow you to have input in the selection process?” – Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

8. How do you handle unexpected events or challenges during the wedding day?

“Weddings can be unpredictable, and it is important to hire a videographer who is able to adapt to any unexpected challenges or events that may arise. Ask the videographer about their approach to handling these situations and how they have dealt with them in the past. Some example questions… what if it’s really hot and your camera overheats? What if the DJ’s equipment malfunctions and you’re not able to tap into their audio source? Make a list of disaster scenarios and ask this videographer what their solution is to each scenario.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

9. How many cameras will you be using?

“Some clients are disappointed when their videographer shows up with only one camera. Why? Because they were expecting a variety of angles to help bring the story to life!” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

10. What do most of your couples look for in a videographer? 

“Every couple I’ve worked with has had different opinions on what they want out of a videographer. Some want a fun, upbeat video with a lot of party footage and others want to hear their personalized vows and sentimental moments. Ask your videographer what most of their couples look for in a videographer! This will give you an idea of the typical clients they service and what moments they hold most important while filming. If it corresponds with your most important moments, you’ve likely found a great vendor match!” – Melanie Levin, Owner, LuckEleven Events

11. How long will my wedding video be?

“If a client is expecting a 15 minute video but didn’t realize the package they selected includes a 5 minute video, they’re going to be disappointed. So make sure to ask what the length of the output will be before signing the contract.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

12. Do you charge for travel?

“If your wedding is far away from your videographer’s HQ, they might charge additional fees. So be sure to ask up front if they charge for travel so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

13. How do you work with planners?

“Team work makes the dream work on wedding day, so it’s important to hire a videographer who is a team player with the rest of your wedding pros, especially your photographer and wedding planner. How well do they work with wedding planners? Your wedding planner will be leading your entire wedding pro team. Hiring a videographer who works well with the wedding planner will ensure they are able to keep the photo/video timeline on track. Have you worked at my wedding ceremony venue before? While many videographers can adjust and adapt to whatever location they are shooting, many ceremony venues, such as churches, have strict guidelines when it comes to filming in their space. Rules such as – no filming down the aisle, or only being allowed to stand in one spot. You want to hire someone who will be able to capture your ceremony moments, with whatever limits they may have.” – Krisy Thomas, Owner, Southern Sparkle Wedding & Event Planning and Vice President, Certified Wedding Planner Society

photo by Lucas Piatek

14. Do you charge for revisions?

“If you want revisions to your wedding video, there’s a chance your videographer might charge for revisions. Some do and some don’t. Just make sure to get clarification on this beforehand so you don’t end up paying more than what you were expecting.” – Soren Dickens, Co-Founder, Peek Wedding Films

15. What is your process for scouting locations to film?

“One question a potential (now current) client asked me during our consult was, ‘What’s one thing that you WISH your clients would’ve asked up front, like what are we missing?’ It stuck with me and took a moment to answer, if I’m being honest! Even though I’m a planner, I feel this question spans across the event industry as a whole and really makes sense to ask ALL of your vendors at some point. Another question would play off of that ol’ standard: “Have you worked here before?” Whether they’ve worked at that particular property or not previously will NOT impact your wedding day film. What WILL is the videographer’s ability to scout filming locations, so I’d instead ask the question, “What is your process for scouting new and different locations to film?” This ideally should open up a conversation about including your videographer in your site visit(s), or hearing that they’ll schedule their own time (or arrive extra early day-of) to take light measurements and figure out where the sun will be at what time of day.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner, Alston Mayger Events

16. What does your editing process look like?

“A question to ask your videographer before booking would be to ensure what the editing process looks like. Some videographers prefer to select songs, some allow you to select. It’s always best to be on the same page so you’re receiving a product and service you prefer!” – Casey Stamouli, Owner & Lead Planner, Casey & Co. Events

17. How long will it take to receive the final video? 

“How long will it take to receive the final edited video? Get a timeline for the editing process and delivery of the final product. Asking this type of question will help you make an informed decision when choosing a wedding videographer and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on your special day.” – Anastasia Shevchenko, Sheff Productions

18. What types of final products do you offer?

“Videography is an excellent way to capture the true emotions of your wedding day. Gone are the wedding videos of long-winded words of congratulations and wisdom from your guests. Today, your wedding video is a cinematic compilation of all of the most important moments throughout your day. To ensure the vibe of your celebration is purposefully captured, it is important to vet your videographer well. Research their cinema style ahead of time and make sure it matches your vision. From there, ask about their different offerings such as a highlight reel, documentary style, or full-length cinematic production so you can understand your options and what is included in whichever packages you are considering. While there are a lot of logistics to consider here, video is such a special way to relive your best day ever!” – Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

19. What kind of backup plans do you have in place?

“We love video and consider it a MUST HAVE, so there are a few essential questions to ask before hiring your videography team! Ask about the equipment they use, their backup strategies and plans (extra gear etc.), and if they have contingency plans for unexpected circumstances.” – Misty Damico, CEO, Luxe Event Production