Purple Wisteria and Puff Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses Made for a Fairytale Wedding in Manhattan

Selkie Puff Bridesmaid Dresses

As if a wedding in Manhattan isn’t chic enough, this one takes it to new levels! Rachel and Steven planned the wedding of their dreams at The Beekman Hotel, and made sure to throw in some epic touches! A particularly noticeable part of the wedding was these AMAZING bridesmaid dresses by Selkie! As for other spectacular details? Wisteria. Indoors. I mean, can you imagine something more magical than that?!

When deciding on the perfect wedding venue, The Beekman Hotel checked off all the boxes. It was the perfect space to cultivate the personal, casual, yet fun-loving feel that Steven and Rachel were looking for. With the help of photographer Sarah Sayeed, not only was the day beautiful, but the photos are stunning enough to be cherished for a lifetime!

I had recently stayed at The Beekman for an engagement party with my bridesmaids and was so impressed by the scenery and service. We were excited to learn that one of the penthouse turrets and accompanying patios could be rented for a micro wedding and reception. Everything about The Beekman fit our vibe and the vibe of the moment; old school New York, relaxed, comfortable, classy.

Ready For Love

Gold wedding bands

Delicate, vintage-inspired gold rings were the perfect band choices for this oh-so classic couple.

Bridesmaids in matching pajamas drinking champagne

Do you remember the movie ‘Eloise at the Plaza’? These adorable matching pajamas are giving us major Eloise vibes!

Green, white, and blue wedding bouquet

Plant Shed NYC designed this simple and stunning bouquet for Rachel to carry down the aisle. Just the right amount of “something blue”!

Nude patent leather wedding shoes

Selkie Puff Bridesmaid Dresses

I picked the bridesmaids’ dresses before I picked anything else for the wedding. A phrase I have coined and live by is “Wonderfluff”. I define it as the intersection of all things enjoyable, soft, curious, and free-thinking. I am equally obsessed with clouds, they mesmerize me. They weigh so much, yet appear weightless and float. All to say — I was always looking for a cloud dress, so I could be literally on Cloud 9. The silhouette was specifically inspired by Ariana Grande and the dress she wore on Jimmy Fallon when promoting her album ‘Sweetener’. It’s so darling and cute! With those two things in mind, the Selkie dress was a no-brainer, and the cloud print was a match made in heaven. We were in the group chat within minutes of the drop and had them bought that same day.  

Selkie Puff Bridesmaid Dresses

Selkie bridesmaids dresses with matching bracelets

Cute matching knot bangles were the finishing touch on this already-amazing look!

Wisteria Wishes

Purple wisteria indoor wedding venue

This wedding ceremony space is a true fairytale! Wisteria hanging from the ceilings is something many people can only dream of. The interior was kept minimal, with a slight boho twist. – the perfect intersection between old and new.

Our Musical Choices

Processional: The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Recessional: The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel (Take 2!)

First Dance: We did not have a first dance! If we did, I would have picked “New Years Day” by Taylor Swift. We actually danced to it in the hotel room the next morning.

New York Micro Wedding

Groom in awe at bride walking down the aisle

Steven was in complete awe seeing their beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

Bride and groom kissing in New York Micro wedding

New York Micro Wedding

Let’s finally chat about Rachel’s amazing wedding dress! The one-shouldered wonder is the Venus gown by Sarah Seven. Rachel was equally as gorgeous as the Roman goddess, indeed!

The minute I tried on the Venus I was in love!  From the draped one-shoulder bodice to the fitted skirt and train, it was instantly MY dress. I styled it elegantly with Miu Miu slingbacks, drop diamond earrings, a simple necklace, and an emerald bracelet gifted to me by my mother. My long dark hair was the star of the show. I wore it blown out and long with no veil.

New York Micro Wedding with Selkie Dresses

New York Micro Wedding with Selkie Dresses

A Story 10 Years in the Making

New York micro wedding ceremony indoors

Steven and Rachel’s love story dates back ten years to their high school chemistry class. After endless nights of Facebook messaging and Skype calls, a first date was finally in order – May 24th, 2011 to be exact. And on May 24th, 2021, the long-time lovers finally said “I Do”.

Bride and groom snuggling on green couch

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

Steven, the groom, here! My most favorite moment of the wedding day was the second my wife-to-be appeared down the aisle. Time stopped and sped up all at once. I knew two things: 1) I am the most lucky human alive and cannot wait to spend every second being my wife’s husband, and 2) I took too damn long to propose! As she approached, all I felt was “she is my family” and I’ve been excited ever since.

Rachel, the bride, here! I second that the ceremony was the most beautiful and special part of the whole day. Steven looked absolutely handsome and heavenly! I loved reading our written vows to each other. Vows are my favorite part of any wedding, it’s my favorite promise I’ve ever made. It was such a beautiful moment, in a grand and gorgeous space, with my favorite people present.

New York Micro Wedding with Selkie Dresses

The Beekman Hotel’s 10-foot high atrium made for epic shots like this one!

Bride and groom smiling over balcony

Indoor wedding reception with purple wisteria

For dinner, guests were served a delicious 4-course vegetarian meal. Custom cocktails were also featured on the menu, including ‘Roger That’ (a take on the classic Negroni) and ‘Valentine’, a specialty French 75.

White wedding reception table setup

Indoor wedding reception with purple wisteria

Indoor wedding reception with purple wisteria

Cards and tissues were provided during the ceremony, and disposable cameras to capture every delightful moment.

New York Micro Wedding with Selkie Dresses

Finally, the bride and groom have some sage advice to share about planning your special day. Congratulations to Rachel and Steven!

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

The biggest advice I would give is that a small/micro wedding is still a WEDDING. Give yourself grace when planning. It’s a very specific and meaningful event with a lot of intricate details. It can stack up and become overwhelming, no matter the guest size. Think intentionally about what you want and how to make the event respect the ceremony of your wedding.

On that note, my second piece of advice is to honor the couple that you are today; don’t try too hard to impress yourself in 10 years. You don’t know that person. Let yourself plan and decide to do what you and your partner love today and in this moment. And to always remember that you are on the same team! Even when it’s difficult, trust and believe in the pact you will be making to be on the same team for the rest of your life, and act like it.

photography: Sarah Sayeed // venue name: The Beekman Hotel, New York, New York, USA // florals: Plant Shed NYC // wedding dress: Sarah Seven 'Venus' // wedding dress boutique: Sarah Seven Bridal New York // bride's shoes: Miu Miu // bridesmaid dresses: Selkie // groom attire: Zohreh Men's Clothing Shop // groom's shoes: Brave Gentleman // catering: Temple Court // cake: Temple Court // desserts: Temple Court // cocktails: Temple Court // garter: BrilliantBride // bride's earrings: GlamourBrideUSA