Links + Loves: Two Very Different But Very Good Shows + A Gift for a Booklover

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Nova Wreaths

It’s been a great week to plan a wedding with a little help from your friends at GWS! We looked at some beautiful cluster engagement rings for the couple who like things just a little outside the box — tokens of intended marriage included. Plus, what would you wear to a courthouse wedding? A dress or a suit? And finally, you know what they say about rain on your wedding day (it’s luck!) but a blizzard for your outdoor wedding is a whole new level.

Oh, and we launched a BUNCH of new floral designs for our GWS for Erin Condren collection! This rainbow bouquet petite journal is a fave as well as the Happy Blooms Life Planner!

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

From Jen:

Chic Valentine’s shirts I’d wear on the 14th.

Looking for a new fun comedy murder mystery show? I highly recommend The Afterparty – the first few episodes just launched and it’s super fun!

Just wow…this peek into Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito home…I’m obsessed with every room!

From Diana:

My sister’s birthday is coming up in a week (shoutout to the Aquarius babies!) and she’s a huge book nerd. I just ordered her a personalized book embosser and I think she’s gonna love it!

I’m still a little scarred from last year’s snowstorm in Texas, so I’m in full prep mode this time! I ordered the WaterBOB, which is supposed to store your bathtub water as clean drinking water. I’m really hoping we won’t have to use it, but I’m grateful to have it!

From Sheena:

Latest snack obsession? These crunchy baked chickpeas with the most delicious spice blend. 10/10 would recommend. So yum!

Also tried this amazing southwest pasta salad recipe this week, and we basically ate it on repeat for the next few days. Tastes even better as leftovers!

I also recently discovered that CB2 has the absolute prettiest dinnerware collections. This caramel tone 4-piece set may or may not have stolen my heart.

From Katie:

If you are into thrillers, we’ve been watching Archive 81 on Netflix, which started out as a podcast. I don’t like scary movies but this one is well-written. Definitely heavy subject matter as a warning.

At the start of every year, I gather iPhone photos from my phone and my husband’s to create a yearly book. It’s been so nice to put all our digital photos on a hard copy like that and look through it together when it arrives. I use Chatbooks and their 6×6 album. Highly recommend!

February is Black History Month! So I wanted to share my fave BIPOC-owned online jewelry shop – Oceanne! Can’t recommend their quality enough.

From Britt:

Next time I’m invited to a dinner party, I’m doing this.

How many water bottles do I need to try before landing on the right one? Too many. But I’ve had this one for a few weeks and I can genuinely say I’ve been drinking more water. (The key is the straw.)

I filled up this notebook and swiftly ordered a new one. If you like making a weekly plan and the satisfaction of crossing things off, it’s perfect.

Have a great weekend!

photo via Nova Wreaths