An Orange Wedding Dress for This Magical Montana Elopement

orange wedding dress for the bride

Caitie + Logan have always known that a traditional wedding wasn’t their speed. 

Bride Caitie works as the Operations Manager for The Florista, a Nashville, TN event florist. “My life revolves around weddings,” says Caitie. “While I love being a part of a team that brings the big and the bold to life, we wanted to diverge from the elaborate events and take a new path. And if there’s one thing Logan and I love, it’s an experience.”

When the whole Florista team made a trip to Montana for a wedding they were designing, Caitie + Logan decided to capitalize on that moment in Big Sky Country and elope. 

The bride + groom began their day with a sidewalk ceremony at the Kalispell, Montana County Clerk’s office with Bespoke Ceremonies Montana officiating. After that they met up with Elsa Eileen Photography and headed into Glacier National Park. We are so excited to show you the mind blowing photos from that adventure.

The vistas were stunning. The flowers were of course amazing. And Caitie’s gorgeous orange wedding dress floated + fluttered in the wind.

If you can’t shake the idea of a colorful, intimate wedding day in the wilderness, this one’s for you.

couple walking to their elopement in the mountains
bride in a magical orange wedding dress

First things first: this DRESS 🧡 “Although splurging on a dress was never something I expected of myself, I could not pass up this vibrant orange masterpiece designed by Leanne Marshall,says Caitie. “The hand-dyed layers of silk created a breathtaking show of dancing color in the wind, an electrifying contrast to the earth tones of the surrounding landscape.”

The perks of working for a fabulous florist!! Caitie’s warm + whimsical bouquet was created by her friend and boss Meg Hutchinson, owner of The Florista.

“Logan used his connections as a metal fabricator to collaborate with a master jeweler named Gregory McCloud to design a one-of-a-kind, Elven-inspired ring,” Caitie says of the way her unique engagement ring came to be. “Gregory used a black diamond cut in a kite shape as the focal point and surrounded it with leaves and florals.”

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The flowers that Meg from The Florista used in Caitie’s bouquet were all grown at Rathvinden, a local flower farm in Belgrade, Montana.

“Logan wore a custom artisan suit made by Kai D Utility in Brooklyn, New York,” Caitie remembers. “Paired with Red Wing “Blacksmith” boots, the understated, timeless design is reminiscent of 1920s menswear.”

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

The entire day was memorable! From waking up early to sign our paperwork at the Kalispell County Clerk's office (in a building which also housed their county jail), to feeding squirrels in Woodland Park before our private signing ceremony, to driving on Going-to-the-Sun road and witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring mountain views we have ever seen, our wedding day was definitely a memory we will talk about giddily for the rest of our lives.

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The park’s rocky terrain called for a reliable pair of wedding boots. Caitie’s were from Blundstone!

Shayna Beauty matched the “whimsical-yet-alternative style” of Caitie’s look with this piecey, wavy high bun bridal updo and warm makeup look. The absolutely iconic red lip? That was all Caitie’s idea.

“We met when we were both elite professional alligator wranglers working in the Everglades,” Caitie begins. “Amidst the danger and excitement of tussling with these powerful creatures, we realized that we were destined to navigate life’s wildest adventures together…

“…Just kidding. We actually met on Tinder.”

Caitie finished her opulent-yet-organic orange bouquet with this delicate hand-dyed silk ribbon from Silk & Willow.

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Our Advice To Those Planning Now

From Caitie: "As a bride myself and someone in the wedding industry, my advice would be to throw out everything you’ve been told you NEED to do for your wedding. Start from scratch. Ask yourself, what do I want? This is you and your partner’s day! No ifs, ands, or buts about it."

Though tying the knot privately was absolutely the move, the celebration didn’t end after Caitie + Logan’s epic Montana day. “When we returned to Nashville, we hosted a Hobbit-themed wedding reception which was a packed, bustling, evening with loud Irish music, uncoordinated dancing, and plenty of love,” says the couple. “Although exciting, our reception would not have provided us an opportunity for us to really take in the significance of marriage. Having our private experience beforehand that we could navigate together was very important to both of us. I definitely recommend it!”

Congratulations, Caitie + Logan! Your magical Montana elopement was beyond beautiful in every way! GWS wishes you both the very best!

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photography: Elsa Eileen Photography // venue name: Glacier National Park // florals: The Florista // wedding dress: Leanne Marshall and Tavia Gown // bride's shoes: Blundstone, Rustic Brown Hightop Boots // bride's ring: Gregory McCloud // hair stylist: Shayna Beauty // makeup artist: Shayna Beauty // groom attire: Kai D Utility // groom's shoes: Red Wing // groom's ring: Ridge, Brushed tungsten // officiant: Bespoke Ceremonies Montana // flowers: Rathvinden // silk ribbon: Silk & Willow