11 Major Benefits You Didn’t Know Come With Eloping

Boho Tuscon Elopement
photo by Ashley Taylor from this elopement in Sagurao National Park

Considering an elopement but not sure it’s right for you? We get the hesitation. Well, don’t we reached out to the experts and we’re sharing 11 major benefits that come with eloping that you might not have thought of yet! Maybe this just might be what you need to decide if an elopement is right for the two of you!

Patagonia Chile Elopement
photo by Anni Graham from this Sunrise Elopement in Patagonia

1. You get to experience your wedding day fully.

“This is a really key reason why so many couples are choosing to elope or have a smaller celebration. At a time when togetherness is so precious, and after experiencing what it was like watching life go by outside the window during the pandemic, brides and grooms want to take control. They want their wedding day to be about their favorite things, in their favorite place, with their favorite people – rather than risking blurring the day into a whirlwind of things they felt pressured to do. Choosing to have a smaller celebration means focusing more on the quality of time spent with loved ones, and truly feeling present in every moment of the day. You’ll have time to take in the sights, sounds, and scents of the details you’ve lovingly chosen. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere, and build a (relaxed) timeline of the day that revolves around your story – in whichever way is most meaningful to you. You’ll have the luxury of slowing down, breathing it all in, and genuinely engaging in heartfelt conversations and memory-making with the person (or people) there with you.” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

White Tulle Ruffle Wedding Dress
photo by The Hitched Hiker from this Alaska Elopement

2. Saved costs = more room to indulge for yourself

“Your wedding day is all about you and your fiancé, so why not elope and spend those extra dollars saved on florals and catering for all those guests and treat yourself?! Your wedding morning getting ready moments in your dream lingerie and robe will be memories that are cherished forever. You can even use the extra time you will have with your photographer as a wedding morning ‘boudoir’ shoot! This is a great extra special gift for your soon-to-be-spouse that will make the morning extra memorable.” – Kristy Breed & Helen Semovski, Director & Designer, Le Rose Stories

Big Sur California Elopement
photo by Bruna Kitchen Photography from this Big Sur Elopement with Two Dresses

3. You can have more privacy. 

“One of the elements of large weddings that can cause a lot of anxiety or pressure for couples is the idea of entertaining and hosting such a wide group of people – all the while being at the very center of attention, all day. For those couples whose personalities are more introverted, or whose story has been more independent, it can be a huge relief to know that your vows will be heard only by your closest loved ones, and that you won’t feel the need to justify your wedding choices to a large group of (possibly quite opinionated) people. You can choose the timeline with which you share your news more widely, and, if you do feel you’d prefer it to be a secret for a while, that’s something you can both cherish, and enjoy, and that will create a wonderful bond between you. You can strip away the anxiety, expectations, or pressure you feel from the world around you, and focus on making your wedding day truly private and authentic to you.” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement
photo by Ali Beck Photography as seen in this Santa Barbara elopement

4. You can choose to celebrate how you want to.

“More and more couples do first looks in recent years, so they can avoid the hour-long photo shoot right after the ceremony and instead both start enjoying the reception right away. Elopements create a similar opportunity but in the biggest way possible. At Weven, we see venue partners booking couples all the time who eloped and then with the “formalities” out of the way, decide to plan a wedding reception. For couples, that can mean more time to know what you want, more time to save and budget, and more time to plan at a speed and pace you like. Most couples do not want to forgo the truly unique opportunity to create a special moment with family and friends to celebrate their love. Many couples also quickly realize it’s a lot harder to get all the guests you want to RSVP “yes” for a “regular party” than it is for a wedding; so we still see couples having that wedding event after elopements so they can involve all the people they care about, but just more on their own terms and timeline.” – Sam McElhinney, CEO, Weven

Faroe Islands Elopement
photo by Adventure Instead from this Faroe Island Elopement

5. You can pare things back.

“Many couples love the idea of declaring their love to one another through marriage – but don’t actually feel that excited about planning a complicated, elaborate gathering of people, and that’s ok! Just because some people grow up dreaming of planning their wedding, and you don’t feel that way, doesn’t mean there is anything less special about your celebration or that you should feel any guilt or shame. Maybe it doesn’t fit your lifestyle right now, or your personalities, and that’s absolutely fine. So many couples these days grow up with multicultural circles of friends and families spread across continents, and the logistics of getting everyone in one place, and pleasing them all, can feel overwhelming. There could be a personal or professional reason to keep the planning timeline shorter and simpler – or perhaps you have a family or community much too large to realistically invite everyone whose feelings wouldn’t be hurt by not being there. Whatever the reason, you have every right to want your wedding planning to be easy, carefree and light: and for many couples, their definition of that is to elope with their best friends and closest family only. Or perhaps you want it to just be the two of you, in a beloved city or a quiet spot by the beach, without any fuss or frills at all. That’s just as valid, and a wonderful reason to choose to elope.” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

boho elopement

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6. All-inclusive simplicity is more achievable.

“Elopements are gaining in popularity, which means wedding venues and vendors are jumping on board by offering elopement packages that are packed with value—and convenience! You can lessen your planning stress even more by opting for a comprehensive, all-inclusive package that crosses off several items in one fell swoop—ranging from the location and décor to the photography, flowers, cake, champagne, and more. The best part is, these elopement packages are typically very affordable and able to be customized according to your unique style and preferences.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Superstition Mountains Elopement
photo by Ashtyn Nicole Photo as seen in this Elopement at Superstition Mountain

7. You can forget about the societal pressure in regard to attire.

“We were created for the bride that doesn’t care about following trends or traditions and is all about the unique and unconventional wedding looks. For an elopement you can go even beyond that, and truly wear what you feel your most beautiful self in without worrying about living up to society’s pressure about if it’s too casual, too formal, or doesn’t match the venue! Our favorite elopement options are a short lace mini dress from Daalarna Couture or a cute two-piece lace tee and silk skirt from Laure de Sagazan.” – Samira Araghi, Owner & Founder, WildBride

Beach Cliffside Elopement
photo by Tessa Tadlock from this Big Sur Elopement

8. You can leave no trace.

“Another reason to choose to elope is to create a celebration that is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Saying your vows to one another with only a few nearest and dearest as witnesses, whether in a city, manor house, or cliffside, is a significantly less elaborate affair when it comes to lighting and production, power usage, creation of refuse, and so on. Eloping can mean celebrating in a much less wasteful way, one that prioritizes experiences over material things, while also protecting our beautiful planet and wilderness.” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

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9. You can be more strategic with your splurges.

“With an elopement, you’re saving beaucoup bucks by not having a large wedding—so why not treat yo’ self? Eloping is a fantastic way to save money, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on everything. Plan out one (or more) strategic splurges to make this day truly memorable. It could be a luxurious honeymoon suite, glamorous rings, an expensive bottle of champagne, or a fabulous dress or suit that you may or may not ever wear again. And no one regrets having magazine-worthy photos of their wedding day. A few intentional splurges can make even the most simple of elopements feel absolutely epic.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Enchantments Washington Backpack Wedding
photo by Stephanie Keegan Photography from this Backpacking Elopement in the Enchantments

10. You can pick anywhere on the map to say “I do.”

Elopements can happen anywhere in the world, at any time of day and year – and once you’ve chosen where you want to go, you can combine your trip with an epic honeymoon, either by continuing to get to know the country you’ve picked, or hopping over to somewhere else gorgeous nearby. You can weave all your favorite things about holidays and travel into your elopements, like trying local cuisine, shopping for artisanal items, exploring new places or chilling on a beach. For the venue itself, you can think outside the box by avoiding traditional wedding venues and exploring cool restaurants, bars, AirBnbs, beautiful natural formations, landmarks, boutique hotels, and so much more. You can play by your own rules instead of trying to adapt your plans to restrictive wedding packages, and adapt nearly any space to an intimate celebration for just the two of you, or a few of your nearest and dearest if you wish.” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

photo by Rebecca Carpenter | design + styling by The Stars Inside

11. You can do what is right for YOU.

“The most important benefit of all is related to all the above and is the fact that an elopement allows you to ensure your wedding day reflects your own priorities and values in the way that is truly right for you. You can actually just be yourselves all day, free of any social obligations that don’t spark joy. By spending more mindfully, paring things back, and experiencing the day more fully you can tell YOUR story in a truly meaningful way. You can make new traditions, honor old ones, and personalize the legacy of who you are as a couple. Pretty awesome, huh?” – Valentina Ring, Founder + Wedding Planner, The Stars Inside

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