Marry Or Honeymoon In Portofino At The Belmond Hotel Splendido

Hotel Spendido

Imagine your wedding taking place against a backdrop of beautiful Italian countryside and the shimmering Mediterranean. Not too hard to picture, right? Well, let’s take things one step further. The destination wedding you’ve been dreaming of can indeed become a reality when you plan your big day with the event experts at The Belmond Hotel Splendido! Nestled in a little corner of paradise, this romantic setting, paired with the hotel’s unique cuisine and impeccable service, will allow for an unforgettable Italian Riviera wedding.

The Belmond Hotel group has many amazing hotels, trains and cruises throughout the world. And since they have a several absolutely stunning properties in Italy (which is one of our absolute favorite destinations!), we’ve been loving sharing them with you through our fun Belmond Hotel series! Hopefully this series will help those of you dreaming of a wedding or honeymoon in Italy! Or if you’re already married, consider one of the Belmond properties for an anniversary trip.

Today, we get to chat with Carlo Lazzeri, the events manager at The Belmond Hotel Splendido, who has organized over 300 weddings at the hotel:

GWS: Do you have a favorite wedding that was held at your property? If so, what made the wedding so special and memorable? 

After organizing hundreds of weddings, it’s difficult to say for definite which one was my favorite wedding, each one leaves a sparkle in my soul. They call me “the man who makes everything possible”, as I say yes to any request, however extravagant. That’s what I love about my job and that what I always end up with when the music has stopped playing. What it makes it so special is trying to make their ‘dream’ become a reality and always give extra touch of something special to their desires. It is important for me to be close to them throughout the day, but also to be invisible at the same time. I’m ready for any last minute request which might arise, and believe me there are many!

Hotel Splendido Wedding Ceremony

Hotel Spendido Favorite Eats

GWS: What is your must have dish at a restaurant on property?

For couples looking for a true taste of la dolce vita, our chef suggests a pasta dish created for the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor- spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, basil and sun dried tomatoes, aptly named ‘Spaghetti alla Elizabeth Taylor’. A traditional local dish potato gnocchi with local Taggiasche olives, finished with fresh tomatoes and basil. We also have wonderful fresh fish from the Gulf which can be cooked however diners desire.

GWS: What is your favorite drink on property and where is your favorite place to enjoy it?

My favorite drink is the sweet and fruity Bellini cocktail, made fresh peaches with Prosecco. For those in search of a bitter aperitif we suggest the very Italian Campari Spritz – Campari, Prosecco and soda water. There’s only one place to enjoy these, sitting back on one of our elegant summer chairs, surrounded by blooming flowers whilst taking in the view of the Gulf below as piano music wafts through the air.

Hotel Splendido Guest Raves

GWS: What activities offered by your property or locally do you recommend to your guests?

Our couples love learning how to taste the difference between Italy’s liquid gold in our traditional olive oil tasting experience at La Terrazza restaurant. It’s a fun way to find out how different regions produce totally different tasting oils. We also hold a fun pesto class at the Chuflay Bar restaurant, guests always remember the great personalities who conduct these two classes, we have some really characters!


GWS: How do you make a visit special for a couple on their honeymoon?

I like to surprise them with a nice and romantic table in a garden area (just the two of them) together with a romantic violinist and lush flowers scattered on the table. What could be more romantic then gazing at your new husband or wife as the sun sets?

GWS: What is one local destination, store or restaurant you recommend our readers experience during their stay to give them a true sense of the local culture?

Guests enjoy heading down to the Chuflay Restaurant located in the main Piazzetta of Portofino at our sister property Belmond Hotel Splendido Mare. This is the real local experience with the same great service as Belmond Hotel Splendido, but you can soak up the pizzazz of the piazza. You’re seated in the heart of the town, and you can watch the couples and families taking their evening walks and watch the little fishing boats bob on the water.

Hotel Spendido Activities

GWS: What’s something unique to your property that you can offer to couples to make their wedding or honeymoon truly special? 

At the end of a relaxing day, we invite couples on an exclusive Sunset Cruise along Portofino’s Bay, followed by a romantic dinner on the rustic San Fruttuoso Beach – ideal for in search of la dolce vita following the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. We have also just unveiled a beautiful suite, named La Dolce Vita suite which has the perfect mix of elegance and privacy for honeymooners.

Incredibile, no?! This stunning property sounds pretty perfect for a memorable wedding or romantic getaway with your love! If you’re intrigued about visiting or planning an event in Italy or Mallorca, The Belmond Hotel group has created an informative online magazine you can flip through to learn more! And for more information on hosting your destination wedding or planning your honeymoon at The Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino, be sure to visit their website!

This post is part of our series, Find Your Italian Honeymoon + Wedding Destination with Belmond. Be sure to check out all the other amazing properties!

Thanks to Jacqueline Campbell Photography for the top image of  the couple outside the church in the Piaggio.