LOLiDE’s Handcrafted Jewelry Is Ethically-Produced and Sure to Stun!

We know firsthand how daunting picking the perfect ring can be, especially when you’re shopping for that special someone! We’re very excited to introduce LOLiDE to those on the hunt for modern, elegant engagement and wedding rings. LOLiDE provides pieces that are ecologically conscious and ethically-made so that you can feel confident in what you are purchasing! LOLiDE prides themselves for crafting non-traditional pieces that are made from 100% recycled materials and with countless styles, materials, and bands to choose from…we KNOW you will find what you are looking for!

Sustainable Jewelry For All Genders

LOLiDE is a one-woman show. Every piece is designed and created by Lori (the brains behind the operation!), by hand, in her Seattle studio. Lori says:

“I love to play with the tension between organic and industrial shapes. I find inspiration in the intersection of light and dark, order and chaos, natural and industrial.”

Moissanite Lunar Eclipse Wide Band Ring

The Moissanite Lunar Eclipse Ring is a minimalist’s dream. Featuring a modern, timeless design with just a little extra edge, this lunar beauty is given that extra something with a brilliant, sparkly, 6mm moissanite! Beautiful! This sleek, bold design will turn heads and will surely go with everything. 

Moissanite Or Sapphire Modern Half Bezel Solitaire

LOLiDE is committed to offering a wide selection of modern, striking, and elegant engagement and wedding rings that work in countless combinations.

Modern Moissanite Ring
Sapphire Mori Modern Engagement Ring

LOLiDE’s entire studio reflects its commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts and supporting positive change. She strives to create pieces of art that make the least environmental impact by using non-toxic processes, along with recycled and fair-mined metal. The diamonds used are lab-created, and all jewelry comes in compostable packaging!

Sapphire Rings

Breaking the Traditional Boundaries

LOLiDE has created gender-neutral rings from the start and we asked creator Lori to speak on trends when it comes to engagement and wedding jewelry and reimagining the traditional ways of families, relationships, and marriages. She shares with us:

“I want to help clients move toward organic ways of relating to themselves and the people they love. The strides being made by the LGBTQ+ community right now are so inspiring. I would love to create more pieces for relationship anarchists, helping them redefine romance, family, and friendship in more personal and poetic ways.”

Lori also says she’s inspired by those who reject misogynistic traditions and yet still dominate wedding symbols and ceremonies in heterosexual, same-sex, and non-binary unions! For example, she asks “him” to marry “her,” choosing rings together, wearing red, walking down the aisle, or choosing a new name rather than one person taking the others.

“These can be powerful statements that, with time, can start to break down the foundation of sexism and ownership that underpins traditional marriage and instead makes it truly about partnership. It all comes back to playing with the tensions between order and chaos, old and new.”

Baguette Cut Out Contemporary Engagement Ring

With LOLiDE, your piece is YOUR piece! Jewelry is a long-term investment and LOLiDE creates pieces you will love and cherish… and that are perfectly unique to you.

Diamond Eternity Rings

We’ve truly fallen in love with LOLiDE’s non-traditional, eco-conscious, gender-neutral, and contemporary designs and cannot wait to hear what you all think too!

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