Feel the Love: This ‘Lion King’ Inspired Wedding is Full of Spirit

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

In celebration of The Lion King out in theaters today, we’re thrilled to share an inspired interpretation of a wedding fit for a king! Jaime at Autumn Nomad is truly a jack of all trades. She spearheaded the design details, as well as the food, spirits, and cake—a true, jaw-dropping work of art. Here’s a quick peek into the inspiration behind the shoot:

After our Alice in Wonderland and Aladdin shoots, we wanted to bring the spirit of  The Lion King and Africa to the wedding world! We found inspiration from both the film (adding as many subtle details as possible) and Africa as a whole. From shooting the couple in the cornfields and paying tribute to Africa’s rich agriculture to a “bug grub” menu inspired by Moroccan food and real, edible bugs. As it’s wedding season, we all worked late into the evenings and had so much fun creating and styling the shoot in only 5 days!

The Pumbaa to Jaime’s Timon, Cody James Barry Photography was there to capture every detail—of which there are a LOT. Pay attention, because just like any proper Disney movie, the Easter eggs are not to be missed!

Nala: Queen of the Pride Lands

blush bridal dress

Check out that cheetah print dress! A meant-to-be moment thanks to Blush Bridal!

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

The bride took on a few different regal looks throughout the day, all brought to life with hair + makeup by Katie Walsh Glam.

orchid flower head piece

And those floral details! A mix of dried + fresh tropicals, gold palm leaves, live moss, and beads were Lemon & Tulips‘ main ingredients.

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

kauna matata

Rustle Up Some Grub

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

Animal sidekick, anyone? This African iguana was pure happenstance! A pet to one of the hotel guests on-site who just happened to match the cake perfectly…hakuna matata, right?

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

The team had loads of fun with the “Circle of Life” table! A fresh, safari-inspired design with tropical fruits + nuts, veggies, and yes, even bugs. Jaime worked with Entosense to add edible bugs to a Morrocan-inspired menu! Dishes included Moroccan-Braised Tofu with Curried Crickets and Weaver Ants with Tumeric + Cardamom Roasted Chickpeas. Slimy…yet, satisfying! ;)

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

Remember who you are…

lion king inspired cocktails

This one will certainly make you swallow your pride. The signature cocktail was a Dragonfruit + Pineapple Martini with Exotic Manchurian Spiced Scorpions. Rare delicacies…with a very pleasant crunch!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Lion King Wedding Inspiration

A fun little nod to Nala + Simba falling in love under a waterfall!

Prepare to Pounce

Lion King Wedding Cake

A cake worthy of a bow: Spiced Jungle Cake with Sweetened Termites by Autumn Nomad!!

Lion King Wedding Cake

From Jaime: The cake was meant to mimic traditional African art and beaded necklaces. I also piped Rafiki’s Simba drawing on the bottom tier and carved Mufasa onto another. We placed it in the tall grass, perched as if a lion were waiting to pounce on its prey!

Lion King Wedding Cake

Are you not utterly amazed?! Such an inspiring amount of detail and focus from the team behind the day! Thanks to Jaime + everyone involved…you truly blow us away!

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photography: Cody James Barry Photography // venue name: Adventure Suites, North Conway, New Hampshire, USA // event design: Autumn Nomad // planning: Autumn Nomad // florals: Lemon & Tulips // wedding dress boutique: Blush Bridal // hair stylist: Katie Walsh Glam // makeup artist: Katie Walsh Glam // groom attire: Portland Trading Co. // paper goods: Autumn Nomad // catering: Autumn Nomad // cake: Autumn Nomad // desserts: Autumn Nomad // models: Kasmere // edible bugs: Entosense // earrings: Blush Bridal