Introducing Brandon & Leah “Life Happens” + Chance to Win $100

brandon and leah music

We love music almost as we love weddings, so it was quite a treat when we were introduced to Brandon & Leah.  Brandon & Leah are a super cute duo who love performing together – seems like a perfect fit for GWS :)

I love that their music is beachy and has such a fun, yet laid back vibe to it. They grew up just a bit north of LA in Malibu and their tunes definitely reflect the spirit of SoCal. Since Brandon & Leah are located not too far from us, we’re hoping to catch a live show soon.

They filmed their newest video “Life Happens” with the help of their close friends at Funk Factory Films, I love that it’s just about them. The home footage in the video shows them seizing the moment and reinforces just how important those small moments happening around you everyday can be! So super sweet. Check it out below:

Download the mp3 here, so you can take it with you:
Download “Life Happens” Now

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Congrats to our contest winners Amanda + Nate.  

Here’s their winning story selected by Brandon & Leah:

I met Nate because his sister is one of my closest friends. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t interested in him initially because he is a quadriplegic. Since I had never met a guy my age in a wheelchair, I just wasn’t sure how to interact with him.

Soon after meeting Nate, my 24 year old cousin passed away unexpectedly. David had been one of my favorite people, a quirky guy who taught me to value life and find joy in the little things Although Nate and I weren’t close at the time, he was one of the first people I saw after returning from my cousin’s funeral. Nate instinctively knew what I needed and allowed me to talk about the funeral, about my family, and about my cousin.

A few months after losing my cousin, a group of my single friends went on a cruise together. Nate and his sister also came on the cruise. One of my friends had made me promise before going on the cruise that I would consider Nate as a dating possibility because it wasn’t fair to dismiss him due to a disability. Somewhere in between fancy dinners on the ship, bad karaoke on “single mingle” night, and snorkeling on Grand Cayman, I developed a crush on Nate. I had realized that he was fun and interesting and could still do so many things, despite being in a wheelchair. It took some prodding from his sister and some subtle flirting from me, but eventually we became a couple. Almost one year after we started dating, on my 30th birthday, he proposed to me and we started planning our wedding.

I don’t think Nate and I would be together if it weren’t for the unique circumstances in our lives. Nate has developed an inner peace and optimism that anyone who spends even a little amount of time with him can sense. He was injured in a biking accident at seventeen, so he understands how tragedy can alter your life. I feel so blessed to be marrying Nate and I can’t wait to start our life together.