Hustle Your Bustle


The just-launched Hustle Your Bustle is an online bridal marketplace where you can find and sell the loveliest of upscale wedding gowns. TK and Katie started Hustle Your Bustle because they wanted to enable each bride to “have it all” – a fashionable gown she loves but in her financial comfort zone. On Hustle Your Bustle, anyone can sell an upscale wedding gown, meaning you’ll spot finds from recent brides, indie designers, and bridal boutiques selling some of the highest-end designer pieces. I did a quick search on the site and found gorgeous gowns from Vera Wang, Monique LhuillierCarolina HerreraBHLDNElizabeth Fillmore and so many more.


At its core, Hustle Your Bustle is about saving on things when possible, to splurge on experiences and other meaningful aspects of life. It’s about repurposing fashion to do some good for the world. It fully supports having champagne taste and a boxed-wine pocketbook. And it’s about connecting people so that everyone wins.

The details:
Dresses on the site are new, sample, vintage, and pre-loved. Dresses listed have a resale value of $750 or higher, unless they are vintage or a piece by an indie designer. How it works: As a seller, you upload photos and dress details. As a buyer, you simply search the site, click buy, and pay with Paypal. The seller receives payment and ships the gown.


Other fun features of Hustle Your Bustle:

  • Charity through Giving – As a seller, you can donate a percentage of the dress sale to a charity if you’d like. It’s automated so it’s easy breezy when your dress sells.
  • Easy Contact and Payment – You can email sellers and buyers on the site to ask any questions and put you at ease. And you can pay on HYB without leaving the site.
  • Very Advanced Search – Search for exactly what you want, from specific neckline, to color, to sleeve, and more.


Special Offer for GWS Readers! The first 50 individuals to click here and follow the Hustle Your Bustle Pinterest page will receive a promo code to sell their wedding dress on Hustle Your Bustle free (no listing fee!). They’ll also be entered to win a $100 gift card toward any wedding dress listed on Hustle Your Bustle. Happy shopping and saving money!! :)

top photos by SimplyBloom Photography, all other photos from Hustle Your Bustle Listings