Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination Based on Your Zodiac Sign

four seasons ubud bali honeymoon
Four Seasons Ubud, Bali

If you’re at a standstill when it comes to choosing your honeymoon, why not look to the stars? Today, we’re having a little fun and digging into what your zodiac sign might say about your ideal honeymoon! We reached out to Mary Aragon, the tarot and astrology expert at AbcTarot, to give us some insight.

“When it comes to the honeymoon, this formidable but very important milestone at the beginning of a marital relationship, it’s easier to relieve some stress by picking a destination (or activity) based on one’s zodiac sign. I am going to present you with Astrological aid in choosing a perfect honeymoon destination for each of the signs, and in the end, you can determine the middle ground even easier.”

Do you prefer historical culture over adventure? Do you need nightlife or crave a peaceful atmosphere? Let’s find out as we turn it over to Mary!

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Aries — Thrill-Seeking + Adventure

inkaterra hotel in peru honeymoon for thrill seekers
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For thrill-seeking Aries, some of the fittest places that can provide both enjoyment and adventure are the Rocky Mountains (Colorado), Galapagos Islands, Sacred Valley (Peru), Ozark Mountains (Missouri), and Whitsunday Islands (Australia). It’s quite important for Aries to have a mix of pleasure with adrenaline. This is why most of the places listed here are mountainsides or islands. Mountains can provide a lot of on-ground adventure and offer some survival story arcs in their book of important life events. As for the islands – there’s a plethora of activities and sights to see. Just think of all the water activities and gorgeous underwater landscapes (snorkeling).

Taurus — Pleasure + Luxury

You might love: Belmond Hotel Caruso Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy | photo by AlexPreview

For hedonistic and pleasure-loving Taurus, we have a variety of quite romantic destinations mixed with comfort. At the top of the list, we have Jamaican resorts that will throw romantic Taurus off their feet! Jamaican landscapes combine supreme sunsets, beaches, and warm waters with extreme comfort and leisure – just the thing for Taurus. We have to add Paris to this list, of course, the city of romance, as well as the Maldives, Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Amalfi Coast. Taurus is the sign that mixes material luxury with pleasure for the senses, thus it’s only natural that their dream honeymoon destinations will be on a more expensive side of the honeymoon spectrum. But it’s not just the destination, the service has to be top-notch too. When they spend their money they want to spend it on the best that there is.

Gemini — Interactive + Fun

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For attention-thirsty Gemini, who need constant stimulation of all of their senses, but mostly their brain, we give you the most interactive places that are sure to hold their attention for longer than 7 minutes. Tulum (Mexico), Las Vegas (Nevada), Walt Disney World (Bahamas), Bora Bora Nui Resort are at the top of our list. Gemini is sure to have lots of stimuli and fun at these destinations. And since they are having fun, they will create an exciting atmosphere for their partner, as well. For information-hungry Gemini, it’s very important to see new places that have new features they can explore, absorb and learn about. They are not the ones for peace and quiet and privacy, even when the romance is involved – the more the merrier. After all, they are the poster child for extroverts of the Zodiac.

Cancer — Adventure + Comfort

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Cancer softies are a mix of adventure-seeking Aries and comfort-loving Taurus, so some of the top honeymoon places for them are Florence (Italy), Amankila (Bali), Namibia, and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (Canada). These private cats are very hard to pin down to one side of the extrovert-introvert spectrum. Cancers adore outdoor activities and nature adventure but dislike crowds and places with artificial lights and noise. Cancers flourish when they have a piece of nature for themselves and their partner, especially if there are opportunities for cycling, kayaking, skiing, or simply stargazing on the shore of a crystal clear lake while holding the hand of their loved one. They also love good food and comfortable beds, so they won’t go overspending, but they will spend on good quality.

Leo — Fun + Luxury

You might love: Sandals Grande St. Lucian in Saint Lucia | photo by xkflyaway

Here we have the king of the jungle, or in this case, Zodiac. Leos love fun above all else, so the merrier the destination with fun programs, the better. St. Lucia (Caribbean), Hawaii, Tokyo, Singapore, and sunny Las Vegas (Nevada). As long as the landscape is sunny and there are luxurious hotel rooms to sleep in, Leo will be happy. Leo doesn’t shy away from neon lights, fireworks and crowds, nor do they stay away from sunlight. Whether by day or night they enjoy being in the halo of light, and they love when they are having fun with their partner. The best destination for Leo’s honeymoon is the one where they’ll be at the center of fun and laughter. They want their partner to have a great time and if they can be the cause for it – all the better!

Virgo — Serene + Culturally Rich

Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como Lake Como, Italy
You might love: Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como Lake Como, Italy

For stern and hard-to-please Virgos, the best destinations would be neatly arranged Switzerland with majestic landscapes and service and culturally rich Italy with smooth food and fine wine. Virgos love order and neatness, so it’s only natural that they should prefer places that propagate those virtues. This is not to say that Virgos aren’t romantic, not at all! But they have a little bit different set of values from the rest of the signs. They would really enjoy Interlaken and St. Moritz (Switzerland), Florence, and Lake Como (Italy). Another great idea for a Virgo honeymoon would be a 1st class train ride through the scenic landscapes of Europe. There’ll be peace in their mind as long as there’s peace around Virgos. Thus their heart will be able to enjoy.

Libra — Romantic + Ready to Party

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Libra is the sign of romance and love, but they have a wilder side to them, too. Libra likes to party and party hard, but they also like to be comfortable and for their service to be neat. This is why the best honeymoon destinations for Libra are Cape Town (South Africa), Barcelona (Spain), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Amsterdam (Netherlands). All of these places combine the romantic atmosphere and architecture during the day with the active and intoxicating nightlife. Libras would have the best time of their life in these destinations, especially if the cause for the travel is their honeymoon. Libras love to combine romance with sex appeal, and the places listed are made for it.

Scorpio — Beautiful + Eerie

You might love: Local Cave House Hotel Turkey | photo by iamtravelr

Scorpio is a special cookie. They prefer peaceful places with a lot of privacy and a quiet atmosphere. This is why these “unusual” places are the best fit for their honeymoon; Transylvania (Romania), Brocken Mt. (Germany), Banff Alberta (Canada), and Tokyo (Japan). These destinations are all well-known (and respected) for their eerie atmosphere and yet, excruciatingly beautiful landscapes. Tokyo is a neon city with very crowded vibes, but it’s also one of the most haunted cities in the world. True, Scorpios prefer private and quiet places, but Tokyo has many nooks and hidden valleys that can provide exactly what secretive Scorpios thirst for. Not to mention all the great food and ancient inns that give off very haunted vibes.

Sagittarius — New Experiences + Cheer

Kerbyggd Luxury House and Cottage in Golden Circle Iceland
You might love: Kerbyggd: Luxury House and Cottage in Golden Circle Selfoss, Iceland

Now here we have a very merry, cheery-go-lucky sign before us. Sagittarius is a centaur — half-human, half-horse, and they love their freedom. Where the Sagittarius is concerned, we might as well copy-past Aries’ list of destinations, but since Sagittarius likes to pick up new knowledge on their travels, we’ll provide a fresh perspective on honeymoon destinations. Golden Triangle (Thailand), Queenstown (New Zealand), Selfoss (Iceland), Paracas (Peru), and Inle Lake (Myanmar). All of these destinations combine the introduction of new languages, cultures, and cuisines with an adventurous streak and interactive programs for newlyweds. Sagittarius will have the time of their life at all of these places, guaranteed.

Capricorn — Historical Culture + Experience

You might love: Park Hyatt Kyoto Kyoto, Japan | photo by xkflyaway

Here we have a hard-to-please cat. Capricorns are history buffs, and they find comfort in all things that are old, made of stone, and capable of enduring Time. For Capricorns, the best honeymoon destinations would be Castle tours around UK and Germany and cities that are rich in historical culture and architecture, such as Dublin (Ireland), Prague (Czech Republic), and Kyoto (Japan). Capricorns value experience over comfort. And they will be immensely glad if they find fair (low) prices for their adventure. Their love of antiquities ensures they’d rather go to old inns and historical castles than luxurious modern hotels.

Aquarius — Quirky + Unique

Glass Igloos in the dark
You might love: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Igloos and Chalets Saariselka, Finland

Quirky Aquarius want to see something they haven’t seen before. They will, without a doubt, find romance in a Finnish sauna or yurt over some over-popularized destination like Fiji or Paris. These odd cats need to experience something futuristic, something they don’t see every day, apart from their visions of the future. This is why it would be great for them to go to Kakslauttanen Igloo Resort (Finland), Giraffe Manor (Kenya), and Pearl Farm (Samal Island). In these places, Aquarius will have the time of their life with their partner and experience something they have never before, which is very important for these oddballs.

Pisces — Spiritual + Romantic

ubud hotels maya ubud resort and spa honeymoon
You might love: Maya Ubud Resort and Spa Ubud, Bali

Pisces are spiritual people, gentle, romantic, and forgiving. They walk between the two worlds – the material world that we experience with our senses and the spiritual world where ‘all the magic happens.’This is why we have prepared very special and energetically charged places for them. First on the list is Ubud (Bali), Gamboa Rainforest Resort (Panama), Machu Picchu (Peru), and Mt. Rainier (Washington). Pisces are going to love these places, not just for their romantic properties and comfort but for their vibes and energy vortexes, too. Every Pisces deserves to have the most memorable honeymoon ever, and these destinations are sure to provide just that.