DIY: Fringe Cake Topper

DIY fringe cake topper

Our second easy fringe DIY is this pretty cake topper! So easy to make and a perfect way to bring from fun fringe into your day.


Materials Needed:

• 1-4 different colors of tissue paper (I used 3 different colors, 2 blues and a silver)
• Metallic Origami paper (for the letters)
• True Love template – you can download it here
• Scissors
• 4 wooden skewers
• Elmer’s Glue
• Multi-Blade Shredding Scissors (you can buy them online here)

First, print out the TRUE LOVE letter template. Cut out each letter (you could also use stencils to save time with this step or to match your wedding look, print out the font from your invitations). Once all the letters are cut out, trace them onto the paper you want to use for the topper. I used a metallic origami paper, but you could use any type of paper. **Tip – Make sure when you trace the letter, they will read the correct way once cut out.**

cutting letters

Now you have your letters all cut out. Time to make the fringe! You can see how to make the fringe in this Fringe DIY. You will need 4 strips of fringe (2 for each word).

true love letters

Once your fringe is cut, glue the bottom fringe to the top fringe – you’ll also want to glue the layers between the fringe. Then glue the letters in the middle on the top fringe.

fringe diy cake topper

fringe diy cake topper

Now get two of the wooden skewer sticks – you may want to cut them a bit depending how tall you want your topper. We cut the love toppers a bit more to have TRUE stand taller. Wrap the fringe around the sticks and glue on the back. Repeat with the word LOVE. Let each dry for an hour.

fringe diy cake topper

And your fringe cake topper is down! We paired it with a yummy bundt cake for a pretty and very inexpensive cake idea. Would be perfect for a dessert display centerpiece, right? :)

true love fringe cake topper bundt cake

true love DIY fringe cake topper

true love fringe cake topper bundt cake

all photos by Katie Elizabeth for Green Wedding Shoes