DIY: Fringe Save the Date

fringe DIY Save the Date

love the fringe trend and today I have a cute Heart Fringe Save the Date you can make for your wedding. It’s super cute and your guests won’t throw this Save the Date away. :)

fringe DIY save the date

You will need:

• 2-4 different colors of tissue paper (I used 3 colors for this one)
• Another color of paper stock (I used gold metallic paper for this one)
• Cardstock to make the heart
• the Fringe Heart Save the Date Template – download Fringe Heart Save the Date template here
• Please Join us tags – download please join us template here
• Elmer’s Glue
• Scissors
• Multi-Blade Shredding Scissors (you can buy them online here)

To start, download the Save the Date template. You will need to open it on your computer and insert your names above the word “are getting hitched” and your location below “are getting hitched.” We printed our invite on a fun cardstock that had some flecks of color in the paper, but you can select any paper you’d like – just make sure it is a thicker stock. Next, download the Please Join us tags. I printed these on gold paper to help pop from the heart and white paper. You will also need to create tags with your date on them and print those out also.

Next take your cardstock for the heart and fold the paper to make a heart – it should be able to fit inside the invite. This is the template for the heart. You can also download this heart template to use. You will need to cut the same number of hearts as Save the Dates you need to send out.

Now select one color from your tissue paper. It should be long enough lengthwise to cover the heart. Fold like an accordion with approximately 3/4″ like below. You will fold back and forth 5 times in total.

making a fringe save the date

Then cut off that strip. You should see 2 folds like below – you will cut the fringe from those folds. So, using the shredding scissors, start the fringe cutting across!

making a fringe save the date

Repeat above so you have 6 strips of fringe.

fringe heart

Next overlap your fringe like above to see how it will look (you want to make sure the heart fits with none of the heart sticking out above the fringe). Glue each strip of fringe to the one below like above. Next, place glue on the heart and stick the heart behind the fringe (see below).

fringe heart

Cut all the excess fringe away from the heart. Your heart should now look like below. I think these hearts could be fun on their own for your reception decor too!

fringe heart save the date

Now, take your save the date you printed (you should have already added your names + location to it). You will also need the two flags with the date and “please join us on.” Start glueing everything down.

fringe heart save the date

fringe heart save the date

And that’s it! Super cute and a fun way to bring fringe into your invites. I would totally recommend inviting some friends over and having a party to put this together – you could knock them all out in a night!

fringe heart wedding save the date

all photos by Katie Elizabeth for Green Wedding Shoes