Cruella the Bride: Avant-garde Wedding Featuring the Devilish Disney Villain

Cruella Wedding Inspiration

Welcome to bad girl summer. In honor of the new Disney film that releases in theaters and on Disney+ today, we’re taking a peek into the villain’s most devious role yet. It’s Cruella — the bride! Your everyday bridezilla has nothing on her. From the team that took you down the rabbit hole, into a whole new world, and through the circle of life, this Disney villain wedding day unfolds in a flurry of black, white, and red all over. Jaime of Autumn Nomad has the details:

When I was conceptualizing the shoot, I kept envisioning the future of weddings post-pandemic. In the Cruella trailer, the words “The Future” are painted on Emma Stones’ face. It informed everything from makeup inspiration to Avant-garde details. For my 2022 and 2023 brides, we’re seeing more experimental design, unique ideas, and that feeling of, “Let’s really go for it!” For this, I wanted to play with negative space, light, and design. Go modern and steer away from my bohemian comfort zone. Maybe this truly is “The Future!”

Jaimie collaborated with Cody James Barry through and through to bring Cruella’s day to life. Follow along, darlings.

A Dalmation of an Invitation

Spotted Dalmatian Invitation Suite
Triple threat Cody James Barry designed the perfect spotted invitation suite to kick off the event!

Call Me Cruella

Cruella Wedding Inspiration
Rumor has it Cruella hides her signature black and white ‘do with a little red. But will she ever show her true self?

Black White and Red Bouquet
Cody James Barry‘s wickedly cool bouquet might just be a sign of things to come…

Spot the Bride

Black White and Red Bouquet

Cruella Wedding Dress
There she is.

Dressed to Kill

Cruella Wedding InspirationEmma Stones’ Cruella makes a runway walk with “The Future” painted across her eyes, a true source of inspiration for Debony Salon‘s Cruella look!

cruella bride with red bouquet
Disney Villain Wedding Inspiration

Cruella, the Bride

Disney Villain Wedding Inspiration
As Cruella shared her true colors, Autumn Nomad created a bouquet to match.

Disney Villain Wedding Inspiration

The Devil is in the Details

Cruella Wedding Inspiration
Notice the spots in the center of the cake — aren’t they just devine?

Cruella Wedding Glittery Place Setting with Red Flower

Wicked Disney Villain Wedding Cake

Cruella Disney Villain Wedding CakeThe spotted black and white wedding cake by Autumn Nomad totally steals the show — but don’t tell Cruella we said that.

Cruella Disney Villain Wedding Cake
The cutest cake guardians!

Normal is the Cruelest Insult of Them All

Cruella Disney Villain Wedding Inspiration

It’s wicked cruel, wouldn’t you agree? We’ll be watching Cruella tonight to see how that killer instinct plays out. Tata for now!

Creative Director, Design + Cake: Autumn Nomad // Photography, Design + Stationery: Cody James Barry // Florals: Cody James Barry + Autumn Nomad // Venue: Amanda Jacobsen // Hair & Makeup: Debony Salon // Dalmatians: Blackthorn Dalmatians // Dress: Andrea’s Bridal // Photo Assist + Lighting: Ben Folstien // Cake & Floral Assistant: Katherine Rassi Iannuzzi // Model: Bianca Mackay