41 Best Coffee Bar Ideas for the Perfect DIY Pick Me Up Station

modern at home coffee bar ideas for a baby blue kitchen with built in cabinet nook containing an espresso machine and a collection of coffee mugs
nook style home coffee bar ideas via Banner Day Interiors

If you ask us, there’s nothing more luxurious than having a decked out coffee bar in the comfort of your home — and that’s why we’re breaking down all our favorite ideas to DIY your perfect caffeination station!

We’ve been buzzing over all the stylish coffee nooks and decor ideas on our Instagram lately, from simple stations for your kitchen counter to statement bars for your bedroom. So if you’re ready to upgrade your morning routine with a cup of joe that rivals even your favorite coffee shop, we’re here to help!

Keep scrolling for the best home coffee bar ideas for your pick-me-up station — including some easy DIY tips if you’re brewing on a budget. Let’s get into it!

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What should I have in a coffee station?

DIY at home coffee bar ideas with an espresso machine and cute decor sitting on a marble kitchen counter
simple home coffee station ideas via Raven Vasquez

If you’re building your home coffee bar from scratch, here are a few essentials to make sure you include!

  • Coffee beans: This goes without saying! While whole beans are ideal for the best cup of joe, you can also opt for pre-ground beans for a quicker process. And don’t forget somewhere to store them, too!
  • Coffee grinder: Pre-ground coffee beans don’t retain their flavor as well, so a grinder is a must if you want that truly drool-worthy brew. This portable electric one makes it easy to quickly grind your beans right before use!
  • Mugs: The cuter the better! There’s nothing like sipping that first cup of coffee from your favorite mug — we’re currently loving this lavender set.
  • Condiments: Depending on how you like your coffee, this could include sugar, creamer, simple syrups, or even cinnamon.

And don’t forget one of the most important parts of your at-home coffee station: a way to make the coffee! There are tons of different types of coffee set-up ideas, so we’ll quickly break down each one to help you build your perfect bar at home.

  • Drip Coffee: If you’re looking for something simple and easy, this is the way to go. All you need is a drip coffee machine and some filters.

What items should be on a coffee bar?

small station style at home coffee bar ideas with a boho cabinet and modern and cozy decor
DIY coffee bar ideas via Sheena Shahangian Photography | cabinet | electric kettle | tray | stirring spoons

When you’re creating a coffee bar at home, you can make your set-up as simple or as extravagant as you want. If you have enough room, you can arrange all of your coffee station essentials on the bar — including your beans, coffee maker, grinder, mugs, and condiments. But you don’t necessarily need (or want!) to put everything on display! 

Closed cabinets, drawers, or even storage boxes are great ideas for hiding the less aesthetic parts of your coffee station, like your grinder and filters. This leaves more space on your coffee bar for your cute decor ideas, like chic mugs and stylish trays. 

For a DIY home coffee bar that instantly sparks joy in the morning, look for cute AND practical display ideas that reflect your personal style. Think: stylish storage containers for your beans, pretty gold stirring spoons, funky iced coffee glasses, and unique sugar bowls!

How do I build a coffee station or bar in my kitchen at home?

DIY at home coffee station ideas with a built in cabinet nook containing glass and ceramic mug decor and blue backsplash
photo by Adam Kane Macchia

Whether you have endless counter space or just a tiny nook, there are plenty of ideas for building a DIY coffee station, nook, or bar in your kitchen at home! 

For larger kitchens, designate a specific area on your counter for your coffee set-up. Bonus points if you can give your coffee station its own cabinet! To make this home coffee bar stand out from your other counter space, opt for unique decor ideas — we love the idea of displaying a coffee-themed art print or arranging all your items on a boho wicker tray

If you have a smaller kitchen, you may need to get creative when building your home coffee bar — one of our favorite ideas is using a bar cart to DIY your coffee station! Find some empty wall space to set it up, and maximize your storage with floating shelves or chic storage containers. 

From there, you can make the coffee bar your own with unique ideas that showcase your home decor aesthetic. Opt for a pretty pastel espresso machine, hang a unique tea towel, or display your essentials in a fun bowl (this one looks like a coffee filter!). You can even up the cozy factor with a small lamp or add a pop of color with a floral tray. The options are endless!

cute retro modern drink display table with storage

Want to upgrade your coffee bar ideas? Check out these stylish bar carts for your one-of-a-kind coffee station!

Our Favorite Ideas to Create a Coffee Bar or Station on a Budget

DIY at home coffee station ideas with a boho bar table and simple decor in a nook
nook style budget-friendly home coffee bar ideas via @michelle.homelife | cabinet: Target

Here’s the good news: you can DIY a gorgeous home coffee bar or station on a budget — and we have the best ideas for the job! Before we get into all of our favorite coffee bar ideas, here are a few ways to recreate them without breaking the bank:

  • Use a French press: As much as we love the idea of having our own espresso machine, you can still make killer coffee with a simple French press (many of which are under $30!). 
  • Repurpose existing furniture: That tiny side table you don’t know what to do with? Make it your coffee station! If you don’t have extra furniture, another one of our fave ideas is thrifting your coffee bar essentials — or picking up one of these affordable rolling stations.
  • Get crafty: Many of our favorite coffee bar ideas can be DIYed for less with a little craftiness. Create a custom backsplash, make your own simple syrups, or build your own shelves. When you get creative, the options are endless!
  • Use reusable filters: While they cost more upfront, this is one of our favorite ideas for saving money on your home coffee bar. Plus, reusable filters are also more sustainable!

Don’t worry, we’ve got more where those came from! From simple DIY ideas to chic decor inspo, keep scrolling for some of our favorite home coffee bars and stations — plus some tips for recreating them on a budget.

1. Best Coffee Station Idea for Minimalists: Add a Pull-Out Tray

simple and modern coffee bar ideas for small nook on a kitchen counter with a pull out drawer

home coffee bar ideas via Margaret Rajic

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and this small nook style home coffee bar is proof! All you need is a single cabinet to bring this coffee station to life, complete with a couple of small shelves for your mugs.

We also love how this coffee nook features a pull-out tray to hold all your essentials. Pull it out to make your morning brew, then roll it back in once you’re done. (This is way easier to install than you think!) It’s perfect for keeping your coffee maker, kettle, and other must-have items neat and tidy.

Minimalists, this one’s definitely for you!

2. Best Coffee Bar Ideas for Maximalists: Paint Your Station a Bright Color

large coffee bar ideas for at-home kitchen with colorful cabinets and simple decor sitting atop white oak open shelving

design: Erin Sander Design | photo: Pär Bengtsson

For coffee bar ideas that instantly wake you up, look no further than this bright blue station! Whether you’re using a tiny side table or an entire cabinet, painting your coffee bar a bold color will give you that extra jolt of energy in the morning — before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee.

With such a statement look for your DIY coffee bar, you can keep the rest of your decor ideas simple. Stick to classic white mugs (we found the same ones from the photo!), natural wood accents, and a simple dried bouquet to let that bright color really shine.

3. Best Coffee Station Idea That Makes a Statement: Add Floral Wallpaper

coffee bar ideas with a DIY built-in nook featuring a floral wallpaper backsplash and open shelving with greenery decor

statement coffee nook ideas via Lauren Burke

This is one of our favorite DIY ideas for creating a home coffee bar that stands out! If you’re working with a built-in cabinet design, give it that extra oomph by adding a statement wallpaper behind the shelves. We LOVE this moody floral one for a feminine touch — but there are also gorgeous options for all styles!

You can recreate this idea for a classic kitchen cabinet or an open shelf design (the built-in coffee bar above was completely DIYed!). It’s the cutest way to turn your small coffee nook into one of your favorite places in the house.

4. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Cohesive Station: Choose a Monochrome Color Palette

cute coffee bar ideas for a kitchen counter with boho white decor and natural wood details

monochrome coffee station ideas via Beige Ceremony

If you’re worried about your small home coffee bar looking cluttered, streamline all your decor ideas with a single color palette. We love love love the dreamy monochrome look of this mini coffee station, with a white espresso machine, white mug, white serving boards, and even a white floral arrangement. Obsessed!

To keep your monochrome coffee bar ideas from blending together, mix in different textures (like the white dish towel and grooved vase). You can also offset the design with a few neutral details, like those wood + glass coffee containers. It’s cohesive, without looking too matchy-matchy!

5. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Stylish DIY: Add a Backsplash

modern coffee bar ideas for kitchen counter with stylish handmade white tile backsplash and simple decor including coffee table books and white ceramic mugs

design: North + Birch | photo: Diana Paulson

If you’re designating all your coffee bar ideas to one nook, make the most out of your station with a chic backsplash. Such an upgrade to a basic white wall, a backsplash will instantly give your home coffee bar an elevated, intentional feel. Plus it works for any size of space!

For a super simple DIY, we love these peel and stick tiles. Not only are they easy to install for a coffee bar nook, but they’re also one of our favorite ideas for renters!

6. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Remote Workers: Make Your Station Portable

boho coffee bar ideas with a rattan trolley featuring plants as decor for a small kitchen nook

portable coffee nook ideas via @jessicaa_alva

For those days when one cup of coffee just isn’t enough, you need a coffee bar that goes where you go. With this portable trolley, you can start the day with a coffee in bed, have your second cup in the kitchen with breakfast, then finish your caffeine marathon in your at-home office. It’s a coffee lover’s dream!

We especially love portable coffee bar ideas for anyone who works from home or loves to entertain. Complete your station with easily portable essentials, like this rechargeable grinder and this single serve coffee maker.

7. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Nooks: Install Floating Shelves

DIY wood coffee bar ideas with a stainless steel espresso machine sitting on the counter and a cat sitting on a floating shelf adorned with coffee-making decor

small at home coffee station ideas via Niche Coffee

When it comes to at home coffee bars, counter space is usually pretty limited. To make room for all your coffee essentials, stop thinking horizontally and go vertical instead — aka, with floating shelves!

With vertical coffee bar ideas, even the smallest nook can become a decked out caffeine station. Add long shelves like the example above for maximum storage (there’s even room for your coffee-loving cat!), or create cute accents above your DIY coffee bar with small statement shelves. The options are endless!

8. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Mixologists: Create a Coffee-Meets-Cocktail Station

at home kitchen coffee station ideas with a vintage inspired bar with charcoal hued fluted cabinets and glam decor in the corner nook of a room

nook style cocktail meets coffee station ideas via Stoffer Photography Interiors

Looking for home coffee bar ideas that make you feel like a main character in Mad Men? Then combine your coffee station nook with a party-ready cocktail bar!

This chic bar gives you the best of both worlds, with storage for both your coffee essentials AND your favorite mixology ideas. We also love the mid-century modern vibe of the glimmering gold shelves and fluted cabinet, which features a stylish marble top.

It’s just begging for you to whip up a show-stopping espresso martini!

classic and colorful glasses for cocktails

Looking for a unique addition to your home coffee bar? Why not add some champagne glasses?! We’ve found the perfect options for serving your iced coffee (or espresso martini) in style.

9. Best Coffee Station Idea for Cafe Vibes: Hang Framed Art Prints

cute coffee bar ideas for small corner nook with framed art prints and feminine decor including a pastel pink rose bouquet

DIY home coffee bar nook ideas via Lauren Saylor

Add some personality to your at home coffee bar with cute framed art prints! This is one of our favorite ideas for turning a boring coffee station into a cozy nook, a la your favorite coffee shop. It’s also one of the best DIY ideas for small coffee bars and nooks — it’s simple, it doesn’t take up space, and it’s SO cute!

While any artwork will take your coffee bar to the next level, we especially love prints with a coffee theme. This one is gorgeous if you’re going for a retro vibe. And if one print just isn’t enough, here’s an entire gallery wall set for your DIY coffee bar!

10. Best Coffee Station Idea for Empty Walls: Paint a Boho Arch

DIY small coffee station ideas with colorful mauve painted arch and cute themed decor with floating shelves

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @planthead.corner

If you’re designing your coffee bar on an empty wall, create contrast with a painted arch. We love how this simple design idea sets your coffee station apart from the rest of the room. And its easy to DIY! Break out your paint and tape, or keep it simple with a peel and stick decal (we found that exact terracotta color!).

Another one of our favorite home coffee bar ideas? Add stools! This will transform your empty space into a coffee bar, work station, AND breakfast nook in one.

11. Best Coffee Station Idea for Mug Fanatics: Install a Mug Shelf

modern at home coffee bar ideas with a small counter station and mounted shelves for colorful mismatched mugs as decor

cute coffee station ideas via @jillhoff

Calling all mug obsessives — we see you! Put your collection on display with an open wall shelf dedicated to mugs. Not only is this one of the cutest decor ideas for your home coffee bar, but it’s also practical. No need to rifle through a cabinet to find your favorite mug!

Take this DIY coffee bar idea to the next level by organizing your mugs by color, size, or theme (we’ve linked a few of our current faves to get you started). If you’ve been looking for an excuse to add a new mug to your collection, consider this it!

12. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Kitchen Countertops: Add a Mug Tree

small coffee bar ideas for an at home kitchen counter with floating shelves and simple decor including a mug tree

DIY home kitchen coffee bar ideas via @nicolemarie.home

Or for home coffee bar ideas that require less set-up, why not opt for a mug tree instead? We especially love this idea for small coffee bar nooks. Mug trees takes up less kitchen counter space, while still making your mugs easily accessible. Plus, they’re just so dang cute!

Display your mug tree next to your coffee maker for a simple caffeination station that works for any countertop. We’re also taking notes from the example above and adding a cozy candle — this one is coffee scented!

13. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Stylish Storage: Repurpose a Coat Hook

cute DIY coffee bar ideas with farmhouse inspired decor including a white and wood coat hook hanging a pitcher and other kitchen items

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @mylittlefarmhouse.lv

We’re digging all the creative DIY ideas that make this farmhouse chic coffee bar pop, especially that repurposed coat hook! It’s perfect for hanging tea towels, cutting boards, dried bouquets, and even mugs.

Mount a chic coat rack above your home coffee bar for extra storage that doesn’t take up much space — such an easy DIY! Plus, this idea works no matter where you’re creating your coffee nook. Add it in your kitchen, entryway, or even your bedroom….

14. Best Coffee Bar Ideas for Morning People: Create a Coffee Nook in Your Bedroom

cute coffee bar ideas with an espresso machine sitting atop a midcentury modern cabinet for a bedroom

bedroom coffee station ideas via @nichecoffee

Who says your coffee station belongs in the kitchen? We LOVE coffee bar ideas for the bedroom — after all, anything that shortens the commute to that first cup of joe in the morning is good with us!

Enjoy the luxury of coffee in bed every day by setting up a designated coffee station in your bedroom. For smaller spaces, you can use the top of your existing cabinet or dresser, or create a mini nook with a small side table. If you’re not a morning person yet, you will be soon!

15. Best Coffee Bar Ideas to Maximize Your Station: Create a Mini Nook

cute coffee bar ideas for small kitchen nook with vintage inspired decor and an espresso machine

mini coffee nook ideas via Sali Harrison

Speaking of a mini nook, this example is proof that you can create a cute home coffee bar in ANY space! Transform that random square footage of floor space in your kitchen into an adorable coffee station with a few simple decor ideas.

To maximize your DIY coffee bar as much as possible, opt for a cabinet with plenty of storage space and hang two or three floating shelves to display your mugs. You can also trade a large espresso machine for something smaller but just as good, like this cute compact one!

16. Best Coffee Station Idea for Plant Parents: Add Some Greenery

large kitchen coffee station ideas with a colorful green bar and a geometric patterned black and white kitchen backsplash

at home green coffee station ideas via @TheWoodenToolbox

Calling all plant parents! For decor ideas that liven up any home coffee bar, it doesn’t get better than plants. Add some succulents around your coffee station for a dose of greenery, or go all out by filling your shelves with leafy pots.

Because if you’re not venturing outside for your morning brew, then you might as well bring the outside in! Bonus points if you paint your coffee bar a matching green hue — or if that’s not an option, channel the theme with a pastel green coffee maker or these plant-themed mugs. We love!

17. Best Coffee Bar Ideas When You Have Zero Counter Space: Utilize Your Kitchen Cabinet

mini coffee bar ideas in a modern small kitchen cabinet nook

cabinet coffee nook ideas via Marie Flanigan Interiors

Short on counter space? No prob — create your home coffee bar inside a cabinet instead! Having a dedicated cabinet just for your coffee station makes mornings a breeze. Clear out the bottom shelf for your espresso machine and coffee bean storage, then dedicate the top shelves to mugs and other dishes.

This is one of our favorite DIY coffee bar ideas for small nooks and anyone who loves a super tidy space. It’s like creating your own counter space that you can easily hide away when you’re finished!

18. Best Coffee Station Idea for Christmas: Embrace a Ho-Ho-Holiday Theme

cute small home coffee nook ideas for a kitchen counter with holiday themed decor

holiday home coffee nook ideas via Raven Vasquez

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like sipping our morning coffee out of a Santa-themed mug! Take those vibes to the next level with an entire DIY coffee bar inspired by Old Saint Nick. We LOVE switching up our decor ideas to match the season, and a festive coffee bar is a must once December rolls around.

Up the Christmas cheer with holiday-themed cook books, mini Christmas trees, and some festive fairy lights. And don’t forget one of the most important decor ideas for your holiday home coffee bar: Christmas mugs! (The more the merrier.)

19. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas on a Budget: Thrift Farmhouse Chic Decor

cute coffee bar ideas for counter with farmhouse inspired decor

farmhouse chic coffee station ideas via @jackie.m.04

How cute is this farmhouse chic coffee station?! We love the cozy, vintage vibes of this aesthetic. With such a homey feel, you’ll never want to leave the house for a cup of coffee again!

And not only is a farmhouse chic nook super timeless, but it’s also one of our favorite budget-friendly ideas for your DIY coffee bar. Almost all of the decor pictured above can be thrifted, from the wooden utensils to the framed photo.

Mix these pieces with more modern touches, like a SMEG coffee maker, and you’re good to go!

20. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Cozy Touch: Add a Rug to Your Station

modern DIY coffee bar ideas for a living room with a large cabinet station and a rustic jute rug

cozy coffee station ideas via @__lamaa._

Another one of our favorite cozy coffee bar ideas for your personal caffeination station: add a rug! It’s amazing how one small piece of decor can transform your space into a cozy nook. Plus, you need something soft to stand on as you whip up your specialty drink, amiright?!

Increase the hygge of your coffee station with a cozy rug that matches your aesthetic, like this neutral woven one or this funky colorful one (great for smaller spaces!). There are no wrong answers here!

21. Best Coffee Station Idea for Barbie Lovers: Incorporate Pops of Pink

cute modern coffee bar ideas with pink decor and vertical storage

pink coffee station ideas via @patchoulllii

For home coffee bar ideas that spark some serious joy, add a pop of pink to your station! This one’s for all the Barbie fans out there (Hi, Barbie!), and we love how it gives your coffee nook a cohesive feel that’s anything but boring.

Instead of all pink everything, add the perfect blush touch with some pink mugs, art prints, tea towels, and fresh flowers. It brightens up your space, without looking like a coffee station in the Barbie Dream House. And if pink isn’t your jam, swap it out with any color of your choice!

22. Best Coffee Station Idea for Entertainers: Design a Custom Menu

DIY at home coffee bar ideas for a small living room nook with a portable storage station and a hanging rack

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @terracehousecoffee

If you love wowing your crew with your amateur barista skills, then this is one of the best DIY ideas for your home coffee bar! Skip the overpriced coffee shop and invite everyone over to your (far superior) home cafe, complete with a menu of drink specials.

For an easy DIY menu that you can change out with the seasons, you can’t go wrong with a small letter board. Now all that’s left to do is come up with some epic name ideas for your coffee bar and drink items!

23. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for the Pros: Max Out Your Storage

modern kitchen at home coffee bar ideas with simple decor and large storage

design: Kate Marker Interiors | photo: Margaret Rajic

If you’re a coffee aficionado with the equipment to match, then you need coffee bar ideas that can keep up. To maximize your space and simplify your set-up, choose a coffee nook with a mix of storage.

We love the open shelves of this home coffee bar for displaying cute decor ideas like mugs, combined with the drawers and cabinet space for less aesthetic gear, like your bags of coffee beans. For an extra tidy look, store your essentials in wicker baskets and glass containers. They’re cute AND practical!

24. Best Coffee Station Idea for Fall Vibes: Add Seasonal Decor

cute small built in kitchen nook coffee station ideas with wallpaper and fall decor

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @Nordhaus.Designs

Here at GWS, we LIVE for fall. It’s the season to reset, get cozy, and focus on the simple things in life — like a great cup of joe! This autumn, set the mood with fall-inspired decor ideas for your home coffee bar that pair great with a PSL.

We’re talking mini pumpkins, autumn candles, and even a spooky decoration or two. And don’t forget the most important essentials: pumpkin spice syrup and coffee beans to recreate your favorite fall drinks at home!

25. Best Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Kitchen Counter: DIY a Corner Station

modern DIY coffee bar ideas for an at home kitchen counter with floating shelves and industrial inspired decor

DIY home coffee bar ideas via Making Home Matter

When it comes to coffee bar ideas for your kitchen counter, placement is everything. Plopping all your essentials in the middle of your countertop can make your space feel cluttered and disorganized. That’s where a corner coffee station comes in!

By designating a corner for your home coffee bar, you won’t have to reach around your espresso machine and coffee beans just to make dinner. It also gives you two walls for your coffee bar storage and other decor ideas — perfect for hanging shelves, cute signs, or even a clock!

26. Best Coffee Bar Ideas for a Pop-Up Station: Buy a Coffee Cabinet

modern at-home coffee bar ideas with a black cabinet and simple decor for a kitchen

home coffee bar cabinet: Amazon

When you don’t want to rearrange your counter space or struggle with DIY ideas, keep things simple with a coffee bar cabinet. You heard that right — this cabinet is designed specifically for your home coffee bar!

It features power holes for your coffee maker and other equipment (like a toaster), a DIY backsplash that’s perfect for hanging hooks or shelves, and acrylic doors that allow you to see your essentials, while still hiding the clutter. Add it to your kitchen, home office, or bedroom for the ultimate pop-up station!

minimalist home workspace decor ideas with white desk and rattan chair

Looking for more ways to create a productive at-home workspace (in addition to adding a coffee station)? We’ve got you covered with these cute + productive office decor ideas!

27. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Boho Babes: Use Nature as Your Inspo

cute coffee station ideas for a small at home bar counter with floral wallpaper and boho wood decor

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @with__elham

This one’s for the boho babes! Give your DIY coffee bar a free-spirited touch with decor ideas that take inspiration from nature. Swap hard materials like metal for soft, natural materials like wood and wicker. Think: a wood shelf, a wicker plant holder, and sustainable wood stirring spoons.

Complete with pretty floral wallpaper and a leafy plant, these decor ideas make your home coffee bar feel like an escape back to nature. Such a cute and calm aesthetic to balance out the buzz from all the coffee!

28. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas to Set the Mood: Hang a Light Over Your Nook

large built in nook with simple elegant decor for drinks at home

design: Jean Stoffer Design | photo: Stoffer Photography Interiors

Let’s shed some light on this station, shall we? If you’re creating your home coffee bar in a small nook that’s tucked away, hanging a light is a must. It’ll help you set the mood AND see what you’re doing, even during those early mornings and dark winter days.

Plus, there are so many different lighting ideas for home coffee bars — install a vintage-inspired sconce like this example, or create a cozy nook with a small table lamp. You can even hang string lights over your station for a touch of magic!

29. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Countertop Flair: Add a Stand to Your Station

cute at home coffee bar ideas for a small kitchen counter nook with simple decor including a marble stand to hold two simple syrup dispensers

countertop coffee nook ideas via @myhousefromscratch

When you’re using a kitchen countertop for your coffee bar, one of the best ideas for creating dimension is to add a stand. Gathering all your small essentials on a stylish stand versus simply setting them on the counter will give your coffee station a more intention, tidy look. It’ll also help you stay organized!

Want to recreate this exact DIY coffee bar? Here are those same glass mugs, the cutest simple syrup dispensers, and a marble cake stand!

30. Best Coffee Bar Ideas for DIY Masters: Build a Built-In Nook

small coffee nook ideas with built in earthy bluish green hued bar and wood panel backsplash in a kitchen

DIY home coffee bar ideas via Champagne Chaos

Would you believe us if we told you that this coffee nook started as a blank wall? It’s true! Using different sized cabinets and some epic DIY ideas, Annie from Champagne Chaos created this entire built-in home coffee bar from scratch. If you’ve been looking for a DIY project, this one’s for you!

Check out the entire tutorial here, including links for all the materials she used, from the brass details to the espresso machine.

31. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Dose of Glamour: Mix Marble and Gold Decor

modern coffee bar ideas for an at home kitchen counter nook with glamorous gold decor

glamorous coffee nook ideas via @dressyourdecor

When you want your home coffee bar to be just as glamorous as it is functional, we have the perfect decor ideas for the job. There’s something about a marble and gold combination that oozes elegant and sophisticated vibes, and it’s SO easy to incorporate into your coffee station!

If you’re creating your coffee nook on a kitchen counter top, add this marble + gold tiered stand to display your mugs and other glamorous decor ideas, like gold stirring spoons and iridescent tea cups. We also can’t get enough of those glass syrup dispensers — the gold pump is seriously to die for!!

32. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Keurig Lovers: Arrange Your Coffee Pods in a Bowl

DIY at home coffee station ideas with floating shelves and modern decor with a dark blue-green angled board and batten wall

DIY home coffee bar ideas via Love Create Celebrate

If your coffee maker of choice is a Keurig machine, then you’re probably looking for cute ideas for storing your coffee pods on your bar top. We’ve got you covered! Ditch the box they come in and display them in a cute bowl instead.

This adds a chic design element to your DIY coffee bar counter or nook and makes it easy to grab your favorite flavor. Wins all around!

33. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for a Brew With a View: Set Up Your Station by a Window

small coffee bar ideas for an at home kitchen counter with floating shelves and unique ceramic cup and bowl decor in a variety of colors and patterns

cute coffee nook ideas via @stina.bothilde

Channel the coveted window seat at your favorite coffee shop, right from the comfort of your home! After all, there’s nothing better than a brew with a view.

One of our all-time favorite home coffee bar ideas, set up your station next to a window to get that extra dose of sunlight first thing in the morning. It’s a great reminder to take a moment and be mindful before you jump into your to-do list for the day.

P.S. If you don’t have a good window spot for your DIY coffee bar, you can get the same vibes with a gorgeous landscape photo or mindfulness art print!

34. Best Versatile + Affordable Coffee Bar Ideas: Opt for Acrylic Decor

small coffee bar ideas for an at home marble kitchen counter with an acrylic shelf and mug tree

DIY home coffee bar ideas via @ThePinkStilettos

We are HERE for budget-friendly coffee bar ideas, especially when they’re this cute! Acrylic decor tends to be much more wallet-friendly than a lot of other materials, and as a bonus it’s super versatile.

With a transparent look, this acrylic stand will keep your small DIY coffee nook or station from looking too boxed in, while letting your other decor ideas shine. Oh, and did we mention that it’s under $20?!

35. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Living Room: Use a Portable Station

at home coffee nook ideas for a living room with a rolling wood and metal industrial style bar

portable home coffee bar station: Amazon

If you’re running short on space in your kitchen, expand your coffee bar to your living room! With this portable home coffee bar, you can get your caffeine fix anywhere you have a blank wall.

Plus, this portable table is super easy to move around. Display it next to your favorite reading chair for an accessible brew, then wheel it into your dining room for your next dinner party. And with such a rad rustic look, it’s also one of the most stylish home coffee bar ideas on this list!

36. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Classic Station: Stick to Black + White Decor

DIY at home coffee bar ideas for a wood cabinet nook with black and white decor

DIY home coffee bar ideas via Emily Henderson Design | photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Want a coffee station that looks classic and clutter-free? Stick to a black and white color palette! You may have noticed that many of the stylish home coffee bar ideas on this list feature this classic color palette, and it’s easy to see why.

Unfussy and bold, it’s a no brainer for a DIY coffee bar — and we found the perfect black + white mugs, tray, and hot water kettle to complete the look!

37. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for Feminine Vibes: Display Some Flowers

simple DIY coffee bar ideas with a kitchen counter station and feminine decor including light pink flowers

feminine coffee nook ideas via @beautifulinspire.co

Is there such a thing as too many flowers for your home? We think not — and this also applies to your DIY coffee station ideas! A bouquet of flowers truly makes everything better, and we love the look of them displayed around your home coffee bar.

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your DIY coffee bar: Invest in a cute vase. Choose colorful blooms based on the season. Or our favorite, pick out a gorgeous dried bouquet that you’ll never have to swap out!

38. Best DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Vintage Lovers: Repurpose a Hutch

at home wood cabinet with vintage inspired decor for a caffeination station

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Another one of our favorite coffee bar ideas that can easily be DIYed or thrifted: repurpose a hutch for your coffee station! We love the vintage vibes of a classic hutch, perfect for displaying in your kitchen or dining room and filling with alllllll your coffee essentials.

Want something brand new instead? This hutch will give you that same old world charm, without the effort of scouring the thrift store!

39. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Cute Touch: Add a Tablecloth to Your Station

small coffee bar ideas with built in nook and vintage inspired decor

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If your kitchen counter or tabletop feels a little too boring, this is one of the best DIY ideas to give your coffee bar an elevated touch!

There’s a tablecloth for EVERY style, from whimsical floral designs to classic gingham prints. You can even choose one for every season — such a great way to keep your coffee station feeling fresh, without totally revamping your decor ideas!

40. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for a Modern Station: Use Glass Mugs

DIY at home coffee bar ideas for a kitchen counter with an espresso machine and cute glass decor

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Arguably the most fun essentials to pick out for your home coffee bar station are your mugs. For styles that stand out and give your coffee station a modern touch, swap classic porcelain for glass!

This is one of our favorite ideas for streamlining your DIY coffee bar — you can find glass versions of all your favorite coffee cups, from classic mugs to iced coffee cups. Pair them with matching glass storage containers for a versatile look that will never go out of style!

41. Best Home Coffee Bar Ideas for the Holidays: Create a Santa-Approved Nook

cute DIY coffee bar ideas for a small kitchen counter nook with Christmas themed decor

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And last but not least, we had to include one more of our favorite coffee bar ideas for the holidays! We’re constantly counting down to Christmas, and a coffee station is yet another opportunity to display our favorite festive decorations.

Guarantee your spot on the nice list this year by filling your home coffee bar station with all the best Santa-approved decor ideas, like this cute garland and this Christmas spoon rest.

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Now that you’re inspired to DIY your dream coffee bar or station at home, let’s dive into some of our other favorite home decor ideas!

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Which of these home coffee station ideas are you planning to DIY? Let us know in the comments below, and tag us in the finished product on Instagram @greenweddingshoes!