Made for Each Other: Announcing the Squarespace + Zola Registry Integration

squarespace wedding website

Wedding websites are officially a mainstay when it comes to wedding planning + sharing your story. It’s no wonder! Who wouldn’t love a one-stop shop to browse through cute engagement photos, grab all the travel details, and RSVP with a simple click? Squarespace’s beautifully designed wedding templates give you all the creative tools you need to easily build your online wedding home, even if you’ve never created a website before. And now Squarespace making it even easier, unveiling an exciting new integration with Zola!

What does that mean? Simply fill up your Zola registry with everything from housewares to honeymoon, create a registry page on your Squarespace wedding website, and allow guests to shop your registry with a single click!

Squarespace wedding website

HUGE, right? We love how Squarespace is all about ease and coming from some pret-ty experienced shoppers over here, that single click to purchase is a game changer.

squarespace and zola

Here’s the deal with Zola: you know we love it, and that’s because it’s a universal registry that let’s you ask for gifts, experiences, and funds for that first house, allows for group gifting, controls all shipping + exchanges virtually, AND offers a 10% completion discount once you’re good and married. Combine that with the flexibility of Squarespace and you’ve got a dream team!

Squarespace wedding website

Squarespace let’s you choose a custom domain name for free when you sign on for one year (you can even pick .love or .wedding instead of .com) and offers friendly customer service 24/7. Starting at only $12/month, you won’t find a better option when it comes to the perfect blend of stunning layouts, simplicity of use, and helpful integrations!

Squarespace wedding website

Squarespace makes it simple + fun to build a beautiful home for your love story online. So grab those engagement photos, choose your layout, and start your free 14-day trial today. When you’re ready to subscribe, we’ve got you covered! Use the code ‘GWS17‘ for 10% off your first purchase.

For more information about integrating Zola with your Squarespace website, visit Squarespace’s Blog and Wedding Website Knowledge Base!

photographer credit for Javan + Rebekah: Lauren Cowart

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