Links + Loves: 3 Totally Binge-able Shows + the Perfect Halloween Cocktail

Halloween butterflies

Welcome to another edition of Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in…

Before you get too deep into “add to cart” season, take some time to make a mindful gift list—here are 16 socially conscious jewelry brands that we’re really excited to support this year.

And just for fun on the spookiest weekend of the year, have a look at these creepy Halloween weddings! Our inbox fills up with Halloween submissions every year we always have so much fun indulging in spooky season. We hope you find a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween—perhaps this BOOtiful Charcuterie Board and Katie’s cocktail suggestion (paired with a big bowl of candy) is just what you need!

{photo via @isabella.magnani}

Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:


From Jen:

Can’t wait to get my new yoga mat – and it’s 30% off this weekend!

I needed some new cozy sleepwear (it finally feels like fall here in Cali!), so I order this cozy set – which is 60% off right now!!

There is a new Netflix film called Holidate and this sounds like the perfect movie to kick off the Holiday season on Sunday :)

From Britt:

You will not even believe how delicious this 30-minute one-pot ramen tastes. It’s also versatile—I added rotisserie chicken and whatever veggies I have on hand!

If you’ve found yourself pinning lots of vintage tweed pants and blazers (me)…you may have fallen into the dark academia trend without even knowing it (me).

You MUST watch Ted Lasso!! It is a very funny, witty, optimistic balm to 2020. (And side note: if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be totally shocked to see the “Shame! Shame!” lady’s new look.)

From Katie:

We just watched the first episode of The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and those last few minutes of the show…I’m hooked! (it has a similar vibe as Big Little Lies so far).

I love Halloween but once it hits November 1st I’m ready for Christmas!!! So in the meantime, I’ll be plotting how to re-create this stunning ornament display for my front porch.

I also plan to make some sort of spooky cocktail for this Saturday and this Witch’s Heart recipe looks scary fun!

From Danielle:

We are binging HARD on the new Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit. I love it and don’t even know how to play chess.

‘Tis tea season and I found a good price on my favorite hot drink in a 6-pack box set!

I am obsessed with this hat decor vibe for two reasons 1) I legit need space to house my hats and 2) it’s one of the only items you can store in plain sight that looks REAL cute!

From Jessi:

Recently discovered a new home decor Instagram I’m loving! XO, MaCenna is a DIY queen and has great modern style!

When I was younger, our Halloween snack was always Pigs in a Blanket (don’t ask me why!). I found a grownup version that’s incredible!

If you know me, you know I live in dresses. I’ve been trying to control myself, but this Target wrap dress was a must-buy. It’s under $30!!

This serum is the one skincare product I keep coming back to. It lasts forever!!!

Happy weekend from your friends at GWS!