Feel As Good As You Look Wearing These 16 Socially Conscious Pieces of Jewelry

It’s so easy, especially during holiday shopping season, to fall into an ‘add it to my cart’ haze without really thinking about what you’re buying. Whether we’re browsing gifts for ourselves, someone else or necessities, these days we’re drawn to socially conscious companies with a lot of good to go around!

You know when you buy something from a socially conscious business, and their story just sticks with you?! There’s totally a reason for that. A company that’s closely tied with giving back feels good for the soul and builds loyalty. For varying reasons, these jewelry businesses and artists are fueling our feel-good vibes by their socially conscious business practices. And that’s no joke!

Because sometimes research can be tumultuous, our dear friends at Be Inspired PR saved us a lot of work by pulling 12 wonderful pieces of jewelry that look good and feel good when you add to cart. Be sure to scroll ’til the end for a few of our favorite pieces, too!

Now let’s see how these 16 sustainable jewelry brands are crushing their socially conscious efforts!

1. Jade Oi – Ensley 14K White Gold Crystal Straight Drop Bridal Earrings

This charming yet elegant stacked earring will be the talk of the night as it’s the perfect addition to your walk down the aisle!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Jade Oi only uses high quality 14k or 18k plated gold, and all of their jewelry is tarnish free and assembled by hand. Their jewelry is also skin friendly by always being nickel free and hypoallergenic! What makes this company truly special is their packaging – it’s made from 100% recycled materials, and the brand focuses on minimizing packaging waste that goes to landfills.

2. Ada Diamonds – Emerald Four Prong Solitaire

Can you say engagement ring dreams?! This sleek emerald cut diamond is a timeless piece to pop the question with your significant other!

What makes this brand socially conscious: The extractions of diamonds are environmentally damaging, fossil fuel intensive and become less efficient every year. This is exactly why Ada Diamonds only uses lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds only needs two ingredients, carbon and electricity. This process ensures that these diamonds are sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly!

3. Noonday Collection – Charmed Medallion Necklaces, Set of 2

These dainty necklaces are the perfect pair to add to your jewelry collection for both everyday looks and a night out!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Noonday Collection’s purpose is to make differences in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. They’ve partnered with artisan fair trade businesses that share a passion for building a flourishing world. Noonday Collection is empowering businesses to grow sustainably and to create dignified jobs for people who need them!

4. The Little Market – Round Brass Signet Ring

This ring is the best of both worlds, simple yet so unique. This ring will be a staple in your jewelry collection for generations!

What makes this brand socially conscious: As a nonprofit fair-trade shop, The Little Market works with artisans from around the world to create their unique curated goods, and they only feature ethically sourced products. Every piece is made by an artisan with a unique story. They seek to empower artisans around the world by providing sustainable income opportunities and extending their product distribution, and they work to bring attention to the social justice and human rights issues faced by their communities.

5. Rchl. – The William Ring

No need to worry about how to accessorize your outfits because this effortlessly chic ring is the perfect piece for everyday wear!

What makes this brand socially conscious: RCHL was born from a very simple observation on the New York City subways – everyone wears jewelry – and the desire to use jewelry as a way to bring people together. In fact, RCHL’s very first slogan was “let’s find ourselves in each other.” This foundational understanding of jewelry as a connection point has made RCHL socially engaged and socially conscious from the outset. From their Erma Ring that provoked conversation among their audience on mental health to their Gloria Necklace that prompted challenges to sexist stigmas, the brand works to celebrate underrepresented women in history, advocate for racial equality and champion social justice. Diversity and inclusivity are in the DNA of everything they do!

6. Omi Woods – THE HEAVY Link Choker Chain

THE HEAVY link choker chain is a staple piece that will upgrade any outfit by itself or layered!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Omi Woods jewelry is made with fair trade African gold and globally sourced conflict free fine metals. Their jewelry is individually and ethically handmade, and the gold used is sourced from small-scale artisanal mines. Paying these miners a fair wage for their time, resources and labor ensures support for the wellbeing of the miners and their communities.

7. Jam + Rico – Cowrie Bangles

The Cowrie Bangle is a flawless piece that needs no pairing with its simple charm this bangle is great for everyday wear!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Jam + Rico strives to connect to the Caribbean roots of Jamaica and Puerto Rico with their handcrafted costume jewelry made with antiquated metals and colorful textiles.

8. Oma the Label – The Eseosa Earrings

This subtle pair of earrings will add the sparkle you need to make your outfit complete.

What makes this brand socially conscious: Oma the Label is a brand focused on challenging the homogenous beauty industry by building a brand to represent people of color. This brand is built to empower women and make them feel confident with affordable everyday wear!

9. Nirvana Wild – Dotted Large Hoop Earrings

These earrings are a trendy addition to any jewelry box with its fun dynamic, you are sure to enhance any outfit.

What makes this brand socially conscious: Nirvana Wild is created by a black woman helping her clients achieve Nirvana. Her sustainable crystals and Aura Armor are designed for queens, badies, gypsies, and flowers!

10. Selin Kent – Zoe Fan Ring

Vintage meets trendy, this ring is the perfect mixture of the two and will be sure to WOW anyone who sees it!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Each item from Selin Kent is made by an artisan in New York. All of the pieces are made from responsibly sourced precious stones and recycled metals. This ensures minimal environmental impact with a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship!

11. 31 Bits – Together Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet with an important message is so chic and is the perfect cuff to be stacked or left alone.

What makes this brand socially conscious: 31 Bits has partnered with a local Balinese workshop owner who helps combine the ancient tradition of metal work and its skilled artisans the respect they deserve. They pay fair wages to the artisans, and they also offer an apprenticeship program that provides career advancements.

12. The Giving Keys – Mini Key Post Earrings

This delicate pair of stud earrings have a contemporary look but more importantly conveys a KEY message to pay forward!

What makes this brand socially conscious: Every item purchased from The Giving Keys supports job creation for people transitioning out of homelessness. The Giving Keys wants to inspire the world to pay it forward so through their social impact, they have been able to build acts of paying it forward into their business.

We really can’t resist that feel-good feeling of supporting socially conscious businesses + artists. Here are a few of our faves, too:

13. Yewo – Mbale Necklace

It’s a fierce but delicate necklace for everyday or a GNO – and we love the simplicity.

What makes this brand socially conscious: YEWO’s design studio sits stateside in Asheville, NC where owners Maddy and Kyle meticulously design each piece and travel to Malawi for five months a year to train their makers in the art of metal-smithing. YEWO responsibly manufactures their jewelry to fair trade standards, invests in the local community, and trains and employs makers who were previously living in rural poverty.


14. Joie De Viv – Stacking Rings

You had us at stacking ring! These are gorgeous – get one or get 5, they’re beautiful together or alone. We’re partial to the stunning, rainbow diamond stacks.

What makes this brand socially conscious: Founded on the belief that jewelry should be luxurious, fun, ethical, and a part of the everyday, we created Joie De Viv, a one of a kind jewelry experience designed for the modern woman.

15. Hathorway – Saigon Geometric Buffalo Horn Pendant Necklace

Which color do you like best?! The honey color in these necklaces is really sweet + lovely. It’s a minimalist, shapely and fun accessory for sure.

What makes this brand socially conscious: Designed, assembled, and packaged in the USA, with thoughtfully selected materials sourced from Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea — all of Hathorway’s products are built to last. 10% of all Hathorway’s profits go to initiatives that empower young, underprivileged women. Hathorway is a women-owned brand and treats all its makers with care by providing fair wages and safe working environments.

16. Rose & Fitzgerald – Shield Ring

A statement ring like this gets noticed and is empowering to wear! We love the shiny gold and shape of this piece.

What makes this brand socially conscious: Each piece Rose & Fitzgerald produces is handmade by individual artisans using luxurious materials that have been sourced locally, such an Ankole horn, palm leaf, pure brass, Mugavu and Teak wood, leather, and organic cotton. Rose & Fitzgerald works with East Africa’s most extraordinary talents in techniques such as carpentry, hand chiseling and carving, sculpting, casting, metal working, hand looming, sewing and weaving—all techniques that have been passed down through generations.

While we’re on the topic of socially conscious jewelry as engagement season approaches, let’s have a refresher on these ethically sourced engagement rings that won’t break the bank!