10 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards + Light Boxes in Your Wedding

photo: Cameron Ingalls

It’s a sign! For the lyric-lovers, wordsmiths, and fans of all things punny, letter boards are the perfect way to say what you need to say. They’re certainly a mainstay here at GWS. We’re mostly inspired by quotes about wine + coffee – can you blame us? – but we LOVE the idea of using them for all your wedding festivities! You can really, ya know, say a lot, with a letter board or a light box sign.

Here’s a roundup of 10 fun ways to say it loud, say it clear…

Make the Announcement

letter board marriage announcement
left photo: Melinda Roth Photography // right photo: via Letterfolk

Let ’em know! One bonus to using a letter board in your marriage announcement, save-the-date, or even an elopement announcement as that it’s essentially a two for one. Meaning, no need for graphics! Just snap the letters in, snap the super-cute photo, and you’re good to go!

Welcome Your Guests

letter board wedding welcomephoto: Studio Castillero from this Black + White Modern Anniversary Party

What could be a more fun way to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place?

Put Your Hashtag on Display

welcome letter board hashtagphoto: Mandee Johnson Photography from this Minimal Palm Springs Wedding

Get that social media photo collection rolling! Wedding hashtags are a mainstay these days, so might as well make it look cute for the ‘gram!

Say it with a Song (or a Quote!)

lyric quote letter boardtop photo: Katherine Rose of Max & Friends from this Fun (and Punny) LA Wedding
left photo: For Love of Love // right photo: The Style Co.

Not sure what to say? Use your favorite song lyrics to infuse some personality into your day! Make ’em funny or romantic — we like both, as long as it’s personal to you!

For the Favors

Simple + thoughtful: Light up the room with sweet a thank you message at the favor table!

Seat Your Guests

letter board wedding seating
left photo: via Letterfolk // right photo: WeitBLICK

There are so many fun options for this one! Use a giant letter board to list out guest names and table numbers, opt for a light box sign, or put your own creative spin on it! We’re suckers for incorporating florals, by the way.

Make a Menu

letter board menu
photos: Mandee Johnson Photography from this Minimal Palm Springs Wedding

Besides the beautiful celebration of the two of you coming together in marriage, of course…guests are coming for one thing: free food and drinks! So why not give ’em a little something to look forward to and put it all on display?

Label the Cake Table

“Do You Want a Piece of Me” is definitely one of our favorite lyric options for this space.

Go Vintage with a Cinema Light Box

cinema light boxtop left photo: Mandee Johnson Photography from this Minimal Palm Springs Wedding // top right photo: via Rock My Wedding // bottom photo: Lauren Nicole Photography from this Modern Millennial Pink Wedding Inspiration

Because cheeky words + large vintage lettering = perfect photo opp!

Party to Pad

left photo: via Letterfolk // right photo: always rooney

Finally, at the end of the day you can bring the letter board home and leave some honest notes for your new spouse! It’s the decor that keeps on giving.

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