Real Wedding: Rebecca + Derek’s Fun Bicycle Wedding

I think this is one of the most fun weddings I’ve seen – every detail was perfectly planned and the entire day was nonstop fun! Rebecca + Derek had their wedding ceremony at the Los Angeles California Temple and followed it with a bike brigade across LA! They biked to a park where a picnic was waiting for them along with Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches. Then they walked through the botanical gardens at UCLA for toasts under a rainbow of streamers and ended the night with a reception at the Stagecoach Inn Museum along with the cutest mini golf course chronicling their relationship. Such an amazing fun day! Thanks so much to photographer Rachel Thurston for letting me share this wedding and big congrats to Rebecca + Derek for having a wedding that was truly one-of-a-kind!

los angeles wedding

brooch bouquet

I ADORE Rebecca’s vintage 1950s gown she found at Timeless Vixen. She paired it with a yellow belt from Club Monaco along with a vintage headpiece and gold peep-toe slingbacks from J.Renee. The necklace is her grandmother’s and her brooch bouquet was made by herself from her collection of vintage enamel-flower brooches.

The invitation informed guests to “dress to impress, but to wear comfortable clothing” that they could move in. They were also told to bring sunscreen and sunglasses, and that lunch would be served. When the guests gathered near the church following the ceremony, they were surprised with bicycles and helmets (rented from Perry’s) in the parking lot. How incredibly fun is that??!! Guests followed the newlyweds through Santa Monica to Westwood Park for a picnic.

bike wedding

After lunch, the group rode to Diddy Riese (if you live in LA you know this place – the super yummy ice cream sandwich shop in Westwood) for  dessert. Each guest received a coupon for 1 ice cream sandwich – such a fun idea!

ice cream sandwiches wedding

The ride ended at Mathias Botanical Gardens in a small clearing. There Jordan Ferney, the day’s coordinator + friend of the couple, had set up a rainbow backdrop made from strips of plastic tablecloths. Glasses of sparkling cider awaited guests. “It was a pretty magical sight when everyone entered this little clearing with drinks all set up and ready to toast,” Rebecca recalled.

Derek’s brothers, a bridesmaid and two pairs of mutual friends gave toasts in honor of the couple. Rebecca + Derek had encouraged them to make their toasts more like presentations, so one included charts and graphs as visual aids, another included a bag of goodies to be used on various destinations on their Italian honeymoon, and the final performance was a musical number. What a super fun idea!!

Later in the evening, Rebecca + Derek hosted an open house for 200 of their friends + family at the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Rebecca’s hometown. Rebecca + Derek aren’t huge dancers, so they wanted to do something different. They came up with a mini golf course that told their story in a fun way for guests. Rebecca’s father build the course including the golf clubs! I also love the personalized golf balls they had made.

Cindy Ferguson, the couple’s friend, designed the retro-patterned invitation suite, created to look like a book. When you opened it up, a library card holder contained Rebecca and Derek’s engagement photo and special invitations to the day’s events. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! letterpressed the pieces and a group of friends helped assemble the components.

silhouette cookies

What a fun magical day! Their wedding was also featured on the Martha Stewart Blog, so be sure to check that out to read even more about their day.

Photography: Rachel Thurston //  Wedding Coordinator: Jordan Ferney
Wedding Dress: Vintage 1950s gown found at Timeless Vixen //  Shoes: J.Renee
Groom’s Suit: Custom-made during a visit to Hong Kong.
Invitations: Designed by Cindy Ferguson, letterpressed by Jordan Ferney
Picnic Lunch: Sandwiches + sides from La Bottega Marino //  Balloon Arch: Party Land WLA
Reception Catering: Pierre’s Catering Company //  Custom Cookies: FrankenCutters

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  6. i love this wedding!! i wonder where they got his tie! i’ve been looking for a yellow/grey tie for our wedding for the past few months!!

  7. Seen this wedding before somewhere and its literally the best wedding ive ever seen in my lifetime!!

  8. This is one of the most adorable, creative and fun weddings I have ever seen. The photos make me wish I was on the guest list. I love all of the details.

  9. Let’s just go ahead and say it. This wedding is awesome.

  10. Just so brilliant. Kudos to an obviously fun, creative couple.

  11. This has to be the most fun wedding I have ever seen. So well done. I love everything about it!

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    so cool!


  14. This is so Playful and FUN! My kind of wedding!! Love the details and that dress!!

  15. THAT was totally awesome. What a cool couple!

  16. As someone who is planning her own wedding, I am exhausted just reading this and seeing all the personal details they created. Talented and creative and super cute, goodness … good for them!

  17. LOVE, with all my heart!

  18. Absolutely adorable and totally refreshing wedding! Loving all the bright vivid colors! Too cute!

  19. Love the Toy Story reference in the golf course! Made me smile :)

  20. obsessed! i wish i were their friends!

  21. So many couples always have cute unique ideas for personalized weddings, but this couple takes the cake! not doing a reception with dancing? unheard of. biking around the city? never! i love LOVE LOVE that the couple threw all the rules for a wedding out the window and created an event that no one will ever forget. I am SO inspired now to make my event as unique as i want to and forget about the guidelines for a wedding.

  22. this is amazing…it’s lovely to see a couple having fun!

  23. One of the happiest weddings I’ve seen! Everything about it is so amazing!

  24. This is awesome! This wedding is truly one of a kind. I haven’t seen this before even in weddings that I have attended. They are just the usual church and garden wedding. I was really amazed when the couple and the guests used their bikes to go to the reception. The couple really make the most of their special day. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment of your lives. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

  25. as a former UCLA student, i couldn’t estimate how long the bike ride was, so i google-mapped it. that just makes me love this wedding even more that they thought of all these venues along the way! so much fun and love and laughter, you can tell!

    did rachel ride a bike too? i love the action shots! congrats rebecca and derek!

  26. Oh my gosh, I’m in love with this. So incredible creative. I want to go bike riding with all my friends in LA now. Thanks for sharing!

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  41. Thanks for featuring my wedding! And for all the nice comments here.

    kaci – my hair piece was vintage

    reggi – we screenprinted our own ties, with silver ink on plain yellow ties. we used the pattern from our wedding invites!

  42. Most AMAZING wedding I have ever seen. Left me all smiles the whole way through. :)

  43. i have to agree with you jen- this looks like the most fun wedding i have ever seen!!

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  45. This is *the* most unique and personal wedding I have ever seen. It’s absolutely amazing! I wish I had a fraction of the creativity and originality that this couple has :)

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