Save The Date Embroidered Vintage Postcards

I think these might be one of my favorite save the dates I’ve seen. GWS reader Sarah sent over her little pieces of art to share with you guys and I’m so impressed! Sarah and her fiance Brian hand embroidered each vintage postcard with the save the date message. Yep, each is unique and literally one-of-a-kind. :) Sarah + Brian both love vintage ephemera and crafting, so it was only natural. They tracked down over 50 vintage postcards that loosely fit their general theme (ozark mountain romance) and using embroidery floss carefully poked out, “WEST + ERVIN, save the date, 9.3.11” (his last name is West, hers is Ervin). Check out some of these beauties!

Check out their blog to learn more about the process or their Flickr set to see every card they made. Thanks so much Sarah + Brian – can’t wait for your wedding!