Real Wedding: Lisette + Ryan’s Bohemian Wedding

Happy Friday everyone! I think this happy + colorful wedding is so perfect for a Friday. Loving the rainbow colored bridesmaids dresses + matching grooms with suspenders – all 24 of them!!! So fun. Lisette + Ryan started early enough to hand-make or hand-pick every aspect of their wedding – from the invitations to the music to the ceremony text to the 130 potted basil plants to the general design of the reception. It was a weekend wedding and during the day on Saturday there were lots of activities for people to participate in like lawn games and a large communal painting they set up. Super fun! Thanks for sharing your day with us and thanks also to Tiffany Arment for the photos.

bride with a hat
rainbow bridesmaids dresses
groomsmen in rainbow suspenders
groomsmen in rainbow suspenders

Most memorable moment of your wedding day? We didn’t actually witness it. The bride’s mother was playing a song on the keyboard that she had written. While she was singing, a blue heron flew up from the creek-bed behind us, and everyone in the crowd gasped. It apparently flew over our heads, and no one caught it on camera. We found out later that in Native American lore the blue heron symbolizes “strength of individual spirit and commitment to partnership.” We both later got blue heron tattoos.

ceremony site with shells hanging

What song did you walk down the aisle to? Bridal party processional = Sigur Ros, Hoppipolla; Bride processional = The Beatles, All You Need is Love; Bride & Groom / Bridal party recessional = Flaming Lips, Do You Realize?

outdoor wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremony
outdoor wedding ceremony
painting at a wedding
painting at a wedding

Any advice for those planning now? Take your time. Make spreadsheets. Buy stuff online… use Etsy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t take that much effort to turn something that could be a generic event into a very personal one with a bit of thought and dedication. Putting together a wedding isn’t something you can do overnight. It’s supposed to be fun — if you’re stressed out, take a deep breath and remember why you’re doing it.

Photography: Tiffany Arment Photography // Venue: Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, NY // Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal // Hair and Makeup: Bridesmaid (Lauren) & Bride (did her own makeup) // Shoes: Miss Moos (Bride’s were red strappy sandals with wooden heel; bridesmaids all wore their own black shoes as did the groomsmen.) // Bridesmaid Dress: Handmade by Etsy designer Michelle Tan for each bridesmaid (Damask pattern); maid of honor wore the same design but tye-die and each bridesmaid wore a different color // Hairpieces: Handmade by all bridesmaids (headed by Campbell) the day after the bachelorette party; daisies // Groom Suit: Topshop // Floral Design: Jarita’s Florist, Woodstock, NY // Invitations/Paper Goods: Bride & Groom (paper from Paper Presentation, printed at Kinko’s, assembled by bride, groom, and bridal party) // Cake: Fantastic gift from Sue and Dave Cole (bridesmaid Tierney’s parents) // Music: Sound run at ceremony by groomsman Duncan; ceremony performances by bride’s mother Karen and groomsman John; reception DJ’d by friend Michael; reception playlist handpicked by bride and groom (special thanks to the iTunes store) // Catering: Full Moon staff

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  1. This wedding is AWE-SOME! I love the painting idea – can you tell me more about it? What materials did you put out? Was the canvas blank? I love this idea and we could hang it in the house after the fact! :)

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding! Great job!

  2. I’m getting married in July and am just starting on the ceremony aspect. I would love to hear what the bride did for hers! I wonder if Lisette would be willing to email me? courtney[@]

  3. love the colours and the painting, keep kids happy too!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous. I just fell in love with Tiffany Arment Photography. What a fun and happy wedding!

  5. Perfect for a Friday indeed! I love the rainbow bridesmaids and how happy everyone looks. Also, I’m loving that dress that the bride wore. It’s the best thing I’ve seen from David’s Bridal, ever. Super cute.

  6. I just LOVE all the colors going on in this wedding…they come together so well and gives the whole day an element of fun!

  7. I am such a huge fan of rainbows and this wedding is just fantastic! Wow Ryan and Lisette, you guys are amazing! Congrats on your beautiful wedding!

  8. the colour used in these images is just fab! Loving the bridal party SOO much!

  9. aww, she’s wearing my wedding dress!!

  10. WOW. That wedding party– burst of color, bright ties, rainbow dresses? Made me smile so hard. This is a really special day, I can tell. What a creative couple! Congrats, you guys :)

    PS: love the wedding soundtrack. A+!

  11. I have just arrived from France to work with a fashion designer in Soho, NYC! and I have to say that the photos are really beautiful! So fresh, creative, full of joy and happiness. It is such a lovely wedding, simple but colorful!

  12. This is inspiring for all DIY brides- Etsy is by far one of the best resources for the DIy bride. I love these bright colors- the glasses are brilliant!!

  13. Love the rainbow dresses and ties! And the collaborative painting is a great idea.

  14. Thank you! Courtney- I’ll email you our ceremony when I get home this evening. Ry nailed a cheap canvas drop cloth onto a simple wood frame for the painting, which we painted brown. Then we painted our bodies white for the body prints. We just set up a simple station with 8 or so cheap acrylic colors for people to play with. And yes! It’s now hanging in our bedroom, best souvenir ever (minus the man? Hahaha).

    Good luck to all you beautiful ladies. If you’d like any advice or resource help, please feel free to contact me!

  15. holy smokes! this is so clever.

  16. Love this wedding! The bright colors, the glasses and the bridesmaids dresses are so fun. You can completely see the couples personality.


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