Real Wedding: Jessica + Jason’s Whimsical Vintage Miami Wedding

I have a most lovely wedding to share with you guys today! Jessica was a GWS reader and would visit the site daily for inspiration, so it’s so exciting to be able to share her gorgeous day today. It also turns out her wedding was in Miami, and in Miami a vintage wedding is pretty unique, so congrats to Jessica + Jason for doing the wedding they wanted – and not listening to other’s who thought it was “strange.” I think having a wedding that fits the personalities of the two of you (and the things you love as a couple) is the most important thing. And selecting photographer Clayton Austin to capture your day – perfection.

wedding invitations

wedding with buttons

bride with veil

peony bouquet

turquoise vase

wedding ceremony twinkling lights

I walked down the aisle to Vitamin String Quartet, Dare you to move. Most memorable moment of the wedding day? Saying and hearing each other’s vows.

wedding ceremony

peony bouquet

wedding portraits

black and white photography wedding

bridal party in black and white photography

wedding decorations

wedding details


button tags



Any advice for those planning now? Don’t be afraid to take chances no matter how weird it may seem to others. Sometimes things turn out better than expected. In the end its about you and your significant other.

I really didn’t know how it was all going to come together! All I knew were these must have elements for our wedding: lace, burlap and birdcages. I passed through a house in the middle of the night and saw this old desk. I almost couldn’t find the drawers in the big pile. It sat in my garage for a year still not knowing what I was going to do with it. Two days before the wedding I still didn’t have a cake table, and so, the desk became the cake table. Perfect example of how things can come out better than expected!

Venue: Cauley Square, Miami, Florida
Wedding Dress: Enzoani Diana dress style
Hair: Jo at Great Expectations
Makeup: Alexis Reeney
Shoes: Sam & Libby
Bridesmaid Dress: Shumaq
Hairpieces: Made from extra lace left over from dress
Groom Suit: Michael Kors
Photography: The amazing Clayton Austin
Cinematography: Unik Productions
Floral Design: Nieves Losa – elitedesignsflowers{at}yahoo[dot]com
Event Design: Me and Nieves Losa
Invitations/Paper Goods:Kelli Murray
Cake: Divine Delicacies
Music: Berman Lopez- RhytmMasters
Catering: Cauley Square Village Tavern

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  1. Ahhh-mazingly beautiful. The bride, the dresses, the flowers, everything is gorgeous! All of the vintage touches are perfection. LOVE love the cake table!! I adore every inch of this wedding!

  2. There is just something so incredibly sexy about this couple. They just seem very passionate and deliberate. Try as I might, I cannot imagine anybody else having THAT wedding, you know? They did a great job planning something totally “them” and the photographer documented it beautifully!

  3. This wedding is so beautifully styled and I absolutely love the bride’s dress!! x

  4. What a stunning wedding. EVERY detail is sweet perfection… couldnt have been more beautifully styled.

  5. wow this wedding and the photos are absolutely beautiful!

  6. I love this! When I read that it was from Miami I was even more eager to look. I am also a South Florida bride but in the Broward County area. I am having a vintage Alice in Wonderland themed wedding set for January 14, 2012. Everyone around us thinks we are: weird, crazy, gross, dumb, and the list goes on! All of the negative feedback we were receiving even inspired me to start a blog chronicling my steps in planning this “weird” wedding to inspire other brides here in Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach haha! Seeing that another bride in my area was able to have a unique & creative day just motivates me more to continue piecing mine together! This post solidifies my love for GWS even more! This will always be my favorite blog & I will credit all my wedding awesomeness to you!

  7. SOOOO cute! Everything is beautiful and I just LOOOOOVEY buttons!

  8. This wedding is amazing and not just because the bride has the same wedding dress I wore!

  9. Her dress is breath taking ! I love that they went against the Miami grain ! Beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding full of personality. I love the photo with the statue in the middle… Magnificent!


  11. Absolutely gorgeous wedding. I am most definitely going to take her words of advice for my wedding and do what I feel best. I’ve been having some people question things I want in my planning and I know it’ll turn out just fine if I do it all the way we want.

  12. clayton never goes wrong. love her gown too. super stylish wedding.

  13. I am in LOVE with this wedding! Everything about it screams magical. I would have loved to have been there to take it all in. Simply stunning!

  14. Heya, I just wondered whether I could email the bride and groom featured here. I want to find out how they managed to get such different dresses in exactly the same shade of blue. I want to do something like that but can’t figure out how to do it!

  15. Wow….inspired. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos. Love her bouquet and advice. And love the buttons!!!

  16. such a WONDERFUL style! first i looooove the bride’s hair & dress – gorgeous! and that lite tree for the ceremony – swooon! finally (obviously) all of those wonderful vintagey & burlap details! just perfect!

  17. Yah for a stunning-different South Florida wedding! Wow, too.

  18. I loved this wedding from the minute I saw it on Clayton’s blog and I’m so glad they planned the vintage wedding of their dreams rather than doing what others expected them to do!!

  19. Beautiful bride and really beautiful details shots. Loving these vintage style wedding shoots

  20. my son and my new daughter I love your wedding at first I was scared but everything turned out beautiful n very elegant when I renew my vows with Paco I will have a vintage wedding with lots of Buttons they were my favorite and I will hire Clayton Austin….love MOM

  21. Jess everything came out so perfect, i’m just glad i was part of it. The fact that all this was so difficult to accomplish made it even more magical when it all came together on your wedding day. So proud of you my darling.

  22. What a gorgeous, romantic wedding! Such a beautiful couple, I loved the bride’s hair and makeup, she looked stunning!

  23. This wedding was gorgeous. I especially liked the picture of the entire bridal party standing with the Jesus statue. The photo of the bride in black and white standing in between two rows of trees was also very beautiful.

  24. Linens povided by Gables Linen

  25. Hello.
    I absolutely love this wedding! Very similar for what ideas I am hoping for in October for my own wedding. I just had a few questions about the dress, wasnt sure if they would be able to be answered on here or not but:
    This dress is Enzoani Diana from the 2009 collection?
    Were there any problems removing the straps that came on the dress?
    And one more: how did you get so much volume at the bottom? I love that. The dress online doesnt show that much volume to the bottom…

  26. Beautiful details throughout. Love the shot of the hat covering the bride.

  27. What gorgeous pics – and the dress…

    I am trying not to look at dresses now that I’ve got mine. Although I really can’t wait to wear it. I have pink velvet high heels to go with.

    This wedding is lovely and so relaxed.

  28. You are absolutely gorgeous Jessica. I am planning a Victorian themed wedding and everyone thinks I am crazy. I have already purchased my dress, but that is not stopping me from looking at more Victorian wedding dresses. I love the intricate details you have throughout. I will have to start being more creative. May I ask what you gave as reception gifts to your guests, if anything? I was thinking of pouches with tea but want to know what others think.

  29. Wow! This is a beautiful wedding! I love the vintage details, and the overall color palette. Gorgeous work!

  30. Love the color pallet and all the detail shots!


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