Friday Love Song : Hey Ya – Obadiah Parker

Does anyone else watch Scrubs? It’s one of my favorite comedies on tv (others include The Office, 30 Rock, and Flight of the Concords). Anyways, there was a wedding episode last week with an acoustic cover of Hey Ya by Outcast. I totally fell in love with it. On the show, the lawyer played it on his guitar, but the original cover version was done by Obadiah Parker. I love acoustic versions and this one rocks – I think it would be totally wedding worthy! Enjoy.

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  1. Is it weird that this song gave me goosebumps? I loooove it!

  2. Wow. This is just amazing. I agree – wonderfully wedding worthy!

  3. omg. I love Obadiah Parker … great post.

    P.S. Can I brag a little? Mat (of Obadiah Parker) and my husband wrote a song – that Mat performed AT OUR WEDDING.

    it’s my one claim to coolness.


  4. Aww that’s my husband! Thanks for posting this. :)


    P.S. Yes, Amy, you’re allowed to brag. :)

  5. Love this song. Love your blog. Collecting SCADS of beeyotchin’ ideas for my daughter’s wedding in a few years. Thanks so much :)

  6. That’s p-p-p-perfect for our ceremony! Thank you for posting!!! :)

  7. Saw that episode and could not figure out what song that was! My fiance was watching it with me and said “shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!” I got it then – love this version! Thanks for posting!

    PS – I believe Flight of the Conchords is the best show on television!

  8. I downloaded it immediately after that episode too!!!

  9. My friend and I were JUST talking about how much we loved this version of Outkast! Thanks for sharing.

  10. So excited that everyone loves this song also! You guys should check out some of his other songs also – I downloaded a few others and I’ve been liking them a lot!

  11. I love that song and Flight of the Conchords too! Maybe you could do a posting on “must have dance reception songs” and feature “Doggie Dance”. And of course, followed by “Business Time”!!

  12. I love scrubs! The Big Guy and I were watching that ep together and both fall completely in love with this song.


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