Typography at the Table

David Stark was the event designer for the 125th year anniversary of the Metropolitan Opera, and I LOVE his idea for the centerpieces. “Instead of over-the-top flowers and dripping crystals, fonts were our muse. Exploded, cropped, varied in type and color, the array of graphics not only provided a wonderful walk through the Opera’s historic identities in print but it transformed the tent into a three dimensional collage. Elegant banners gently fluttered above vases and luminaries wrapped with glowing prints from every time period. It didn’t really matter if you could read all of the text. We often cropped at such extreme angles to simply celebrate the sheer form of the lettering and push it into the realm of pattern.”

What a great idea! Being a huge fan of typography, I love this idea for luminaries, and I think it could totally work for a wedding. You could incorporate lyrics from your favorite songs, letters written to each other, simple graphics, so many ways to incorporate this idea. Yes, this might take awhile to create, but i think it would give such a modern statement – and be totally unique! What do you guys think?

david stark