DIY: Giant Paper Rose Flower

diy-giant-paper-flower tutorial


If you loved the beautiful DIY wedding this morning and Nata’s gorgeous paper flower bouquets, you are in luck as Nata is sharing how she crafted them with us! She was inspired by a template created by Morgan Levine on Martha Stewart (as was I in the flowers I created for this styled shoot). I just love that this basic idea has inspired different brides to create their own version of giant paper flowers – you might remember these equally awesome giant paper flowers from this wedding I shared last year. :) Thanks so much Nata for sharing how you created your giant pink paper rose + special thanks to Studio Castillero for the photos of the DIY + her wedding!


Materials (to make one giant rose):
• 1 Roll of floral tape
• 6 18-gauge floral stem wire (can find it here)
• 4 sheets of Doublette crepe paper for petals (can find it here – the doublette crepe is $2.50 per sheet and each sheet measures 10
x 49 inches)
• 1 sheet of Doublette crepe paper in green for leaves, calyx, stem
• 1 round pencil
• Craft Glue (we used this kind)
• Crepe paper templates (download from Martha Stewart)
• 3 copies of teardrop template
• 8 copies of the heart-shaped template
• 2 copies of the leaf template
• 1 copy of the calyx template

Step 1: Cut the petals


Cut 5-6 teardrop petals and 15-6 heart-shaped petals from the petal colored crepe paper.

VERY IMPORTANT: Crepe paper is directional so it matters which way you’re cutting the paper. Make sure the grain is vertical when you’re cutting the flower pieces.


Stack 2 pieces of crepe paper on top of each other then place 1 copy of template over the crepe paper and staple. I don’t recommend cutting more than 2 layers of crepe paper at a time since the edges won’t be cut as cleanly.


Repeat until all of your petals are cut

Step 2: Cut the leaves + calyx

Cut 3 leaves and 1 calyx from the green crepe paper.

Step 3: Make the rose stem


Take 3 pieces of stem wire and wrap in floral tape.

Step 4: Shape the petals

DIY paper flower rose

With both hands, pull from the center of the petal outward. This will create a cupping of the paper (which is what gives it the petal-like quality)

DIY paper flower rose

Turn petal over and use the round pencil to curl the top of the petal.

Step 5: Create the rose bud – the inner part of the rose

DIY paper flower rose

Take one teardrop shaped petal and wrap around the taped floral wire from Step 3. Use more floral tape to secure. Repeat working your way around the floral wire until all of the teardrop shaped petals are use.

Step 6: Make the rose bloom –the outer part of the rose


Take one heart-shaped petal and wrap around the rose bud, secure with floral tape. Repeat until all petals have been used.

Step 7: Make the leaf-stems


Take 3 loose pieces of floral wire and using craft glue, wrap each one with green crepe paper. Take one leaf and 1 crepe paper wrapped floral wire from step 10 and glue together. Repeat 2 more times.

Step 8: Add calyx to rose


Wrap the calyx around the base of the rose bloom and secure with floral tape.


Cover the floral tape area with more crepe paper.

Step 9: Add leaf-stems to rose


Using craft glue, secure each of the 3 leaf-stems to the rose stem. I found it helpful to use binder clips to hold the stems together while the glue was drying.



And there you go! It might take a little time, but a great (and pretty awesome) alternative to real flowers for your bouquet – plus you can keep these forever!


big thanks to Studio Castillero for the photos + to reader Nata for the DIY created for GWS

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  1. Really inspiring craft !!! last week i have made some east paper roses for my greeting card.
    i love to make this big rose now….

  2. Love this and is in the process of making for my engagement pictures! One question tho…what size is the paper you use to cut out the petals? Are you putting 8.5X11 paper on top of the paper and stapling? What size are the petals? Please let me know!


  3. Ok this is freaking amazing! I was trying to explain to a planning bride I know about utilizing gigantic flowers as reception decor, but the words didn’t come out right. After a quick search, I stumbled upon this post and immediately forwarded it to her. Thanks for inspiring! – Rudy

  4. Love it. I want to use felt for my bouquets. I going to experiment in the next couple of weeks. I want big long fake flowers!

  5. Paulette Desjardins on:

    It is so beautyful !!! Thank you for your thecnique …

  6. These are beautiful flowers. I am going to feature a link to your post on my site. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is the best DIY I have seen ever.

    Just so beautiful.. Many many thanks for sharing this amazing DIY.. Looking forward for more .. :)

    God bless you.

  8. This is such an awesome idea! :D I’ve included a link to your tutorial on my round-up of the 10 most gorgeous wedding craft ideas that are simple enough for kids to do. I hope you don’t mind!
    Here’s the link:

  9. Wow! Never would have thought a single giant flower instead of a bouquet. This is gonna turn heads!

  10. So adorable! Would love to have you feature a to-torial at!
    Email me if you’re interested.

  11. Just gorgeous. thank you for giving me a wonderful idea for my wedding in April.

  12. I am in the process of a test run making one of these for my wedding. I’m from Australia and can only get doublette crepe from the UK online, so am making my own – normal crepe paper x2 sheets joined together with spray adhesive. Is just as good and cheaper!

  13. I also make flowers and headbands from tissue paper. Visit my blog:

  14. Wow these look cute stuff, very creative and amazing perfect for my party!

  15. This is such a cute idea! I love it and would love to use some of my brighter colored tissue paper that i have in my stockpile. :)

  16. Beautiful flower!!! And very original bridal bouquet!!


    Bom dia! Gostaria de parabenizar pelo lindo trabalho com rosas em papel. Se possível envie pelo e – mail em português o modo de fazer e o material necessário, pois, não entendo bem o inglês. Vou fazer estas flores na minha escola, na festa da primavera. Desde já agradeço.
    Ipaba, Minas Gerais/ Brasil

  18. Hey all just wondering about how long it takes to make each flower? Love the idea :)

  19. Hi,
    First of all, what a beautiful idea!
    I want to make one of these for a gift and won’t be able to get the paper in time. Is there any other paper you would suggest that I could buy in a store? Instead of the crepe paper?

  20. Now I know why my paper roses are stiff. Thanks for sharing this.

  21. This is so artsy. Love this!

  22. Nice Tutorial. We can try this.

  23. Hi!
    Where can I get the templates for the giant flower DIY?

  24. Wow this is so fun! I’ve never seen something so cool and unique. It fits for wedding and other occasions. so fun :)

  25. I love this! Thank you for the great tut!

  26. Beautiful craft art. i love it.

  27. Wow, I never thought that art & craft looks so amazing. Really Surprised.


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