Traveler’s Joy Honeymoon Registry


You’ve picked the dress + the date, now it’s time to work on your registries! One of my favorite types of registry is a honeymoon registry. For a couple that loves to travel or might not need anything else for their home, these are perfect! It’s a chance to be able to afford to go on that amazing trip you’ve dreamed of – and what a better way to start your life together as a married couple! The hubby and I had a honeymoon registry and a more tradional registry. It was perfect for us. And it turns out, the honeymoon registry was way more popular for our guests! It was so fun to receive thoughtful gifts from our friends + family towards our European adventure – and really helped us to be able to afford the trip of our dreams. :)

So, if that sounds like your type of registry, you totally need to check out Traveler’s Joy! Their honeymoon registry is super easy to use, there is no set up cost and they have one of the lowest service fees out there. Once you sign up with Traveler’s Joy, your guests can give you something they personally love (like a hotel night in Tuscany or a camel ride in Morocco or dinner on the beach) and then Traveler’s Joy transfers the value of the gift to you via bank check or transfer. So super easy. Your guests get to feel like they’re actually giving you something other than straight up cash, but you get to use the funds for any part of the trip you like. Learn more about them here and be sure to read some of their amazing member stories here. Happy registering! :)