DIY: Flower Crown

DIY flower crown

Here is a fun DIY to make your own flower crown! I have two styles that I made and both are fairly easy to do. I made them both in under two hours – and it will probably be faster for you since I had a few trial and error issues that you won’t have to figure out :)

DIY flower crown

Supplies Needed:
• silk or fabric flowers (I bought these from Michael’s)
• thin floral wire in green
• thick floral wire in brown
• wire cutting scissors
• felt squares
• scissors
• tacky glue

We are creating two different looks today. The first is a yellow + white ranunculus flower crown (as seen above).


Step 1.Take the thicker floral wire and create a loop for your head. This is the time to decide how low you’d like it to fall on your head. Then twist the ends for the size you’d like.


Step 2.Select the flowers you want to use in the order you like.


Step 3. You’ll notice the flowers still have a little stem on their back when you pull them off the longer stem. Cut the stem off, so you can attach it easily to the wire.


Step 4 and 5.To make sure the flower’s don’t flip around, you will need to cut some small circles with the felt. Since we have 5 large flowers, we’ll need 10 circles. The size of the circle should be smaller then the flower petals so you won’t see it from the front. Attach the felt circle with tacky glue to the petals. Once those have dried (about 10 minutes) attach the second circle with the flower crown circle between – this will prevent the flowers from moving around.



Step 6. After the large flowers are attached, you can now add some smaller flowers. To attach these smaller flowers, wrap them around the wire crown with the small floral wire. Keep adding more flowers until you like the look of your crown. :)

flower crown DIY

flower crown DIY

flower crown DIY

For the second one, we wanted a bit more bohemian look, so I used small silk magnolia flowers to achieve this.

flower crown DIY magnolia blooms

With these flowers, they can just be attached with the small floral wire – no felt needed. Cut each bloom with a few inches of stem still remaining so you can attach the flower with the wire. As a tip, just keep attaching flowers from the center and moving outwards until you get the look you like. There is no right or wrong look, so just keep adding as many as you like. :)

flower crown DIY magnolia blooms

flower crown DIY magnolia blooms

flower crown DIY magnolia blooms

Hope this helps inspire you to create your own flower crowns. They are so fun to make + I think these would be so cute for your flower girls also. :)

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  1. Love these!! I’ve been wanting to try making one for myself, so this is perfect. Thanks!!

  2. I’ve been dying to make one of these!! I’m planning to wear one for my engagement photos. :) Thinking one for my flower girl is a must do also.

  3. The flower crown is brilliant.

  4. I love these Jen! So pretty, especially on top of your pretty head :)

  5. So pretty. We make ours of real flowers and they are so much fun to make!

  6. Thanks for the step-by-step process on how to make this. I thought this was somehow difficult to make, but your instructions seems easy.

  7. What a a beautiful way to add some personal color to a brides wedding style.

  8. Was just about to comment that these would be darling for flower girls…but you closed your post with that, too! Thanks for the great tutorial. :-)

  9. Wonderful idea on the DIY flower crown. I love the way the smaller flowers look, very nice and elegant touch. Great way to put a bit of color splash into the details as well. It could even be a nice touch for the bridesmaids as well.

  10. Darling to the max! I love stylish and easy DIYs like this.

  11. Definitely bookmarking this to make in the near future!

  12. I’m making one of these for prom. :)

  13. Auuughhh these DIY’s are BANANAS! I’m gonna be making flower crowns all summer now :D

  14. That is the best of the the procedure of making beautiful flower crown

  15. Help! I’m making these right now and the tacky glue is not working….the felt pieces keep pulling away from the flower. Any tips? I bought something called “Tacky Glue” at the store. Is there a specific brand you used?

    • Hi Kimberley – I just used the tacky glue that comes in the brown bottle. Worked great for me. If that doesn’t work for you, you could also try using a glue gun. Best of luck!

  16. That is so cute! I would never have thought to use wire underneath that is so much easier to work with then finding some kind of branch or rope to do this. Also much easier to stick the flowers on. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Your floer crown look so delicated and cute! And its super simple to do!!!

    Love it


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