4 Reasons Building a Wedding Website on Squarespace Will Make Your Life Easier

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Simplify. Get organized. Don’t stress. Relax. Sure…it sounds easy enough, but let’s face the facts: wedding planning is sure to bring along its fair share of stress. We won’t list all the reasons why (we’re thinking you already know), but trust us—we get it. On top of all the never-ending to-do lists, you may have discovered by now that there are seemingly a million ways to get one thing done. Do you mail or email RSVPs? What’s the best way to register? How do you really design a wedding that’s totally you?

One thing we know for sure: you WILL make it down that aisle one way or another. But there are tons of different paths to get you there and information overload is a REAL THING. This is why we’re such proponents of letting your wedding website work for YOU and there is no better way to do that than with Squarespace. Wedding websites on Squarespace are literally designed to make your life easier, keeping current with everything from design options to helpful integrations. You’ll find yourself streamlining in no time—and you’re gonna look good doing it, too. Here are just a few stand-out reasons turning to Squarespace to build your wedding website is going to save you some stress and make things much easier in the long run!

1. You can try any template for free for 14 days.

Make your life easier with a Squarespace wedding website

No commitments. No upfront costs. Just two weeks between you and your website—getting to know each other and building something you truly love. (Kinda like your relationship?!) Forget the pressure to choose the perfect template the first time. AND, if you decide to switch mid-design, Squarespace transfers over the information you’ve already created so you don’t have to start from scratch.

We love this feature because you can essentially create your perfect wedding website, no strings attached. If you’re happy with it, keep it! We recommend going with the annual plan and adding in the $144 to your wedding budget. (Don’t forget to use the code GWS19 for 10% off your first purchase!) You’ll get a free domain name and the sweet freedom to cross another thing off the list!

2. The RSVP form is more than meets the eye.

Make your life easier with a Squarespace wedding website

Every wedding website template comes with a built-in + customizable RSVP form. Two things we love about this: first, the form integrates with Google Drive. If you’re already using Google Docs + Sheets to plan your wedding, this is a MAJOR bonus. Every response immediately connects to a Sheet in your Drive, keeping you organized without even trying. Easy peasy.

Second, the ability to customize the form is about to make your life SO MUCH easier—especially if you’re planning an alternative or destination wedding. Ask your guests about food allergies, travel needs, get information for weddings with multiple events, camping needs, childcare—you name it. Use the form to gather any and all the information you need about each guest and eliminate those last minute texts and emails that are bound to get way out of hand.

3. You can give your wedding hashtag a home with the Instagram block.

Make your life easier with a Squarespace wedding website

How long did it take you to think of your wedding hashtag? Funny how that’s become a part of modern wedding planning, but there are serious benefits for you and your guests. Those with an Instagram account can contribute to documenting the day and thanks to Squarespace, those without an account can still enjoy the photos in one place! Squarespace allows you to create a hashtag stream directly on your wedding website, aggregating all your wedding day memories with little effort (and therefore little stress) on your part.

By the way, this is just one reason we suggest keeping the wedding website after the wedding. It’s a digital memory book to share with those who couldn’t make it, perhaps, and to reminisce when that one-year anniversary comes around!

4. Squarespace wedding websites are totally unique to you—not “one size fits all.”

Make your life easier with a Squarespace wedding website

There are lots of options when it comes to building a wedding website. Some of the “free” options give you less to work with, cookie-cutter templates, and might just try to sell you something down the road. Squarespace’s annual plan includes a custom domain with no hidden fees, so add it to the wedding budget and call it a day. Having your own domain is the best way to make your website memorable and therefore able to do its job: answer all the questions for you. The domain could be your names, a punny joke, or anything your guests could easily find with a Google search. (One less “What’s your website, again?” text to answer!)

And if the idea of designing your own website freaks you out, rest easy. The drag-and-drop design interface makes building a wedding website that truly represents you easy + fun. In less than 48 hours you can have something that’s easy to create, easy to use, and does the work for you. That’s more time to take a long bath…which, let’s be honest, is really what you need right now.

Happy planning + happy relaxing!

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