Anne-Claire Brun Photography

location: Bay Area, SF + LA, CA

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phone: 661-289-2428

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: $2500 - $9000

about us
The light. Wherever I am, I sometimes freeze and stay hypnotized by it. Any light has beauty and being able to see it feels like a treasure. The emotions. I am very sensitive and moved by the emotions, especially during weddings! Nature. I feel so inspired whenever I spend time outdoors. It's my favorite place to be. People. The way they interact. The things they say with their eyes, bodies and reactions rather than their words. The complexity of relationships.... Beauty. Anywhere. Beauty of a person, of an object, of a moment. Music. Music is the best thing that ever happened.

our approach / working with us
I'm all about natural light, candid moments, breathtaking backdrops and emotions. When I ask around how my style is perceived, here's what I get: storytelling, romantic, beautiful light, emotions, candid, natural, soft, creative, poetic, inspiring and intimate.

why we love weddings
When you get married, something happens and that something will not happen again on any other day of your life. You chose one person to spend the rest of your life with, and your bring together all the people you care about. It's only for a day and it's incredibly precious. I am a romantic. I cry in front of my TV, I cry while reading books and I often cry during weddings (when the vows are read, when the father of the bride starts tearing up, when parents are holding each other's hands tight..). On a wedding day, anything can happen but most of the time, what happens is happiness. Pure, raw happiness. I could take photos of anything, and I sort of tried but what moves me are couples and wedding days. I know how important it is to capture those moments, those details, those emotions. The story of that day. When I take photos, I search for the light and I let emotions take over. I love outdoors weddings, that's why I moved to California. I love intimate elopements with breathtaking backdrops, I love couples who put everything into their wedding day and craft it so that it's them and no one else. I love arriving early enough to capture the getting ready photos and the peaceful, quiet time before the day really starts. I love hearing about the couples stories, seeing them interact with their families and friends. I love the energy when people dance. I love the beauty behind details, moments, people. It's also important for me to connect with my couples. The people I work with could be my friends and that's why they feel comfortable around me.

our travel policy
Right now I'm based in northern California but I spend as much time in SoCal than I do in NorCal. I travel all the time and I also go back to Europe a lot so my travel policy is YES. Anywhere, anytime. Also, I offer amazing deals for weddings that make me travel to places I was dying to visit ;) My current bucket list: - Japan - New Zealand - Morocco - Virgin Islands - Papua New Guinea - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Mongolia - Anywhere in Asia, always <3 - Brazil - Chili - China - Well, anywhere, really. There isn't much I love as much as discovering new countries and cultures <3

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