Tropical-Inspired Bridal Shower with a Donut Wall!

For all of our readers out there in the process of wedding planning, you might want to send today’s post over to your maid of honor/best gal pal, mom, aunt, grandmother or whomever is taking the reins of planning a bridal shower for you! Here at GWS, we’re all about throwing modern twists, fun + unconventional things into the planning process — and don’t worry about what should or should not be done, this is the time to start making new traditions! Today’s bridal shower features tons of tropical elements, festive florals, vibrant pops of colors, a donut wall, and more!

Kaity Brawley Photography shares with us What kind of bridal shower do you throw for a girl who’s planning a dreamy wedding in Key West, is obsessed with her dog named Elvis, and calls her fiancé hotdog? This one! In tight event spaces every inch counts, so we did our best to make everything fit the theme and serve a purpose!

Let’s see all the darling details at this beach bungalow bridal shower!


The Sweetified Bakery crafted those cute cookies!

That king protea! Kaleidoscope Flowers and Botanicals provided all the flourishing florals.

We’re LOVING the pops of color here, especially the mismatched bowls!

Kaity tells us We DIYed the banner + paper fan wall. It doubled as a decorative element and the perfect backdrop to take group photos at and to open gifts in front of! The bride-and-groom-to-be call each other “hotdog” and decided on the wedding hashtag #hotdogsgethitched, so we had to incorporate it somehow! The letters were cut out of felt and hot glued to macrame string.

So much YES!! We’re completely crushing on this coral donut wall.

For those that are interested (and who wouldn’t be?) this donut wall is a super easy DIY! Items needed: a peg board, dowel rods, and some spray paint! Add some toasted coconut donuts and you have the perfect way to serve an on theme treat!

How cute are these potted succulents + cacti?!

So ADORABLE!! So for all you readers out there – what kind of things would you want at your bridal shower? Let us know in the comments below. :)

photography: Kaity Brawley Photography // florals: Kaleidoscope Flowers and Botanicals // desserts: The Sweetified Bakery