The Bridal Appointment: Here’s What You Need to Know (Featuring Pronovias!)

Ready to say yes to the dress but not sure where to start? We know—it’s daunting. People always say you’ll “just know when you find the right one…but will you? And, as perfect as that dress looked on Pinterest, what if it doesn’t measure up in person? Rest assured, we aren’t here to add any stress to the fact that you’re on a quest for what very well may be the most important dress of your life—we want to help!

You can pin for days but there really is nothing like booking an appointment at a bridal boutique and simply trying on the gowns. Styles that you may have originally passed over could surprise you, and you never know how certain cuts will fit your shape, or what shade of ivory compliments your skin just so.

Today, we’re taking a look behind the doors of bridal-heaven, Pronovias, to give you all our best tips to making the most out of your bridal appointment!

Pronovias Store Appointment

Typically, you’ll want to start shopping for your dress 6-9 months before your wedding day to allow time for shipping and alterations. However, you can find a dress at Pronovias 3 months prior—or even less! And if you have no idea what style of dress you like, it’s okay. The best information to have on hand is the season your getting married + the type of venue. These two factors can help narrow down the perfect design for your day.

When you book an appointment, a consultant from Pronovias will contact you ahead of time to learn about your tastes and ask all the right questions to pre-select the perfect gowns for you. On the day, you can also peruse the entire store and the digital lookbook, so it never hurts to get acquainted with the wedding dress collection beforehand.

Pronovias Store Appointment

Pronovias has everything you need to get the full picture right in the store. Don’t worry about lugging around 3 variations of heel heights, strapless bras, or accessories. All you need is a pair of underwear that won’t show panty lines for those hip-hugging gowns!

And, of course, bring your girls! It’s traditional to bring your mother along but you can bring your entire bridal party, aunts, grandma…you get the picture. The only rule we abide by is this one: bring people who you absolutely adore and never feel obligated otherwise.

Worried it won’t work out? If you don’t find a dress on your first appointment, you can always come back! Never feel the pressure to choose right away if you just aren’t quite sure. Your consultant will help you find the perfect gown, so listen to her! She might bring in a mermaid gown when you had your eye on a princess…and it might be absolutely perfect.

Pronovias Store Appointment

And when you find that absolutely perfect gown, Pronovias will follow through to the end to get it fitting just right because each store has its own dressmaking workshop and team of seamstresses. You’ll have a fitting a month and a half before the wedding, then 10 days before the wedding to make sure everything is ready to go!

Pronovias Store Appointment

A week before the big day, you’ll have your dream dress in hand. Pop the champagne!

Find the nearest Pronovias store and request an appointment for a world-class, unforgettable experience!

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