The Best Canned Cocktails for Summer!

cocktails in a can

So after seeing how much you guys loved our roundup on the best canned rosés (and recently getting introduced to the world of canned cocktails a bit – who knew??) we decided we needed to explore this area for you guys as well! There aren’t nearly as many options here yet as canned wine, but there are quite a few and it’s a category that’s growing pretty fast.

With the long holiday weekend coming up and these being such a perfect option for summer, we decided to investigate to do the hard work again and search out the best cocktails in a can for you guys!

Here are the brands we discovered and loved….

cutwater spirits cocktails in a can

1. Cutwater Spirits

1. Cutwater Spirits – this San Diego brand has by far the most options! We tried 6 of their flavors and have to say they were some of our faves by far! The Vodka Mule, Bloody Mary and Paloma Cocktail were all major faves. The calorie size and alcohol volume varied on each, so check out the site if those are important to you for more specifics on those. Love that these are also pretty easy to find – we found them at grocery stores, Total Wine and even found a few flavors at our local Trader Joe’s!

fling cocktails in a can

2. Fling Craft Cocktails

2. Fling Craft Cocktails – this Kansas City brand has 4 flavors – Margarita, Mai Tai, a Cucumber Lime Gin and Tonic, and Blood Orange Vodka Soda. Our fave was the Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic. It has a 7% abv and is 170 calories – yum! Major bonus points for the gorgeous illustrations on the cans!


the cocktail club cocktails in a can from Albany Distilling Company

3. The Cocktail Club

3. The Cocktail Club – these were recently launched from the Albany Distilling Company, a small craft distillery located in Albany, New York’s historic downtown. They have 4 flavors and we love that each is low calorie and contains 8% abv. Each drink is made with club soda, natural flavorings, and the perfect amount of ALB Vodka. Black Cherry was our personal fave from this batch!


can can cocktails in a can

4. Can Can Cocktails

4. Can Can Cocktails – this San Francisco brand has 4 different cocktails. They all sound crazy good but we tried the White Linen (vodka with cucumber, elderflower) for this taste test. Definitely a fave and great for summer with an easy to drink taste. Can Can was founded by artist and bartender, Ryan Seng, and we love that Can Can Cocktails are made with innovative & natural ingredients that are sourced locally from the Sacramento Valley, then perfectly mixed with premium spirits and a little effervesce. Their Jenny and the Mule is on our list to try next!


high noon sun sips can cocktails

5. High Noon Sun Sips Vodka & Soda

5. High Noon Sun Sips Vodka & Soda – This brand has a few different flavors (grapefruit, pineapple, black cherry, and watermelon), we tried the grapefruit one. It was a bit on the sweet side, but would be super refreshing for a hot summer day. Love that it is only 100 calories and it has a 4.5% abv – also this one was by far the cheapest of the canned cocktails we tried.


high seas cocktails in a can

6. Half Seas Sparkling Cocktails

6. Half Seas Sparkling Cocktails – This brand has a Paloma, Bramble and Daiquiri. We tried their Paloma and it was YUM! Despite being the most popular tequila-based cocktail in Mexico — exceeding even the more globally recognized margarita — little is known about the origin of the Paloma other than that it was made by mixing tequila with grapefruit soda. The Half-Seas Paloma Sparkling Cocktail takes this tradition a step further by mixing the finest Mexican tequila with their own all-natural grapefruit soda, pure cane syrup, and zesty lime. Definitely will be sipping on this one this summer!


slow & Low Rock & Rye Whiskey in a Can7. Slow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey

7. Slow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey – this might be a tiny can, but it has 42% abv so this can is not messing around! It’s made with straight rye whiskey, 100% raw local honey, navel oranges, bitters and a pinch of rock candy. I’m not a huge whiskey drinker but this one had a bit of a sweeter taste and made for a great sipper. Oh, and that tiny can is SO cute!

greenbar canned Spritz8. Greenbar Distillery Canned Spritz

8. Greenbar Distillery Canned Spritz– Love a refreshing Spritz? This LA company has 3 fun flavors – Orange, Hibiscus and Ginger! All their drinks are organic and 6% abv. We love the Ginger, perfect for a hot summer pool day!


So, those are our top picks for canned cocktails this summer! We’d love to hear – are there any we missed that you love? Please let us know in the comments as we are always looking to discover new canned cocktails!