The Best Rosés in a Can!

Our Favorite Roses in a Can

Rosé in can? Yep! We are big fans of canned rosé here at GWS – and the quality of rosés in a can right now?? So good!! Well, we really took one for the team the past week and did the hard work of trying 20 different rosés in a can. We rounded up our faves for each of your upcoming events this summer :)  The rosés listed below are perfect rosés for picnics, summer pool days, bachelorette parties, gifts for your bridesmaids, movies in the park…so many ideas here!

Who else is so ready for summer to be here?!! Warm summer nights drinking outside, bridal showers, weddings, so many fun events to look forward to…..

The Best Rosé in a Can

Let’s take a look at some of our fave canned rosés!

yes way rose in a can

Best Rosé for Bachelorette Parties – Yes Way Rosé

The popular Yes Way Rosé now comes in the prettiest can! Love that they come in a pack of four and you can find them at Target! The design is super pretty (yep, design of the wine cans is equally important to us!) and we LOVE it for a bachelorette party but works for so many occasions. This wine is from the south of France and our team loved the taste on this one!

sofia brut rose minis

Best Rosé for Bridal Showers  – Sofia Brut Rosé

This Sofia Brut Rosé Mini is another gorgeous can and delicious bubbly rose. Perfect for weddings or bridal showers, we love the cute can – and it comes with a straw! This can be easily found in most grocery stores as well as Target and BevMo!


Best Rosé for Can Design – Crafters Union Rosé and Ava Grace Vineyards (tie)

Our team was split on this one! The Ava Grace Rose has a gorgeous peach and gold palette which is one of our fave color combos and we could see it pairing for lots of upcoming celebrations! And the Crafters Union Rosé with those pretty flowers?! Well you know we love flowers! :) As for taste? Both passed our tests here! The Ava Grace has notes of red berries, apricot, and watermelon, and the Crafters Union Rose has flavors of fresh-cut flowers, strawberries, watermelon and white peaches … you’ll love every sip…We found both wines at our local grocery store as well as Total Wine.

underwood rose

Best Rose in a Can for Taste – Underwood Rosé

This Underwood Rosé has been my fave rosé for awhile. It’s just such an easy drink and the value on this one is GOOD! This size can roughly equals 2 glasses (half a bottle). Love this one for an outdoor movie night or afternoon by the pool. Haven’t tried their bubbles version, but I’m sure that is good as well! This can be found at Trader Joe’s, World Market and I’ve seen it in my local grocery store as well!

Bev Rose

Best for your Summer Pool Parties – Bev Rosé

Bev Rosé is the perfect rose for your pool parties – in fact that is one of the main reasons it was designed! No glass at the pool, but still want to drink a great rose? This is for you. :) Bev is a dry rosé, crisp, a lil’ fizzy and crafted specifically for a can by a woman! We’ll definitely be drinking more of these by the pool this summer!


rose all day with bubbles

Best Canned Rosé Bubbles – Rosé all Day with Bubbles

Looking for an easy slightly sweet drink this Rosé All Day is perfect. So easy to drink and also comes in a regular rosé. Oh, and we love those Rose All Day balloons – perfect for your summer decorating needs! :)

dear mom Oregon rose

Cutest Rosé Can – Dear Mom Rosé

This Dear Mom Rosé is just the cutest can! Love the tiny popsicles – and the Dear Mom label makes it perfect for a gift for your mom :) We found this cutie at Whole Foods.

prophecy rose in a can

Best Canned Rosé for a Girls Night – Prophecy Rosé

We are big fans of Prophecy Rosé in a bottle (typically I get from Target and it’s right around $10 a bottle!!), so we were super pumped to find that they now make their popular rosé in a can! The design is pretty fun on this one and we love it for a girls night since the can shows the Goddess of Fortune in front of the wheel of fortune. The wheel represents karma, and the Goddess of Fortune shows you must always take an active role in your own life, because no matter how the wheel turns you want to stay upright. Love that!! An easy to drink rosé with food or alone.

ruza wine in a can from winc


Ruza comes in packs of 4 and is the perfect size for 1 glass of wine in a can (this is a smaller can). So if you are just looking for the perfect glass, Ruza is our pick! We love that this wine is available from our favorite online wine shop – Winc! And a special for GWS readers: use our special GWS link, and you can save $22 off your first four bottles of wine – so 4 bottles for $40!!) Love that!! Winc wines are all great and have gorgeous label design!



house wine rose bubblesBest Easy Summer Drink – House Wine Rosé Bubbles

Looking for an easy slightly sweet drink this summer with some bubbles? Maybe you aren’t a big wine connoisseur? The House Wine Rosé with bubbles wins for us. Super easy to drink with flavors of juicy citrus and ripe strawberry. I wouldn’t recommend this one to drink with food – better for just a drink as it’s a bit sweet, maybe pair with some cheese! We found this at World Market as well as Total Wine.


west + wilder rose in a canBest for Weddings – West + Wilder Rosé

These cans are GORGEOUS! The West + Wilder Rosé and Sparkling Rosé are both a great drink and the cans would be so perfect for any outdoor summer adventure weddings.

Do you have a rose in a can you love that we missed? Please share as we always love finding new wines! And Happy Summer Drinking!!