A Taylor Swift Theme Eras Tour Birthday Party Any Swiftie Will Love

Taylor Swift inspired birthday party dessert display table

Calling all Swifties!! Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has made an unforgettable mark. Record-breaking in every way, TSwift’s career-encompassing retrospective arena show and the accompanying movie version have completely stolen our hearts. And we are absolutely *enchanted* to show you the dazzling Taylor Swift Eras Tour birthday party that Kelsey Klos–one of the event planning geniuses behind House of Fete—put together for her daughter, Denver! 

Denver’s favorite TSwift track is “Bejeweled,” so Kesley began the party planning process with that song and plenty of jewel tones in mind. With ten Taylor Swift Eras to choose from and ten total kiddos on the guest list, Kelsey set out to create a tablescape where each birthday party place setting could represent its very own Era!

From there Kelsey went all out, leaning into tons of lyric-specific touches to thrill any die-hard Swiftie. There were bowls of colorful beads for friendship bracelet making. There were super cute candy-filled microphones. There were THREE Taylor Swift-inspired birthday cakes. And of course the place was decked out in balloons, *mirrorballs* and glittery fringe tinsel that made the whole palace *shimmer.*

We’re so glad Dani Lacey was there snapping photos of the festivities!

Welcome to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour birthday party of every Swiftie’s *wildest dreams*!!

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custom made Taylor Swift Eras themed birthday party invitation paper goods

Itsy Bitsy Parties created charming paper goods for Denver’s day. Love the “Blank Space” lyrics on those lavender haze envelopes!

little girl in a denim jacket wearing a Taylor Swift Anti-Hero name tag sticker that says, "It's me, hi, I'm the problem. It's me".

Can’t have an Eras Tour birthday party look without Taylor Swift iron-on patches!

A Taylor-Inspired Tablescape

tray of custom cookies with various Taylor Swift album eras as themes

Royally Iced Sweets provided clever custom Taylor Swift album inspired cookies for guests to munch on throughout the day.

cups with Folklore era "mirrorball" stir sticks

Obsessed with these Folklore era mirrorball stir sticks by Cami Monet.

table setting for a Taylor Swift themed birthday with custom album-inspired cookies
plate with a heart shaped Lover era inspired cookie in pastel pink, purple, and blue colors

How lovely is this pastel Lover Era place setting! “Every plate was a different color,” says Kelsey, “but I tied them together by creating my own design of a friendship bracelet atop each plate. I used watercolor details by Cami Monet to make them different yet cohesive.

coaster with a photo of Taylor Swift floating in a swimming pool
black plate place setting inspired by the Reputation era

Cups and napkins in each Era’s color from Jollity & Co. kept the place settings distinct.

bouquet of colorful jewel-tone flowers sitting on a table

The day’s magical jewel-tone floral arrangements? Kelsey created those herself!

Taylor Swift birthday party table with a plate representing each album era and bowls with beads to make friendship bracelets

This checkered table runner by Cami Monet acted as a cohesive base for the individual color scheme of each plate’s Era.

a Taylor Swift Speak Now era inspired lavender purple cup with a butterfly stirrer in it
Taylor Swift birthday party table with a plate representing each album era and bowls with beads to make friendship bracelets

So fun that even the different sets of gold flatware with colorful handles matched each Taylor Swift Era plate’s vibe!

Taylor Swift birthday party table with a plate representing each album era and bowls with beads to make friendship bracelets
light green plate with a friendship bracelet design that says "Our Song" from the Taylor Swift debut album era

A Taylor Swift Birthday Party Must-Have: Friendship Bracelets, Of Course!

bowls with blue, clear, silver, and white beads for friendship bracelets
person making a friendship bracelet

No Eras Tour-themed Taylor Swift birthday party celebration would be complete without the tradable beaded friendship bracelets that concertgoers have been sporting at every stop of the tour.

person making a friendship bracelet

Grab some friendship bracelet kits full of colorful beads to create your own!

girl showing off her friendship bracelet with the word "ERAS" written on it

Party Tunes: Taylor’s Version

giant colorful balloon arch around a record player displaying the Midnights Taylor Swift album and ten microphones in different colors to represent the ten eras

“The room was filled with jewel tone balloons from Balloon Therapy Charleston, tinsel fringe and of course the orange Karma door,” says Kelsey. “And the record player was the center of attention so the birthday girl could pick and choose her album.”

giant colorful balloon arch around a record player displaying the Midnights Taylor Swift album

Kelsey’s goal was to set this Taylor Swift inspired birthday party celebration apart from others by making Taylor’s discography the center of the day, nodding subtly to each album with every detail.

close up photo of a colorful Taylor Swift themed balloon arch with the word "ERAS" written across four balloons
birthday girl in a denim jacket with ten stars embroidered on the back of it to represent Taylor Swift's ten eras

Denver’s adorable custom embroidered jean jacket featured a star for every TS Era!

Taylor Swift Midnight vinyl record in its cover

Are you even a Swiftie if you don’t have a copy of ‘Midnights’ on vinyl??

bedazzled pair of Lover era inspired pointed toe boots sitting in front of the Lover album vinyl

These sparkly Lover-vibe floral ankle boots by Betsey Johnson absolutely deserve a spot on our list of show-stopping Eras Tour outfit ideas.

woman holding the Midnights vinyl up in front of her face

Ten Eras—ten fingers! Love that Kelsey was rocking a shimmery Eras Tour mani for Denver’s celebration! Check out our fave album-inspired Taylor Swift nail ideas to dream up your own Swiftie mani look.

bottle of champagne with a tag that says "Champagne Problems" next to a mirrorball ornament, both in reference to Taylor Swift's Folklore era

Chalk Designs By Me created tons of adorable tags for the party—including the one featured on this bottle of bubbly that the grownups sipped to cure their *champagne problems.*

close up photo of a bottle of wine

No Taylor Swift Birthday Party Could Be Complete Without Fab Eras Inspired Party Favors

ten colorful candy-filled microphones with a Taylor Swift album era written on each

How perfect are these Era-coordinated candy-filled microphones by Itsy Bitsy Parties?!

Lover era themed candy-filled microphone
Eras Tour film popcorn container party favors with Taylor Swift themed goodies inside

This Taylor Swift birthday party favor situation was absolutely untouchable.

P.S. Need more favor inspo? We’ve got you covered with our round-up of the cutest Taylor-themed gifts.

Eras Tour film popcorn container party favors with Taylor Swift themed goodies inside

Guests were treated to Eras Tour manis with Olive & June polish.

Eras Tour film popcorn container party favors with Taylor Swift themed goodies inside

Inside the Eras Tour Movie popcorn buckets?? Copies of Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography and “Karma” cats from Cuddle + Kind

bedazzled Taylor Swift Red album era themed red color heart shaped sunglasses

…plus shimmery confetti and precious heart-shaped sunnies from Peyton Jean Handmade!!

Taylor Swift Getaway Car themed newspaper page in a frame
birthday girl holding a Taylor Swift plush doll

How adorable is this Taylor doll by Candy Kirby Designs??

birthday girl in a blue dress dancing with her Taylor Swift doll

Birthday girl Denver showed some love to the Midnights Era with this royal blue star-embellished dress from Taylor Joelle.

drink station with Taylor Swift song references on the drink dispensers that say "cherry lips" and "crystal skies"

Kelsey truly thought of everything. Loving those paper airplane wall decals from Wallery and the lyric-themed drinks she set out in these super cute ribbed beverage dispensers with gold spouts from Target.

stack of black napkins with a Taylor Swift song reference on each from the Reputation album

Suburban Soiree created these clever custom napkins.

drink station with Taylor Swift song references on the napkins and drink dispensers
birthday girl standing in front of the Taylor Swift themed dessert display

Sparkly tiered fringe in Eras Tour colors from Ellie and Piper made for a fun + glittery focal point.

Swiftie Sweets For This Taylor Swift Birthday Party

hand holding a cookie with white icing and text in a rainbow of colors that says "THE ERAS TOUR"
Taylor Swift inspired birthday party dessert display table

“We ended the party with CAKE, not one but three,” says Kelsey. Flour Shop created three custom cakes to mimic iconic Taylor Swift music video moments.”

flower adorned cake with piano keys on top made of KitKat chocolates

“The show stopper was the Surprise Song Piano Cake. A chocolate cake with edible flowers from Magnolia’s Yarden and KitKat keys mimicked the iconic moment from her tour.”

yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles and a cake topper that says "denver" with the shape and design of the house in the Lover Taylor Swift music video

Design & Unwind absolutely nailed Denver’s “Lover” house cake topper.

decor piece of two gold hands making a heart wearing friendship bracelets

Every hardcore Swiftie needs a heart hands sculpture to display their friendship bracelets!

the words to Taylor Swift's "Our Song" printed in green text on a white napkin in the cursive font seen on the debut album
Reputation and Midnights era themed cookies

Love the way that Kelsey used non-cake dessert options to work in as many clever TS lyrical moments as possible!

white cake with Taylor Swift's lucky number 13 written on it

Melamine cake stands from Joyeux Company added even more color to the sweets table’s design.

birthday girl reaching into the white cake with Taylor Swift's lucky number 13 written on it to reveal a red interior as seen in the "I Bet You Think About Me" music video from Red Taylor's Version

You better believe Denver recreated the iconic cake moment from the “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” video!

birthday girl shoving a slice of the red velvet cake into her mouth
white cake with Taylor Swift's lucky number 13 written on it with a chunk taken out of it showing the red interior
birthday girl blowing blue confetti at the camera

Lauren Glass Designs and Bash Boutique had this Swiftie party covered, confetti-wise!

birthday girl holding up her hands in a heart shape

This epic Taylor Swift Eras Tour birthday party will *never go out of style.* Here’s to plenty more Swiftie celebrations! Congrats on pulling off these totally *fearless* festivities, Kelsey! And happy birthday, Denver!

*LONG LIVE* all things Taylor!

photography: dani lacey photographs // event design: House Of Fete // florals: Kelsey Klos // paper goods: Itsy bitsy Parties // cake: Flour Shop // balloons: Balloon Therapy Charleston // microphone : Itsy Bitsy Parties // runner, stir sticks, punchies: Cami Monet // edible flowers : Magnolia's Yarden // cookies: Royally Iced // cake topper + sign : Design & Unwind // paper airplanes : Wallery // cups + napkins : Jollity & Co. // custom napkins: Suburban Soiree // Karma cats : Cuddle + Kind // sunnies : Peyton Jean Handmade // confetti : Lauren Glass Designs // melamine cake stands : Joyeux Company // fringe : Ellie and Piper // hat + flag : Winnie and Haze // tags : Chalk Designs By Me // dresses : Taylor Joelle // Taylor doll : Candy Kirby Designs // wrapping paper : Shavs Paper // confetti: Bash Boutique