Seal Your Most Special Moments in Life With Sincerely Capri!

When it comes to your wedding, there’s nothing more important than making memories with the ones you love most. This can look different for a lot of people! For some, videos capture the energy and liveliness they need to look back fondly on big moments. For others, it’s more meaningful to keep it close to the heart. That’s where Sincerely Capri comes in.

Sincerely Capri specializes in creating stunning, personalized bridal lockets. They’re high quality, affordable, and easy to close. Instead of using a traditional hinge closure that can be difficult to open, Sincerely Capri uses a full circle magnetic closure, making it easier than ever to put personalized photos into your locket. 

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The perfect gift for sentimental brides

A Sincerely Capri locket is the gift for sentimental brides. And it can come from anyone! Whether you’re a mother, maid of honor, or just a great friend, the beautiful bride will be more than grateful for this meaningful gift.

These lockets are all the more special when used to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. A locket with a photo of the bride’s dearly departed grandparent is sure to make her feel like they’re walking down the aisle with her.

This was a gift for my best friend from childhood. Her Grandmother was her best friend and their relationship was such an important part of her life that I knew not having her present on the best day of her life would be so hard for her. This locket is a visual representation of a joyful memory of when she was here and a reminder that Gran Gran’s love will be present with her on her wedding day and always from heaven above.-Nicole Forbes

Sincerely Capri’s personalized pieces come in various colors like gold, rose gold, silver, or even a lacey design. Plus – you can also wear your locket multiple ways! Attach it to your bouquet for your wedding day, then after the big day, you can add a chain to your locket to wear it around your neck! Love that!

You can also engrave your locket! Best of all, the handwriting can be customized to that of your loved one. No matter the handwriting, Sincerely Capri can bring it to life – right in the palm of your hand.

The perks don’t stop there! Your personalized locket also comes with a complimentary keepsake box, making it easy to preserve for a lifetime.

Pets count as loved ones, too! If your furry friend can’t be there in person, Sincerely Capri helps you keep them just within reach.

Ready to give the gift of a lifetime?! Grab your favorite bride-to-be a locket from Sincerely Capri!