Links + Loves: A Simple Weekend DIY + These Might Be Perfect Jeans

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Welcome to Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in…

Well, hello there! How is everyone feeling? Hopefully, you’re feeling hopeful. It was a week that made history and if nothing else, we hope everyone has made time for reflection as we look forward to better days ahead!

We had a lot of good stuff on GWS this week that you may have missed! Including our gaze into the future at 2021 wedding trends! If you’re planning a wedding this year or next, you’ll want to bookmark that post. We also shared a very fun and massive round-up of wedding dresses and more inspired by the pure gem that is Bridgerton. Speaking of, here are unique wedding dresses you can buy online. And for those of you planning a fall wedding, please do not sleep on this inspiration!

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:


From Jen:

What Vice President Kamala Harris means for our country — a lovely way to encapsulate what happened on Inauguration Day.

And speaking of Kamala, I just ordered this Madame Vice President tee!

Who else couldn’t get enough Bernie memes this week?? The best Bernie Mitten Memes all in one place.

From Katie:

If you’ve got an earrings obsession like me, you might also find organizing your collection difficult. A friend recently told me to put a piece of tulle in between an embroidery hoop and voila! Super easy and cute organization for your earrings. This DIY is similar.

Recently found this pink and red heart cardigan that would be perfect for some Valentine’s style!

Ever fall in love with a knit cardigan?

On the menu this week; these firecracker meatballs with rice & green beans. SO good.

From Jessi:

I’m loving whimsical + eclectic home decor right now, so I just got this fun tufted rug for under $35!

If you’re already looking forward to Valentine’s Day like me, check out the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide at Anthropologie for the most adorable ideas!

Currently re-reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s an easy and entertaining read that will totally change the way you live your life!

From Britt:

Worth the re-watch!!!!

These are my new favorite jeans — the cut is so comfortable + flattering. I love how you can see how they fit on different size models. Also, there are a few sizes left in different colors on major sale…I got them in white!

I got this blender for my birthday and it. is. legit. Guys…it can heat and make soup! So far I’ve only blended up smoothies, but I’m excited to make some hummus this weekend!

Danielle mentioned this underwear a few weeks ago and I was totally influenced. Treat yourself the this buttery soft pair!

From Danielle:

Did anyone else take a paper-making class growing up?! I remember mine so vividly and want to revisit this fun art project during the winter. My nuggets will enjoy this craft with me, too!

I’m really trying to squeeze in self-care wherever I can during this ‘offseason,’ and these bath soak salts have been heaven. Obviously good-smelling, but also helping to restore my dry, sad, Wisconsin winter skin.

Speaking of self-care, I saw this art print on a friend’s IG story and fell in love! It’s so cute, and a nice, aesthetically adorable reminder of all the self-care stops to take. It’s not even $5!

If anyone else is living in the brisk Midwest, I hope you know that Patagonia sells used winter gear under a business name called Worn Wear and it’s a game-changer.

Happy weekend from all of us at GWS!