Real Wedding: Jessica + Brian’s Modern Wedding

I am a big fan of streamers at weddings lately, so when photographer Sergio Mottola shared this sweet, modern wedding with me – with lots and lots of handmade streamers, I was smitten! Yep, we shared a wedding with streamers on Monday and again today – but this wedding has an entire different feel. It’s modern + simple, but so well designed! Maybe also some inspiration for those of you getting married indoors also. Oh, and a Taco Truck for dinner – sounds perfect to me! Jessica shared some great details into their day also, thanks Jessica and congrats to you + Brian!! From Jessica, “No theme, no colors…all themes, all colors. Brian and I love all things bright and fun so it just made sense to not pick one theme but keep our wedding really airy, light, and modern with all sorts of color on display.”

illustrated wedding programs

wedding with streamers

wedding kiss

wedding with streamers

Most memorable moment of your wedding day? Walking out of the venue as man and wife to Peter Bjorn and John’s “roll the credits.” I have wanted that song to be a part of my wedding day since before I was ever engaged however I would have to say it is tied with the songs our friends sang “the weather” by Built to Spill and “I’m in love with a girl” by Big Star. All those moments brought tears to my eyes.

taco truck at wedding

taco truck at wedding

photobooth at wedding red background

Any advice for those planning now?
My DIY effort was quite extensive since we opted out on a wedding planner but we were so lucky to have a helpful group of amazing friends helping us through out the entire process. I would suggest starting early if you are making your decorations. We sewed over 1700 feet of streamers over a 4 month period and I couldn’t have planned that timing better and the pay off…well I think the photos speak for themselves.

When we first began planning, it was a bit overwhelming. There are so many options and blogs and inspirations on the internet and print world so we started with what we wanted the most and worked from there, for us the #1 priority was having dahlia flowers. This helped narrow down the time of year, what kind of venues we needed to look at, and so on. This also helped set our budget and other logistics for the wedding, its funny how something as small as dahlia flowers really made our wedding fall into place.

Venue: Georgetown Studios – Georgetown, Seattle, Washington
Photographer: Sergio Mottola
Wedding Dress: custom dress by Jennifer Ashley Welch
Hair and Makeup: hair – Carinn at Vain Hair Salon, makeup – Belinda at Vain Hair Salon
Shoes: Seychelles
Groom Suit: Hugo Boss
Invitations/Paper Goods: Regina Baerwalde
Cake: carrot, red velvet, and chocolate cake by Macrina Bakery
Music: DJ Andrew Means of Velella Velella
Catering: El Camion Taco Truck