Put it in Park: 10 Cute Car Date Ideas!

Cute Car Date Ideas

Need to get out of the house but…nowhere to go? At-home dates are still fun, but it’s time for an upgrade. Yep, we’re moving it to the car, people! We’re talking about cute car date ideas that will give you a reason to put on real clothes and wear lipstick. Well, maybe forget the lipstick… *wink*

Even when we’re not living in pandemic times, it’s easy to get in a date night rut. And a date in a car might sound a little weird, but hear us out! You don’t need much to make it happen, just the two of you, a car, and the open road.

Ready for a drive? Here are 10 car date ideas to get the romance motor rev’d!
{photo above: Alexandria Monette Photography}

Progressive Take-Out Dinner

Cute Car Date Ideas
Treat yourselves to a 3-course dinner at different restaurants! Hit your favorite spots to support them in tough times. A sample scenario: chips + guac and to-go margs followed by sushi then finishing up with ice cream! {photo: Nicole Kirshner Photography}

Classic Car Date Idea: Drive-In Movie

Cute Car Date IdeasOf all the car date ideas, this one will always be a classic. There might be a drive-in movie joint nearby that you don’t even know about! Do a little search to see what’s in your area then turn up that dial. {photo: Christina Williamson}

…or DIY Drive-In Movie

Cute Car Date Ideas
And if you can’t find a local drive-in, make it yourself! Bring a tablet or iPad or laptop and put on the movie of your choice! Pack a few beers and a lot of blankets. {photo: Amethyst Image Photography}

Sunrise + Coffee

Cute Car Date IdeasWaking up in the wee hours will be worth it for this one. Prep the coffee ahead of time, stop off for donuts, then head for a nice view to watch the sunrise together. {photo: Mirae Campbell}

Sunset Dessert Date

Cute Car Date IdeasGrab your favorite treats and kick open the boot! Junk food in the trunk, anyone?! Make it ~aesthetic~ with battery-powered twinkle lights and lots of blankets + pillows. {photo via Jo Stotts}

Drive + Dance

Cute Car Date IdeasFind a secluded spot, turn up the music, and have a dance session! {photo: Sidney Morgan}

Ding-Dong Deliver

Cute Car Date IdeasNothing feels as good as giving back — and doing it together is even better. Grab a few grocery store bouquets, hit the Target dollar spot, pick up some chocolate bars, run through Starbucks. Then have fun dropping off unexpected treats to family and friends! {photo: Trader Joes’ Instagram}

Park It

Cute Car Date IdeasGo ahead, be 16 again. {photo: Alexandria Monette Photography}

Tailgate Date for Two

Cute Car Date Ideas
Pack the picnic and do it up! {via Pinterest}

Take a Mini Trip

Cute Car Date IdeasWhat can you find an hour outside your town? Maybe it’s the coast or a national park, a look-out, or simply a spacious open road. Put on the playlist and give yourselves permission to get away — if only for a moment. {photo: Anna Delores Photography}

Ultimate Car Date Idea: Rent One!

Cute Car Date IdeasRenting a car for a car date?! YES. And while you’re at it, hire a photographer for a mini session! This would be SO fun for an anniversary or even a surprise date.
{photo: Yana Benjamin florals: Averi K Designs content retreat by Wandermoore Adventure Styled Shoots and Kecia Killian Photography}

Bonus: Go on a Scavenger Hunt

There you have it! Ten car date ideas to get you out of the house and onto a little adventure. Buckle up + have fun!