Our Favorite Cute Face Masks for Fall

 Loeffler Randall blush ruffle face mask

It’s the accessory you never knew you’d need — like, an actual necessity — face masks for fall! When we put together our first roundup of face masks, they were a little less easy to find. Since then, just about everyone from large retailers to your neighbors with a sewing machine are making masks — what a time, right?

It’s hard to believe that a face mask could ever be fashionable but we are creative human beings who love to rock a look! We’re making lemonade out of lemons, people! And if your face mask drawer (is that a thing now?) is in need of a refresh for your fall wardrobe, we’ve got some real cute options for you right here! A few of which, our editorial team has already tested and found true.

And btw if you’re looking for more, we’ve also got a roundup of masks that give back, face masks for your wedding guests, and even masks for the bride and wedding party.

1. Ruffle Face Mask — $35

 Loeffler Randall blush ruffle face mask

2. Upcycled Face Masks — Set of 2 $24

shop bop face masks“These are my most comfy masks!!” – Jen

3. “Vote” Reusable Face Mask — $30

vote face mask

4. Striped Masks with Tie Straps — Set of 5 $38

en saison striped face masks“I don’t have these but love the simple print and 5 masks for $38 is such a good deal!” – Jen

5. Everlane 100% Human Face Mask — Set of 5 $25

Everlane face mask

6. Hedley & Bennet Mask — 1 for $22 or 3 for $45

hedley & bennett fabric masks

“I purchased the Rifle Paper x Hedley & Bennet mask which is sadly sold out, but these neutral colors are great and each purchase donates masks to those in need.” – Brittany

7. Headband + Ear Loop Reusable Face Mask Set — $78

headband face mask combo

8. Anthro Organic Cotton Ear Loop Face Masks — Set of 4 $34

fall face masks

9. Handmade Masks by Katie Pritchard Designs — $25 each

Katie Pritchard face mask“I think our whole team has a mask by Katie! I always get compliments on the Rose Floral, but her fall series is so cute.” – Brittany

10. Old Navy Face Masks — Set of 5 $12.50

Old Navy face masksThey have SO many colors and patterns at the best price.

11. Gingham 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask — $15 each

gingham face mask

12. Scarf Face Mask — $10 each

scarf face mask“I tried this face mask-meets-cute-scarf thing and I’m into it!” – Danielle

13. Pure Silk Pleated Face Covering — $39 each

black silk face maskFor a little fall luxury — silk!

Echo New York 100% Cotton Face Mask — Set of 3 $39

amazon face masks

You can buy these on Amazon! Assorted colors, nose wire, adjustable, filter pocket – all the good stuff.

14. Kitsch 100% Cotton Neutral Face Masks — Set of 3 $12.99

kitcsh face mask“Love the prints on these and I always get compliments when I wear them.” – Jen

15. Paige Lauren Family Masks — Adult + Child Set $18

paige lauren family face masks“The family masks from Paige Lauren are incredibly soft + lightweight – while still being protective. They’re one of the only masks that my kiddos aren’t too bothered by!” – Danielle

16. Apricot Floral Target Mask — $2 each

Target face maskThey also have 5-packs for $14!

17. Black + White Stalks — $12.75 each

fall face mask

18. Tie-Back Bandana Reusable Face Mask — $20

19. Silk Velvet Mask in Toffee – $27

etsy velvet face mask

20. Gummy Bear Mask Chain — $18

mask chain“I bought a few mask chains and a mask from another small shop — Magic and Marie, love them! She has a cute ghost one still in stock.” – Katie

21. Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanders Mask — $5

hocus pocus face maskFor a Halloween laugh, this should do the trick!