Our Current Fave Bridesmaids Dress Trends

fave bridesmaids dress trends

Brides, we get it. Trying to decide what your besties will wear on the big day is not the easiest task! We’re sure you’re getting different opinions from a million different directions so, to help, we’ve pulled a few of our current favorite bridesmaids looks together, all in one place! We plan to share more details on each of these looks throughout the next few months, along with tips on where to find dresses for each stunning style. So, browse our bridesmaid dress trend alerts below, and don’t forget to tell us which look is your fave!

{top photo by Rad + In Love from this wedding}

mixed boho dresses

{photo by Adriana Klas from this wedding}

1. White Lace: A look you can never go wrong with is having your girls rock white lace dresses. A far cry from the days when no one but the bride should wear white to a wedding, this bridesmaid trend is totally on fire, and we are 100% behind it!

ombre bridesmaids dresses

{photo by This Modern Romance}

2. Ombre: Give us all the ombré everything…including ombré  bridesmaid dresses! To achieve this look takes a little bit of planning, but the end result is totally worth it! Have each girl wear a subtle variation on one shade, creating a gradient-like effect with their dresses.

sequin bridesmaids

{photo by Jose Villa}

3. Sequin/Metallic: This look is so good, it’s practically becoming our favorite way to add a little bit of glam-factor to your day! There are endless ways to pull off this idea. Opt for all the same designer, mismatched frocks, or double up on the trends and go for ombré sequin dresses!

tulle skirt bridesmaids

{photo by Dawn Alexandra Photography from this wedding}

4. Separates: Two piece wedding dresses are all the rage, so it only makes sense that this look has now trickled down to the bridesmaids! The best thing about this style is that it’s so super easy to achieve and will (without a doubt) look great. If you’re planning to give this look a go, we say pick at least one of the two elements to be cohesive, if not both. Because just how cute are those gals in matching polka dot shirts + tulle skirts above?!

black lace bridesmaids

{photo by Benj Haisch from this wedding}

5. All in Black: Having your gals all in black in fun way to really make you stand out and creates a super elegant bridal party, don’t you agree? We love how these gals above took the trend a bit further with their black lace dresses! Just as good at a chic, indoor affair as they are at a low-key outdoor soirée, your girls will really thank you if you go for this look! Not only is this style easy to find, but it’s one bridesmaid dress that they will without a doubt wear again and again.

floral dress bridesmaids

{photo by Hugh Forte from this wedding}

6. Florals: Floral dresses are a favorite around here and when we see a whole bridal party decked out in this look, we’re definitely feelin’ it every time. They’re easy to shop for and often affordable – and like the black lace dress trend above – your girls will definitely get a lot of mileage out of their new floral frock.

romantic beach bridesmaids

{photo by Taryn Baxter from this wedding}

7. Mismatched Dresses: The mismatched dress trend has been going strong for a couple of years, but what we’ve noticed recently is that bridesmaids are pulling it off better and better every time we see it! The key is to decide on at least one similarity (length, dressiness, etc.) and to keep the color palette somewhat cohesive.

We hope you loved reading about our personal fave bridesmaid dress trends – and remember, we’ll be diving deeper into each style in the months to come. With our trend alerts, styling tips and shopping guides, you’ll be sure to find the right bridesmaid look for your day!

If we missed one of your favorite bridesmaid dress trends, definitely leave a comment + share what it is below!