Links + Loves: A Book to Start Painting + A Target Blazer We Love

boho home springtime chair
photo: @forthehome

This week on GWS we realized that flowers and disco balls will never be the same thanks to this INCREDIBLE dance floor. We also died for this wedding at a roller rink (wait until you see the flower girl). And we fell hard for this couple’s contagious smiles and adoration for fried chicken! Finally, we shifted gears to share the best wedding guest dresses for all your spring weddings and events! And the newest wedding trend is here!

Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

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From Jen:

This white eyelet midi dress is perfect for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner – plus it’s 20% off this weekend!

I bought this set of blates for salads and pasta and I’m in love! My lunch salads have really stepped up!

Love Hamilton? You’ll love this creative Maid of Honor speech! Wow!

If you haven’t started your registry yet, check out Bed Bath & Beyond. Lots of reasons to love their registry program and right now they have a special get $100 in rewards offer!

From Diana:

I’m going to a wedding in California this weekend and I fully intend to look my very best! I got my first-ever spray tan in Dallas this weekend to prepare, and I LOVE the results! To help extend my tan, I picked up these self-tanner drops.

Speaking of Dallas, my city was a HUGE heavy hitter in the James Beard Award Semifinalists. My boyfriend and I spent the weekend testing out some of these amazing restaurants, like Homewood and La Casita Bakeshop. If you’re in the neighborhood, you won’t want to miss either of these amazing places!

From Sheena:

If there’s one food I could eat over and over again and never get sick of, it’s tacos. And this spicy mango and black bean taco recipe is seriously killer.

I also decided it was 100% necessary to up my cheeseboard game, and this gorgeous slate one is suuuuch a steal. Had to buy it.

Need some serious food inspo? This YouTube channel will proooobably make you hungry, but it’s worth it. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole.

From Katie:

It’s Pisces season! This Tiktok is for all you fellow water signs out there – with some tips on how to live like a Pisces this season (hint: be your own muse and treat yourself!).

I bought a painting book, Painting Nature with Clare, on Amazon a few weeks ago and it has been so helpful in breaking down the steps to paint again. I highly recommend it! It’s also only $17 so quite a steal.

From Britt:

I realized my closet was lacking in color, which is fine, but I took a chance on this orange linen blazer for some fun spring layering and a little color pop!

I also snagged this set of gold hoop earrings for $8 because I am me and I can never have enough gold hoops.

If you need a laugh, this will do it!