How To Throw a Rad *Virtual* Bachelorette Party

The official Grim Reaper of 2020 weddings is COVID-19. We know many couples are forced to postpone their wedding due to this pandemic; which in turn is forcing couples to cancel all those exciting pre-wedding festivities, too. Engagement parties, bridal showers + bachelorette parties just got all the air let out of them… and it’s a real shame.

We’re hoping to combat some of that by offering a how-to on virtual bachelorette parties! Yes, that’s a thing. Just like many businesses and families are doing, bride tribes across the globe are hopping on programs like Zoom and FaceTime to show their bride-to-be some major love! No one can tell a group of besties that they can’t pop some bubbly and celebrate their bride. It’s unheard of.

Let’s hear it for all those ladies out there embracing virtual bachelorette parties, and keeping the spirit of this sacred rite of passage alive! Here are 4 simple steps to throwing a rad virtual bachelorette party:

1. Make a Plan + Send Evites

Just like any party…it takes some planning! Figure out who will be ‘hosting’ the virtual bach bash, and who will be doing the bulk of the coordinating. As the party host, you can put together an email with all your planning thoughts and send it to the other attendees. Decide whether the party will be a surprise, and choose a theme! Even though you’re not together, you can pull inspiration + theme ideas from these unique bachelorette parties.

Once you’ve landed on a theme, check out some fun evites that match your vibe! Send out an evite to all bachelorette party attendees with all the Zoom details, and any pre-party preparations needed for the day to perhaps surprise the bride-to-be.

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2. Mail Gifts + Cards (in advance)

Because you can’t bring along your gifts + surprises, plan to mail or ship your gifts in advance. Choose a fun on-theme gift like a box of popular self-care items, or trendy wine glasses. Send a card with Givingli, which offers chic greeting cards paired with monetary gifts from many well-known brands. Whether you decide to send gifts, cards or both – try coordinating their arrival with the guest of honor’s partner. Perhaps all the surprises can be kept secret before the big, virtual party begins.

Here are some fun bachelorette party gift ideas:

Perfect Palette Babe T-Shirts via Etsy

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wine tumbler

Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumbler via Amazon

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flowerbomb perfume


Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Collection Set via Sephora

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Bride-to-Be Bachelorette Veil via Etsy

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sugarfina champagne gummy bears

Pop The Champagne Gift Set via Sugarfina 

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Green Wedding Shoes x Plum Pretty Sugar Robes

Hibiscus Robe via Plum Pretty Sugar

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3. Make a Schedule of Events

You can still make this party special even when you’re not together! Make a schedule for the event, just like you would for an in-person bachelorette party. Mandating a dress code is a fun way to make things special, so have all the ladies wear the same color or require an 80’s hairstyle… scrunchies included!

You could kick off the celebration with mimosas + manicures. Every attendee brings along her favorite nail polish color and pours some bubbly. Or maybe even begin the festivities with a zen group yoga class.

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4. Mix Up Cocktails + Games!

After a relaxing start with cocktails and fun games, things can really take off! The ‘evening’ portion of the virtual bachelorette party could have its mood set with a custom playlist of the bride-to-be’s favorite songs. Speaking of which…you could even organize a Lip Sync Battle with everyone on the call! Singing, dancing + cocktails encouraged ­čŹ╣ And if you like things bubbly, here are 4 Spindrift cocktails you can make at home!

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There are bachelorette babes all over the globe jumping on this virtual party train, and they’re sharing some great insight:

GWS reader, Allison, gives the scoop from the virtual bachelorette party she attended:

We gathered on Zoom. The event was hosted by the Bride’s sisters, and they were all in the same home. We started with a Kahoot game about the couple and we did an underwear matching game. In the week before the party, each attendee mailed a pair of underwear to the bride and at the party, she opened them all and had to guess who sent her which pair. She received a wide range of pairs that spanned from “granny panties” to super sexy! We all brought our own snacks and drinks and laughed a whole lot.

A GWS reader and bride-to-be dished on her virtual bachelorette party:

Attendees decorated Zoom backdrops or drew inappropriate art to hang nearby. We used Zoom! Before the call, someone dropped off a veil and my favorite bottle of alcohol on my stoop. There was a custom playlist made for the celebration; and every time some said my name they had to take a shot. It was very fun and low key!

We love those ideas! Happy planning + celebrating. Cheers :)

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top photo: Kaity Brawley Photography from this Tropical-Inspired Bridal Shower