How to Host a Chic Drive-By Bridal Shower

porch party balloons

How do you host a drive-by bridal shower? Will it be fun? Will people show up? What does it even look like? We have ANSWERS! You’ve seen the birthday parades — now, drive-by events are extending to all sorts of celebrations, from graduations to baby showers.

First of all, we’ve heard from several couples currently planning a wedding who are concerned about keeping a registry. Is it okay to ask people for gifts right now? Our stance is this: people want to celebrate you – so keep it! Furthermore, people need to PARTY. Even the most introverted among us would probably immediately RSVP if a social invitation of any kind hit our inbox right now. Enter the drive-by bridal shower!

This post is separated into two helpful sections: first, how to decorated for a drive-by bridal shower and second, how to sort out the logistics and plan. For decor, we’ve created three fun (and shoppable!!) “starter packs” for a boho, modern, or romantic theme. Choose your fighter!

Not up for the DIY decor? Shawna Yamamoto Event Design is offering porch party installation packages like the one above in and around OC. Check with designers in your area to see if they’d be up for creating something fun. Everyone’s finding new ways to celebrate + create so chances are they’d be up to the challenge – just ask!

Okay, let’s get to it!

{photo: Alicia Mink | design: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design with Details Details | paper + decor: Luxe Marie Stationery}

How do you plan a drive-by bridal shower? First,  you decorate!


Garden Festival Bridal Shower Inspiration

welcome sign // balloon garland kit // boho tent // peacock chair // boho cactus cookies // mini dried bouquet favors

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Vogue Inspired Lingerie Shower

welcome sign // balloon garland kit // striped canopy tent // bride’s chair // rosé candies // bottled cocktail DIY idea – photo via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

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flower wall

welcome sign // balloon garland kit // white canopy tent // bride’s chair // floral ring cookies // scrunchie favors

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How do you plan a drive-by bridal shower? In 5 steps:

1. Send Invitations

Digital is the easiest in this scenario. Normally you’d want to send out invitations at least 6 weeks prior to the event, but we vote to throw out that rule for a drive-by party. People are ready for a reason to put on a cute outfit and calendars are most-likely wide open. Many of the welcome signs above come from a collection, so you could easily find a matching invitation (or peruse some of these)!

2. Organize the Parade

Within the invitation, give guests instructions for the drive-by logistics. Here’s what we’d recommend. First, designate a head driver to lead the parade. (If you happen to know an off-duty police officer, see if they’ll volunteer to escort!) Second, set a time for all the guests to convene at a near-by public parking lot. From there, everyone heads over together!

3. Set the Atmosphere for the Gal of the Hour

A party is nothing without ~ ambiance ~ right? First up, give the bride a little something special with her own decorated throne! Grab a pretty chair (peacock chairs forever) and add flowers, ribbons, or balloons to make it stand out. Of course, she’ll probably move about as the party starts, but it’s a fun way to include an exciting design piece…and she can open gifts there later!

Next, make sure the music is pumping — as much as the neighbors will allow, at least.

Third, get that lady a drink!

4. Set Up a Gift Table

Depending on social gathering recommendations, we suggest the bride and her designated hosts set up at the home while everyone else drives by. One host can man the gift table and receive gifts from guests as they arrive.

5. Create a Sweets + Favors Station

Just because it’s drive-by doesn’t mean it can’t be totally cute! Decorate the tables with linens and flowers, or make a fun sign! One or two hosts can man the sweets + favors station to pass out to guests on their way through!

*Bonus* Create a Social Distancing Photo Booth

True, it’s a bonus, but it’s something we highly recommend because it’s F-U-N! At the end of the parade line, set up a cute photo booth…complete with a lifesize cutout of the bride! That way she’ll still get photos with all her guests :) Guests can quickly hop out and a host can snap a photo to be uploaded to a shared stream or gallery! Because you can still Do it For the ‘Gram safely and within 6-feet away.

Bachelorette Campfest Inspiration


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boho shower photo by Jennifer Skog from this post // modern shower photo by Shawn Marie Photo from this post // romantic shower + photobooth photo by Kelsea Holder Photography from this post